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Re: Ashton Rocks!

Posted by valene on February 5, 2007, at 17:02:41

In reply to Re: Ashton Rocks! valene, posted by Quintal on February 5, 2007, at 13:36:29

> >Yes, when I joined the opening statement before you join is "you must believe........created in the depths of hell, etc." Not lying. I cannot say for certain that the owner made this statement but had to be endorsed by him.
> I'm curious why you, as a seemingly vehement supporter of long-term benzodiazepine use, decided to join a benzo withdrawal support group?

******The answer, Quintal, not that I wish to publish my personal history here, but I will tell you a couple years ago my doctor suggested that I might want to taper off my xanax; hence I came home and did a web search, came up with benzo-uk-org, saw how "harmful" benzos were, and got scared, so joined the forum. I got sucked into the hype that any benzodiazepine use is absolutely uncalled for and extremely harmful. This is what the forum says, that and much worse. Every person on that forum has "extreme withdrawal symptoms" and is "dying". The headings on the posts say "I'm calling 911", I can't take it one more minute", "I'm dying " from withdrawals, etc. I actually saved a copy of the forum headings and each and every one said those things. Since then I have come to realize that benzos are not "evil" and they can be very beneficial for certain people.

> Which support forum did you join specifically valene? It appears there are several independent of, though the website contains links to those sites for interested parties:

*******Quintal I don't like your condescending attitude toward me. There have been several "versions" of the forum on benzo-uk-org.....the one I joined is now called Benzo Island. Every time they make a sweep of the board and clean out the undesirables, such as anyone who questions their method of tapering off benzos, they rename the forum it seems. So forgive me if I don't recall the exact name of the forum, but it was the previous iteration of Benzo Island. They clean the boards periodically to get rid of anyone who might suggest that they take any other drug, such as an aspirin or I have seen people chastised for taking magnesium.

> I've searched through the site just now valene and I see no religious fundamentalism there. There is the symbol of the cross and the fish of course, but I think that's a harmless symbol of the faith that helped Ray Nimmo through the hardship of withdrawal. There is no pressure to conform to any particular belief system that I can see there.

******Quintal, I never said anything about "religious fundamentalism". You are putting words in my mouth!
I myself am a Christian. I merely quoted the words that were used "you must believe that Benzos were created by the very devil himself and distributed here on earth by his demons" - in order to join the forum. To me this is not any "religious" statement whatsoever. What pressure to conform to a belief system? Huh? He is being sarcastic and stressing the fact that "benzos are evil" , hence created by the devil.




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