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Re: Seroquel - nope katia

Posted by BarbaraCat on July 12, 2004, at 11:33:02

In reply to Re: Seroquel - nope BarbaraCat, posted by katia on July 12, 2004, at 2:18:36

> Yes, exercise is what I need too.

**If I didn't have cats I'd get a dog just for the enforced exercise. Rain or shine, you gotta walk that pooch.

>Are you just on Li. and SJW now? How much Ambien do you take? Is that OTC? or an RX?

**I'm on 600mg Li and 1200 SJW, 1T fish oil. Ambien is prescription. I'm also taking 2G L-taurine twice a day. Supposed to help with bipolar, has anticonvulsant properties. I think it helps calm my brain.

I'm reading an interesting book "Depression Free Naturally" by Joan Mathews Larson, PhD. It talks about some of the newest research on mood disorders and offers nutritional ideas. Very interesting.

I was talking to you about going to the Pfeiffer Treatment Center to get a neuro lab workup and get on their regimen. I may go to the Health Recovery Center in Minnesota this Dr. Larson runs instead. Her work is based on Carl Pfeiffer's (who is no longer alive) but I think a bit more up to date. Some of the posts on this board have talked about this.

At any rate, I can't believe how much better I feel not taking Seroquel. I wonder why that happened. SOMETHING happened in my brain so immediately and dramatically that it's worth getting to the root of. It probably would have worn off after a while, but that icky despondent paralyzed feeling was all too familiar. If this one drug can cause such an immediate reaction, other things are doing it too and I want to get to the bottom of it.

About your dog, that conflicted feeling can be so agonizing where there's love/concern/turmoil involved. The unpredictability and ambilvalence triggers all kinds of memories and discomfort within us. Also, there's that huge heart-opening that in itself rocks us to our core, blows our fuses, and stirs up all kinds of things.

My husband had a PB and he was empathizing with your situation (I only told him about the dog, nothing else personal between us). To this day, he loves that dog like no other relationship (she died many years ago). He said that it's weird but other dogs will provoke them, especially the little yappy ones, like they feel they have to prove their machismo. Must be pheromones. I know you've got alot going on in your life, but you might consider going to dog training classes. PBs need alot of tough love, they expect and require it from their 'pack leader'. That's where the training comes in so that they understand what it means to obey their pack leader. He said you can also get him on the floor, straddle his back and grab the skin of his ruff pretty hard to let him know you are the dominant one and his master and say something like 'Listen!'. Do this periodically throughout the day but especially when he's getting ornery at home, sit on him and grab his ruff and say 'Listen!' otherwise it's in their nature to get the upper hand. It gets Pavlovian and you can use the Listen! cue when you're in places where it's not so appropriate to sit on him. Puts you in a different kind of role, huh? Here you are, just trying to maintain and now you're Leader of the Pack. Strange what Life dishes out to us.

You might also take him to a holistic vet and look into homeopathy. One of our cats was going absolutely bizerk this past horrible winter. He was reacting to a new cat we took in who had been abandoned, plus all the crazy wild energy during that time was affecting him badly. Around 9pm he would go totally uncontrollaby wild, eyes dilated, skin got red and inflamed and he'd start attacking all the other cats, and this went on for hours. It was incredibly disruptive and the last thing I needed in my state of mind. Took him to a holistic vet who said 'Ah, I've not seen a clearer case of Belladonna'. Gave him one high-dose remedy and that was it. The change was astounding. I give him boosters of it when he starts acting up again, but it worked. Made me a believer. In the meantime, animals really take to flower essences, especially Rescue Remedy. It's worth a try.

I've tried homeopathy myself and I really think there's something to it, but it's a challenge to find just that right constitutional remedy. And as soon as one works, another layer of stuff gets uncovered that needs a new remedy. Animals aren't quite as complex as we are and usually respond very quickly.

> No I hadn't heard about that sanctuary.
> Sounds great. I've never quite felt so conflicted with a dog before. such a love and (not hate) but frustration and exhaustion. PBs are quite the dog. crawl into your heart like no other and are dynamic creatures. I know! They are like BPs! Have two conflicting and confusing sides to them! and charm their way into the center of your heart with their "good" side. And you don't know whether to love or hate them, but know you love them to death and feel conflicted and confused when feeling anything else for them! I'm on a wild ride with this one. No wonder I haven't felt any inspiration, i haven't had time for it! i feel like a new mother.
> keep in touch.
> k.




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