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Re: grrrrrrr....(clenched fists)

Posted by fenix on February 20, 2006, at 5:40:57

In reply to grrrrrrr....(clenched fists), posted by summerflowers on February 20, 2006, at 3:08:22

> Iv been so excited for my husband.He was diadnosed PTSD,but was doing well untill 2 years ago when he was given AD and AEpileptic,caused suicide attempt,then following year he had severe fever delirium and alcahol delirium,forced to hospital and over medicated on APshychotics,AAnzietys,ADepressants,caused hallucinations,and personality change,he developed antiphychotic malignant syndrome which could have killed him had he not stopped the drugs instantly,then for year since then has come right apart from the voices he says he hears,and has only heard since that last hospitilization.He was diagnosed schizophrenic that last time in hospital but that was judged only only the presenting symptoms in hospital and he doesnt have that we know because the stmptoms dont fit,its more likely bipolar.After lots of research me and him decided lithium would be the safest thing for him to try.After approaching the medical doctor he couldnt give lithium and prfered us to see the psychiatrist.Waited 6 weeks to see her and when we did we didnt tell her about the voices for fear of a repeat of last year.I stood by him like a bodygaurd the whole time scared shed get to his head and ram into it the schizophrenic misdiagnosis-its taken so long to get him to start to belive he hasnt got that.They resented me being there asked me to leave the room.She basically agreed they do get things wrong,and went with the bipolar thing.An appointment was then made 3 weeks later to see the drug doc.That was today.We were told she would rather not give him any thing except a very low dose ssri ant dep,plus therepy,social groups,which is good,but LOW DOSE SSRI???He needs lithium,to control the hallucinations he says he has,which were too scared to tell her about because theres no way he is going back to that hospital.Anyway,if its bipolar,you dont give a bipolar an SSRI??Thats what pushed him over the edge before.When we left that place today he was so angry.I was so frustrated.I cant stand them.They nearly killed him twice,and now theyre deliberatly putting up a wall to get help.This is NZ,they are all stupid.Sorry this is so long but if any one can be bothered what do we do please?

Yikes, ok... you mentioned several times that the ADs affected him, drove him over the edge? It sound like akathisia, an all too common atrocity (that's not the definition of it but it is pretty close)but luckily he got through the pains of it. If he has had akathisia before on these certain kinds of medicine, then yes he most definitely should be concerned about going on the like again.

Now you said he had severe alcohol caused delerium. This can cause hallucinations, hmm.. usually mostly visual. At the hospital, they may have confused delirium tremens with schizophrenia, would have been a wise thing to have given him benzodiazepines; did the doctors and nurses over at the hospital know that he was having alcohol withdrawals? Geez... he could have gotten status epilepticus.

Anyyway, it is really complicated.. for instance, did he ever have hallucinations before the alcohol withdrawals? It is possible that the drugs they gave him caused these long lasting hallucinations that he gets.

Let's get to the point anyway. You guys want lithium, then you should really try to convince someone to get it for you. Hell, maybe let her even give you a prescription for the AD but tell the doctor that you have had success with lithium in the past and hopefully you will get lithium that way; then just don't take the AD. That may be a little subversive, so you could always just tell the doctor that you believe that ADs gave him akathisia in the past, and that lithium is just a better idea. Also, be aware that lithium can affect the liver.

Yes, also, it is not uncommon to feel worse after leaving a psychiatric ward or hospistal or whatever. For various reasons; the people that run those places *are* people after all, a lot will think the worse is happening, and thus you end up taking something that really wasn't meant for you.

What can you do, besides changing the entire system.

NZ? Do you mean New Zealand? God Save The Queen.




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