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the annoying things of Effexor

Posted by alien flower on February 24, 2006, at 6:57:39

In reply to Re: My non-success on Effexor XR, posted by jacobs on February 9, 2006, at 6:30:45

> wow,that sounds scary. im really surprised how many people have had bad reactions to this med. i have been on it over a month now. the only side effect i have really noticed after the initial first couple weeks that is still going on is the focusing thing like if im reading then look at the tv then back at the book it takes a minute to focus back, but starting to think that is just the 40ish thing and may need reading glasses. i have the dream thing but it isnt bad, accually before the effexor my dreams were gray and kinda like impending doom, now they are colorful and mildly sexy and happy. i smile more and laugh and im not in my room crying from having panic attack after panic attack. it hasnt really helped with my phobias per say but it has helped with the depression part. but with having panic and reading all this bad stuff im starting to wonder if im the only one that this stuff is working for. and yes effexor is a serious drug just as all AD and may meds. xanax is a nasty med to come off of, believe me i know was addicted to it for 3 years and it was hell coming off of. and that was 10 years ago. back on it again so now when im over all this i got 2 meds i know are going to have withdraw from. but back to my point when i got on here and first started taking this med. what i read on here scared the crap out of me. i thought about stopping it, but now im glad i didnt. i feel more like myself again. meds effect people differently. prozac made me feel postal, i mean for real postal. and zoloft made me feel like a zombie. but for some people those 2 drugs are great for them. im just curious how many people here that the effexor is working good for? it is for me. anyone else?


Reading these posts really makes me aware of side effects I often forget as they become part of my life.

I'm a 26 year old fighting depression for years. I forgot for how many years I've been on Effexor (150 mg)...

I also have the focusing thing exactly as you describe, so don't thing it's the 40ish thing! I had no clue it was caused by Effexor!

Besides, I feel this weird pressure between my eyebrows, which only gets better when I close my eyes.

You talk about the dream thing - that's one of my big problems with Effexor: I have the most intense, detailed, long, full of color and sound dreams. Sounds great... except that they're always disturbing and often terrifying!! I wake up cold and sweaty in the morning and sometimes also in the middle of the night. This happens almost every night, bringing me a bad mood and no will to start the day...

Effexor also makes me sweat a lot, no matter how light "sport" I make (like riding the bike for 5 minutes!), which then makes me cold when outdoors.

Last but the worse of it all is how SLEEPY I get. I can't be sure if it's from Effexor or just from the depression, but I've been suffering from daytime sleepiness for years, fighting intense sleep attacks that come out of the blue and I can't control. Now I'm on Modafinil 100 mg and feel much better but still a little sleepy...

I could write forever, but better end here for today... Hope to hear from anyone experiencing the same.




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