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Re: seeking insight with brain fog/depression/sleep...

Posted by mike lynch on September 9, 2004, at 17:09:49

In reply to Re: seeking insight with brain fog/depression/sleep... mike lynch, posted by SDA on September 9, 2004, at 15:32:51

> Whoa, blast from the past!
> Unfortunately I haven't recovered much at all. In fact, I may be even worse now. Just like you, I've been treated depression and had the same symptoms persist. I've had an EEG done to rule out seizures, and some blood work for thyroid levels and lymes disease (all negative).
> Here's a list of my current symptoms:
> - Persistent head pressure/fuzziness. It feels like my brain is litterally becomming inflamed in areas. It changes depending on what angle I hold my head at (tilting backwards concentrates the sensations in the back of my head), and gets better when I lie down on my back with a pillow or squeeze the top-sides of my head with my hands.
> - Poor short term memory. I have to struggle to recall the events of the last 5-10 minutes in chronological order. Sometimes I almost lose a whole day's worth.
> - Impaired vision. My distance vision is rather blurry, and my left eye seems weak and blotchy. It almost feels like my left field of vision is constricting.
> - Severe brain fog. My main problems are with math and abstract thinking. I can't even understand algebra 101 material. Sometimes I struggle with simple arithmatic. I subjects like calculus, I can almost "imagine" how it might feel for things to make sense but I just dont have the brain power to make it happen anymore.
> - Sleep issues. I just can't seem to get a full night of solid sleep. It takes over an hour to fall asleep, after which I'm overloaded with dreams (which are sometimes disturbing in content). I also tend to wake up very frequently, especially when its light out.
> - Feeling depressed (duh). I hate myself, I hate my parents, I hate my roommates, I hate my doctors, and I hate the drug industry. I'm wasting my money flunking out of college and ruining many meaningful relationships. There are still a few tests that I believe should be done, but I have very little hope at this point. I basically feel like I have no past, present, or future.
> Do any of these things sound familliar to anyone?
> mike lynch: Did you have any of your current symptoms before you were treated for depression?

I never had symptoms that had even closely resembled what I am going through now before I was treated with depression..

THe only symptom I really had was low mood..and lack of interest in activities...and probbly avoidance..when I was dealing with depression without treatment

.I went to school and everything and when I got out I could work fine..I could socialize fine..there were really no problems until I started taking paxil..

I have been looking for answers and found many people experiencing strikingly similar symptoms to that of your's and mine..these people all have been on an seems to run most commonly with paxil..

For example the vision..and problems solving are problems I have and many other people have upon using this drug ( actually a very select few)Here are accounts that are very similar to mine..

pay attention particulary to the first and third post...eye problems and problem solving difficulties all seem to be a commanality in peopel who have cognitive problems from paxil..The problem isn't that we experiencing while on's the fact that we have been off it for months and the symptoms still remain..




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