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Re: The Nardil appreciation thread, mantus

Posted by mantus on January 8, 2011, at 18:40:23

In reply to Re: The Nardil appreciation thread, mantus, posted by roscopeeco on January 7, 2011, at 16:23:11

> > Hello,
> >
> > I have been on Nardil since 12/4, first at 45mgs until 12/28 and then 60mgs since. When I here the benefits many people receive from Nardil, I keep thinking that it is exactly the right med for me, that is if it works. I have tried just about every ssri with know definitive, long term benefit. My problem is right now is that I'm really struggling with life. Alot of very traditional symptoms people go through with more severe levels of depression/anxiety (everything seems overwhelming, do not want to be around anyone or do anything, frequent crying, completely stuck in my head with negative thinking, etc.) It is interesting though, I lived a very fulfilling life until around the age of 21 when I swear out of nowhere I started having unexplained anxiety/depression issues at varying levels since. I feel like i am back in the common place i've been of saying, "I haven't given it enough time or enough of a dose," and I know that could be true, but it doesn't help in the mean time as i am struggling just to get through day to day. Can you describe your nardil experience in as much detail as possible? What dose was right for you? How long did it take to notice a change? When you noticed a change was it definitive and far from placebo effect? What side effects did you have? How long did you have to be on Nardil before everything seemed to come together in positive benefits being left, with a great reduction in side effects? I would really appreciate your response, as I am just struggling right now and don't feel like I am having the traditional response to Nardil that I often read about.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Mantus
> Hello Mantus,
> I feel your pain. I know how it is to absolutely struggle with everyday. I have been on parnate right at one month. If I look back a month ago, then I can see my progress, but I still feel the depression. I don't have the sense of well-being that some describe. I am going to give this medication a chance at the right dosage and see where that takes me. The dosage is so important with any medication. It is ok to get frustrated. We all do. Please keep posting your frustrations. It helps. If you want to babblemail me you are more than welcome.
> JF

Hello roscopeeco,

You seem to going through a similar situation to me and I appreciate your input. The more I hear from people, the more they tend to say that it takes awhile and at dosages of Nardil of at least 60 and possibly higher. Although these statements do give me some hope, the depression/anxiety still seems to overwhelm any logical ideas I might have that things will get better and the day to day world is still very difficult. I have a question for you if you don't mind? Are you currently working? I often wonder that as people describe their hardships, especially while waiting/hoping for a med to work. I am work at a psychiatric hospital (haha) which can be quite stressful in itself, but I never tended to have any real problems before. Everyday is a battle just making it there and simple tasks I never had trouble with in the past just seem to be too much at times. I am right there with you in not feeling any sort of lift in mood or feeling of well-being. Although I will say I haven't been crying lately? That is one thing I have noticed over the past week or so. But the symptoms that are really hurting me such as, not wanting to me around anyone, not wanting to do anything, feeling like everything is daunting (even the smallest tasks), loss of apetite, consumed by negative thinking and general discontent with life really hasn't changed at all. I really want to stick with Nardil as long as possible because of the frequent positive results I read from people. And with my symptoms I've always just felt like I need an anti-deppressent to work, and not really anything else except maybe a benzo as needed. I have tried basically every ssri known to man with little significant results. Can you describe your symptoms and what kind of difficulties you are having right now? Have you ever tried Nardil, and why did u decide on Parnate? Do you have difficulty keeping hope that the medicine will really offer you an significant help like I do? I"m sorry my message is so long, I am just going through a difficult time and would like to know someone is going through a similar experience to me? Thanks for any input.





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