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Re: Psychiatric meds

Posted by Zyprexa on January 14, 2017, at 22:41:21

In reply to Re: Psychiatric meds, posted by Lamdage22 on January 14, 2017, at 7:28:12

> that sounds like a really positive response. How long were you delusional before Zyprexa?

not realy sure. Maybe a few years. off and on maybe. the worst of it was in college, right before going into the mental hospital. I remember looking at the door of the college and seeing all these colors. the first time I can remember being dulsional was a few years earlyer. I was with two guys and they were talking. I didn't know what they were talking about, but I thought they were talking in ridles. it was scary. I also remember in college being scared to go anywhere, like something would happen. Like going into the deli for the first time. One guy at school, told me to just walk in there and ask for a pound of roast beef. so I did it. not sure what I was scared of. a lot of things like that. I would pump gas and remember thinking weird stuff like the people were talking about me or the gas pump had a funny ora to it. a scary one. a lot of stuff was scary.

a lot of it I dont remember but . and in capacitor class I couldn't realy understand what he prof was explaining. I would look in the book at the pics of capacitor flux and I could not understand it. Oddly enough I had done realy well in curcuit class first semester. this time I was scared that I would not pass and started making all these cheat sheets which I never used because I ended up being pulled from school and sent to a lot of doctors, who said I was crazy. and ended up in mental hospital, where they gave a lot of ect and probably why I don't remember much. also the tv would talk to me aparently my mom later told me. I watched a lot of tv through this times. couldn't realy understand it. just thought what my mind would think. what ever weirdness that was. i really couldnt comprehend anythhing before the zyprexa. it was an alter reality. or I was dilusional. like at my job in school, where i thought weird stuff about everything. it was something I could not get out of. belive it or not I was not on any drugs at the time, I didn't even drink. but I had all these thoughts like that customers were all apart of a grand scheem of some drug organization.

so the first time I was really dilusional, probably 18. but I remember time even when very young that may have been dilusions. it was always a strange world to me as a kid. some times I got over it for a while.


10-20mg Olanzapine (Teva) in 3
24mg Perphenazine (Sandoz) in 3
150mg Sertraline
200mg Bupropion sr

10-20mg CBD oil
4000IU D3
800ug folic acid
6000mg fish oil




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