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Re: Some thoughts on stimulants ... zonked

Posted by novelagent on February 26, 2012, at 8:35:47

In reply to Re: Some thoughts on stimulants ... B2chica, posted by zonked on February 21, 2012, at 9:39:02

Why wouldn't you take an antipsychotic? After 4 or 5 days of taking it at exactly the same time, the feeling of being tired and crappy goes away. Also, your symptoms are predormal-- you're in the predormal stage of schizophrenia.

This will undoubtedly, over 1-2 years, progress into full-blown schizophrenia without an antipsychotic to prevent this from happening. And then you'll require an antipsychotic for the rest of your life, as opposed to the next few years.

If you want to, you can ask your doc for an antipsychotic under the guise of anxiety- say you know a friend who has great relief of her anxiety from an antipsychotic. Some docs will be okay with continuing on with your amphetamine provided you take an antipsychotic, and others won't. If it were me, I'd go with an antipsychotic and ask to be switched to Provigil, but that's just me.

Provigil increases d1 (I think it's d1- the one that doesn't cause psychosis, anyhow) and doesn't increase d2, meaning it can't cause psychosis. Yet at adequate doses (and keep in mind this may mean going as high as 600mg per dose) you will notice remarkably similar attentiveness, similar as one feels on amphetamine.

As someone with schizophrenia that had predormal signs a year or two before getting a full-blown episode, i regret not taking an antipsychotic when I could have simply nipped things in the bud. I also have AD/HD, and with Invega Sustenna monthly injections, also take 30mg of Dexedrine Spansules each day.

You can take amphetamine with psychosis, but you do need to be on an antipsychotic while you do so. I strongly advise taking Invega Sustenna, because you don't need to fear missing a dose, which causes you to feel miserable for the next 4 days while your blood levels adjust to the antipsychotic again. Also, it's just nice not to have to remember to take yet one more drug...

You need to listen to the rational part of you that knows deep down inside how to handle this situation. Do this, and you'll be safe and sound.

> thanks. so much. see, i am afraid and don't know whether to mention the delusional parisitosis ep to doc today or not. Biggest fear? I won't get my Dex refilled.
> I am seeing the only doctor authorized in this county, who takes my govt insurance, to prescribe stimulants. If he takes me off of it, I will try to bargain and have him see me weekly instead. Or hell, if he's concerned about another delusional parisitosis ep, to prescribe an antipsychotic I just won't take.
> > zonked.
> > i am similar. throughout the years time and time again it is the stimulant that is constnat and brings a large degree of relief.
> >
> > i have people constantly telling me i'm 'addicted' and i shouldnt be taking those...
> > but due to shortage there was one time i had to go 5 days without adderall and i though i was about to die. i think part from withdrawl, part from depression, part from the utterly slow movements and thinking.
> >
> > But the hard fact works!
> > it helps me to live life with quality. and that is what i'm after.
> >
> > so are you.
> > God love'em people mean well but they often dont have a clue about mental illness unless they've been there first hand.
> >
> > Do what you need to do. i think unless doc is goof ball he will make his OWN decision, not something based off ER visit where they know you for 2 min. vs pdoc that has known you Lots longer.
> >
> > i am all for getting back on stimulant.
> > just do what you need to do to get healthy. and be honest to pdoc. my pdoc responds well to my honesty. blunt as we both are, you should hear some of our conversations...
> >
> > Just get well.
> > Best wishes zonked.
> >
> > b2c.




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