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Re: Cyclothymia + mood stabilizers

Posted by beachbum on October 19, 2007, at 10:37:53

In reply to Re: Cyclothymia & mood stabilizers, posted by Cynthia on August 7, 1999, at 16:31:34

Wow my hrs of searching is paying off after 3 yrs! I can never find one who gets like me; well pretty close at least.

My cycles are every 6 or so weeks with debilitating results, to make it short, I can't do anything except sleep. Have had this 25 plus yrs and nothing physical found wrong. To clarify cycles increased through the years in duration and frequency. Been about the same for at least 6 or so years. Have had 2 MDD hospital visits through the yrs.
Anyway 4 yrs ago a new primary doc said I was depressed when I went in Feb. with the same symptoms I get every Feb. [['sick' for 5-6 weeks]]
I disputed that fact cause I only felt depressed cause I was so sick and missed weeks of work and no one can ever help me or know what it is. He said I don't know any different cause I probably always felt this way.[[Dysthymia] He sent me to pdoc again cause nothing they gave me zoloft etc worked. To back up in 94 I was hospitalized and was on like 6 things which only seemed to make me worse. I was a 'holy terror' in hospital and I went in very calm. Through the years I took almost all ssri's and nothing worked so I stopped. [[I would feel depressed sometimes and go to doc]]At the same time I would be full of energy and always was doing something, even after working 12 hrs I would come home and work till 11. I truly didn't understand why others would be so tired. Also woke up almost every hr for yrs and yrs, slept around 4-5 hours.My house had to be just so along with my car and paperwork. I was and still am extremely anxious, would have my moments of rage and be what I thought was 'high strung' Back to the last 4 yrs..

second pdoc said I was BP2 and put me on lamictal which didn't cease the cycles either. Lamictal and prozac, still was sick for weeks in Feb.and through the year. Last year light and wellbutrin still sick. Cycles throughout year never changing.
second pdoc again said he never saw this cycle either. Just been on wellbutrin xl 450 for approx. 6 months, 9 months on 300.

Three weeks ago went to new [[out of pocket cause I'm 'desperate']] pharmocologist and pdoc [[same]] and he said after 2 hrs. BP2 and put me on provigil and effexor in addition to wellbutrin. If that didn't work wrote down lithium and emsam to try. I resisted mood stab. cause I'm so down already. He was thinking Depacote.
To clarify since lamictal[[2+ yrs][[need to keep better track]] I have almost never except for few days had energy back or motivation.
Old pdoc said I was in depressive stage again, blah...But not having these I do feel depressed all the time. Don't want to do anything and also been sleeping through night since lamictal usually except for few minutes and usually 6-7 hrs.

I didn't plan on writing this but got so excited finding some one similar esp with SAD also...
To make long story short I've never found relief and every year for 2 now also getting 2 weeks in fall. Some day I fear I won't have a job. I'm just so worn out with having so many years any advice would be more wonderful than I can say.

If you got this far I truly appreciate it.

If any relevance no med gave me side effects except weight gain and no sex drive, no problem just stopping all of them without tapering. Now everything makes me tired including half a 5mg valium when I used to do klonopin and it never fazed me.




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