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Upset :(

Posted by alienatari on May 16, 2005, at 5:59:23

Hey all. I have a post about my condition and all at the end of this message but id first like to tell you what happened to me today.

Here in Australia I applied for disability as my University suggested I do so, I did this with Centerlink (its social security in Australia). The main reason I did this was because I am unable to study fulltime and thus, do not get the benefits such as Austudy, concession cards for transport and so on.

My application for disability was rejected because, I cannot believe that they said this, "Bipolar Affective Disorder and Obsessive Compuslive Disorder are not life long illnesses and it is likely that you will recover from them within a two year period". Was the psychologist I saw at Centerlink stupid or what? I cant believe she passed her degree if she thinks that disorders like Bipolar and OCD are not life-long. What a complete moron! My psychatrist told me that they would be like this anyway, he said they are very dodgy and try their best not to grant disability. So anyway I am trying to dispute this and I have to fill out more forms, go see my psychatrist and get more information from him to give to them .etc. Its a pain.

What upsets me most is that I know someone that doesnt even see a psychatrist or psychologist, and he is on Disability for mental health problems. He spends all his money on illegal drugs and alcohol and doesnt even bother about trying to get an education or look for a job. I dont understand how he gets it where I, who have tried working (and failed) and am struggling to study and I really do need the money to buy my books and pay for my fees and so on, and I have seen several psychatrists (3), and psychologists (about 4 or so) and have been hospitalised several times .etc .etc and I my application for disability is rejected?
Do people in other countries with mental health problems get treated as badly as we do here in Australia? Its just so disgusting!
Anyway im over my rant now. Onto info about my diagnosis.

I got all the information from what my psychatrists that I have seen have said and here is what they have diagnosed me with, i'll just post the relavent parts:

"I think Chris has an underlying Generalized Anxiety Disorder, with symptoms of Obsessive Compulsiveness and depression secondary to this"
That was from my first doc

second doc after being hospitalised:

"Christopher is suffering from a very severe obsessive compulsive disorder with generalised anxiety and social phobia and also some major depressive symptoms"

And the latest report:

"Christopher suffers from Bipolar Affective Disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder"

So Im really confused about my diagnosis after reading what the psychatrists have been saying about me. I got all the information today to show my new psychatrist as he wanted the information. He doesnt seem to think that Im Bipolar, he mainly agrees with the second pdoc that said I have a very severe form of OCD from what he has told me in our one and only meeting. But I think its too early for him to make judgements about my illness (he said so himself).

They have also talked about sending me to the Anxiety Disorders Unit at St Vincent's Hospital in Sydney. Has anyone ever been there? If Anafranil doesnt work out I seriously think I will give it a shot as NOTHING is working for my OCD and its totally destroying my life.

What other meds could I try? It seems like Ive been on everything! Why am I still on Depakote if im not Bipolar? How will I ever KNOW that Im Bipolar? Its so confusing.

Thanks for reading and take care.




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