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Re: Why Did ASTRA ZENECA change name to Vaxzevria? Phillipa

Posted by alexandra_k on April 5, 2021, at 20:54:27

In reply to Re: Why Did ASTRA ZENECA change name to Vaxzevria? alexandra_k, posted by Phillipa on April 4, 2021, at 18:23:30

I still think this 'there is a new strain worse than the old strain and old vaccinations don't work anymore!!!' is presently *wishful thinking* on behalf of the mRNA vaccination people. Because their vaccinations are better to handle quick updates. So... If the virus does evolve to require an update to the vaccine then (crudely) they win the vaccination Olympics!! Less crudely, that is a significant boon for their mechanism of delivery.

I can't read the link anymore... I think there was a clear statement of the different technology that the different vaccines worked on...

> Thanks chimps it is then.

Yes. It is a DNA vaccine. It goes into the DNA (but is not thought to be capable of replicating itself). The cell then transcribes it into mRNA which is translated into spike proteins that induce the body to make antibodies to the spike proteins.

> I had forgotten about the mistaken half doses being given that produced a more robust response than the original two dose vaccine.

Yes. Sometimes the significance comes later.

> I think that one dose is better than 2 doses.

I think that more frequent, weaker exposures are more likely to produce long-term immunity. But long-term immunity isn't needed if you want to give people a new shot with the new strain every year (as they really really really really do).

> But I wonder if the fact that this vaccine must go through three steps to get to mrna could be a factor.


> I just know those I know here older people like myself most have had the Pfizer and have done extremely well.

Oh yes. Older people have had ALL THE TYPES and done really really really really well. We are worrying about very very rare events. Very very rare. Even in the AstraZeneca one...

> There has to be a connection in the process of getting to the mrna that causes the clotting.

I don't know.

I read that it was a recombinant vaccine and recombinant vaccines need an ajudcant and those can create immune system problems... But I can't find that again to process what it meeeeeeans or if it seems plausible to me.

(Do tell me to pipe down if you feel I'm hijacking).





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