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Re: Questions for long term MAOI users

Posted by willyee on May 29, 2006, at 22:44:49

In reply to Questions for long term MAOI users, posted by nickguy on May 29, 2006, at 14:31:40

> I'd a little hesistant about taking an MAOI. I know they're not as dangerous as they're played out to be if you follow the guidelines, but a few things bother me. For those of you who have taken or are taking maoi's over a long period of time (a few years atleast), how much do the restrictions bother you? Do any of you drink or did drink before you went on, and how has that effected you? What the heck do you do when you get sick (colds and coughs)? What are you supposed to do when you need surgery or go to the emergency room ( concerning painkillers) ?
> I'd really appreciate some feedback. thanks guys.

OK, my take on the things u asked.......first can u drink while on a maoi,well ur not cursed from ever having the occasional beer or two at social events or the like,just have to be careful on what ur drinking,and pace urself so u dont go over board,pay close attention to u r body,and have emergency medications on hand,and do not dose ur maoi near the time of drinking.

Now if ur a drinker period,for example my brothers routine is having his few beers every night after he is done working and everything else,he does not get phased by it,hell have his beers and be fine the next day.

Now if u r a drinker,and u know the difference between a social drinker and DRINKER,and i dont aim that at u alone,rather everyone,then my opinion,NO maois should not be an option until u are ready to halt drinking,im sure others might disaree here,its not bible,but its just my opinion,because again although unlikly,the actual interaction once it happens is it,u cant turn back the clock,u have to go forward and its a very very scary ordeal,and u will wish u paid more attention to the dangers.

Second believe it or not,i actualy feel as if parnate prevents me from getting ill,i simply dont lol,and when i do i take parnate and it over rides a common cold etc for me,now again thats for me.

I did have my appendix removed,and had no problems with the anesthics at the time,even having dosed parnate prior,BUT what i did have was a interaction AFTER,when i went home,from the remaining antesia in me.This was also after i was ASSURED i could start my drug back up,i knew better,i just let the docs advice reassure me when i truly knew it was not the right thing.

I was glad to see however the inialt anteshtics did not interfere with parnate,cause BOY did i need them,and man that tank,whatever was in there,i swear to this day i tell people if they can just attach me to that tank,like on a back pack,ill be fine just let me live out my life with it lol.

I believe it was a iv mixutre of demerol and two others im not sure,but i was happy as can be sat up and found whatever was on tv literaly extremly entertaining,i think i even watched larry king live,hell i could have watched the off air color chart and been enetertained lol.

Finaly to answer ur question as a whole,my life is much more interpupted by the illness itself and the med not working to full defree then i am worrying about interactions.

I am not a light eater,i weight about 235 i eat various stuff,i have my chocalte dooughnuts,my pizza etc,and i dont worry about parnate,drinking i do but again i am allowed to have enough bevarge to feel adequate.

I always state as a rule of thumb for anyone starting a maoi,read peoples exper,thats fine,BUT

NO MATTER WHAT,everyone is different,some people are way more sensative than others,so i say during ur first month on a MOAI be cautious,dont rock the boat,learn how to feel ur body when its on the drug,become familiar with that,so u will know when something isnt right,dont think cause so and so can drink beer,eat pizza and scarf on choclate cookies u can too,treat the maoi like its said to be,and use caution until u are on it a fair amount of time.........whew.




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