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Posted by Paulbwell on April 28, 2005, at 18:40:59

In reply to Re: Dexamyl Chairman_MAO, posted by Mr.Scott on April 28, 2005, at 17:03:46

-I have read about 'Ayn Rand' and her use of Dextroamphetamine, being a moving force as to why her novels ran over a thousand pages, she is said to have switched to Mescaline (Amphetamine analogue) to help with some of her novels.

-'Buzz Aldrin' was given Ritalin for sever depression after returning to Earth.

-'Gone with the Wind' owes its making to Amphetamine. 'David O Selznick' constantly ate Benzedrine (L Amphetamine) to fuel 22!! hour days during it's making.

-'Lawrence of Arabia's' Omar Sharif was called a 'Dexedrine head', during it's making "I was very intense and used Dex to make me more excited" he admitted.

-'A Clockwork Orange's' Anthony Burgess used Amphetamine when writing many of his books.

-'Jack Kerouac', and 'Neal Casady' had a fondness for Dex during creative endeavours.

-'Ciao Manhatten', had a doctor on board to inject cast and crew with Dex during it's making.

-'Judy Garland' used Amphetamines administered by the studio to work long hours during the making of 'The wizard of Oz', She was taking up to 45!! Ritalin Tabs daily during 1968+Valium and Thorazine.

-'Johnny Cash' loved Dex so much he was caught Smuggling a thousand of em' across the mexican border in 1965.

-'William F Buckley Jr'-CIA man and confidant of the coucil of foreign legions has Taken Ritalin most days, for 35!! years.

-'Mick Jagger', pounded down Amphetamine Sulphate, amd MethAmphetamine Hcl tabs in the 1960's while he sang about "Mothers little helper". (Valium)

-'The Everly Brothers' were scripted Amphetamine in 1962.

-"Mad" magazines 'Bill Faires' constant use of Dexedrine helped his obsessive work on creating the Mag.

-'Hugh Hefner' used Dexedrine to work long hours while working on "Playboy"

-Actor 'John Belushi' regularly took as many Biphetamine capsules and Quaaludes as he could fit in his huge stomach.

-"Sex Pistols" 'Johnny Rotten' got high on Amphetamine Sulphate.

-'Elvis' began the day with a handfull of SKF 5mg Dexedrine.

-'JFK' was injected with Amphatamine, and took Ritalin during the early 1960's.

'Hitler' was injected up to eight!! times a day with Methamphetamine during the latter part of his horrific domination.

-'Paul Erdos', one of the greatest mathematicians of last century,(NASA employee) took Ritalin and Dexedrine-sometimes both! nearly every day during the last twenty five years of his life 1971-1996 aged 86. He under took a bet to abstain for a month, and his output plummeted to nothing. He remarked after said month to his wager, "You have put Mathematics back a month", and resumed his pills.

-The 'Beatles' were kick started by Preludin-an Amphetamine-like diet pill, during the early 1960's.

-British PM 'Anthony Eden' lived on Benzedrine, during the Sues crisis of 1956.




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