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Re: Fear rjlockhart04-08

Posted by yxibow on July 18, 2009, at 0:57:36

In reply to Fear, posted by rjlockhart04-08 on July 17, 2009, at 13:28:15

> What happens when you constantly bothered w/feelings of doom, and they happen. The mind get's incredibly, past the point of depression, and it just say's "what's the meaning of existance?" To make an impact?

Well... these are sorts of questions that people have of course pondered for centuries because we are sentient.

But from an agnostic standpoint, life is an unexplainable existence that just is... we all live in it, it is inherently fatal, but that does not mean one has to be fatalistic or catastrophize.

I know I tend to catastrophize about things, think more about death than the average person... not to say that others don't, but we all live in this journey.

> All the things in the past are the past, yet they always bother you. You know there is times, no one will help you, you have realize why, even if you dying, and people just stare....

But surely there are things in the past that you can recognize as something good.

Looking at the past is a window into how we are made of, what emotions triggered us... but in the end, we live in the Here and Now. To live in the past is to ignore the present, and the catastrophizing of living in the future leaves us not being able to enjoy the present

> It's blindfold's, maybe that person doesnt understand this...or what to do.
> I don't know, just know I want to feel free, and not condemned all the time, that's basically what Lucifer feel's, yet he does something about it.
> Life....."an existance to see what the outcome of 1 living thing, to it's infinity"

Well as Yogi Berra was reported to say (may not have), if you find a fork in the road, take it.

The outcome is the means to its end. Its one day at a time.

I can sympathize with fear... a lot of my core problems revolve around a sense of fear, greater than those around me. And that's not saying that its your fault or for me that its my fault.

Its just something to think about... to try to stop the fear.

Rational fear is an innate thing that is built into our brains, the primitive fight or flight system that is the instinctual (or at least in us partially instinctual compared to other animals) system that drives this.

It says that we shouldn't touch hot things, or approach rattlesnakes.

But this autonomic system can rev up, in disorders such as OCD, panic, etc.

I've been there and its probably still here.

Its hard to just say "stop the fear." It requires some insight, therapy perhaps, and time.

Hope that helps

-- Jay




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