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Maybe some help? katia

Posted by Barbaracat on November 11, 2004, at 16:09:23

In reply to Re: Needing support/shamanic healing? Barbaracat, posted by katia on November 10, 2004, at 13:33:22

Hi Katia,
Yeah, this election really brought the Orcs out of hiding, didn't it? At least the lines are drawn and I know who I definitely don't want to invite over to my house for dinner. I figure it is a time of evolution, either where we humans transcend this crap, or else get off the playing field to allow for another test case for higher consciousness. I sure don't understand it but what's the alternative besides putting one foot in front of the other? And pulling the covers up on those days when we can't? But like you said, you can't let the cover days go on too long because bills pile up and things get messy.

Katia, if a double-dose of Paxil may have helped, then here's a suggestion that's worth a try. We know about bipolars and SSRIs and many other problems associated with them, so bulking up on SSRIs could be trouble. My husband and I and another couple have been taking this research grade St. John's Wort and all of us are being helped by it. Oh sure, I still go into dark places but sheeeit, there are plenty of real dark places to go in to, and not just in my brain. Since taking this SJW I don't stay there as long. I was reading my journal noting how I was before and since taking it and the changes are very evident. I've noticed great positive changes in my husband's mood and motivation and so has he. Just yesterday he was bugging me to please replenish our supply because it's getting low and he doesn't want to run out. For the first time in years he's not feeling in the 'grey zone' - and no problems with 'the wood pile' as he puts it (and I appreciate).

I was talking to our friends last week and they're at the 4 week mark and feel that it's kicking in very nicely. 'Subtle but sweet', as my friend put it.

I don't have the bipolar/SSRI problems with it, no sexual side effects and no buzzyness or somatic stuff like with other ADs. In fact, nothing except a lighter and calmer mood. The brand to get is HBC Protocols - Plus it's cheap, $29.95 for 280 tablets.

It takes a few weeks but maybe you're already primed enough with the Paxil. I also take L-taurine 2,000 mg a day for the extra mood stabilizing. I'm trying another change with the lithium which I'll continue to report on. I ran out of my prescription lithium carbonate and living out in the boonies, don't get to a pharmacy often. I have some left over lithium orotate I was taking at their recommended dosage, 120mg a day, which did squat for me. So I tripled the dose, matching what I was on with the lithium carbonate and so far I like it alot. Less tired, and I've lost 5 pounds since starting with no hint of hypomania at all. In fact, I'm sleeping better since starting it. No one seems to know how it converts dose for dose with the other lithiums so I may need to adjust the dose, but time will tell. If I start seeming like I'm wigging out a bit, I'm sure you'll notice and will let me know, OK? But so far, thumbs up (1 week).

The best brand is Advanced Research Lithium Orotate, which I believe you can get at Again, real cheap ($10 for 200 tablets). Hope to see you Thanksgiving. I'm going to set up a yahoo email so we can trade info. Luv, Barbara




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