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Re: Light box - Vitamin D? Elainep

Posted by barbaracat on March 5, 2005, at 22:01:04

In reply to Re: Light box - Vitamin D?, posted by Elainep on February 2, 2005, at 18:06:45

Hi Elaine,
My doctor recently went to a symposium about Vitamin D's effect on osteoporosis and depression and was excited about what she learned. What was fascinating is that it doesn't seem to matter how much sun you get if you're in a high geographic latitude. Apparently, in order for the sun's rays to stimulate receptors, the angle has to be within a range. The Northwest where I live falls outside the latitude range and theoretically, everyone here needs Vit D (explains why everyone seems depressed here).

Unfortunately, light boxes stimulate melatonin but don't take care of this Vit D problem. Do you know what dosages are in the megadose range? I'd sure like to start supplementing before waiting for an appointment, test results, etc.

> My daughter had depression last year and eventually was diagnosed with vit D deficiency after she had a simple blood test. She was given a megadose of vitamin d, and within a week all her symptoms disappeared. I'm convinced vit d deficiency is a probable cause of many depressions: I've included a comprehensive link below with good links to studies about vitamin d: scientists are discovering all the time new links with vit d deficiency and disease, check this out for all of you who suffer depression. It's very easy to have one blood test done to check out your vit D levels, supplements are probably too slow for any rapid improvement and there are always worries about overdosing on vit D so blood tests are the only safe way to go. But really, it's so easy to test for, my daughter has been fabulous for the nine months since her megadose, she just had her blood retested and it had dropped a bit despite supplementing on a good Solgar product (a vit d only product from the UK, the US solgar products include vit A) so the doctor is giving her another dose before we go into winter (we live in New Zealand). Anyway check out the site below, there's one study on it that showed vit d was far more effective than light boxes. This is not new-age stuff, I'm a scientist with a PhD and when my daughter was ill we tried all kinds of non-proven things (magnetic pulsing, light boxes, omega three oil) vitamin d was the one that worked, simply and conclusively.
> Good luck everyone
> Elaine
> > Hi Katia,
> > That's great news. Just curious, do you get the same kind of depressions in the summer? If so, could it be not getting enough sunlight in the Summer as well? In other words, do you think there's something about the time of year itself or is it lack of sunlight no matter what time of year? Makes me wonder about getting enough Vitamin D.
> >
> > BTW, adding 1 capsule of the Flora full-spectrum SJW did the trick, feels as good as it did before. Chemistry is amazing. - Barbara
> >
> >
> > > What kind do you have?
> > > I have the apollo IV and it works. I snapped out of it almost right away.
> >
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