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Re: Seroquel - nope katia

Posted by BarbaraCat on July 11, 2004, at 16:10:29

In reply to Re: Seroquel - nope, posted by katia on July 11, 2004, at 15:28:43

My pill cutter is the standard blue thingy. Works OK for pills of a certain size, but not the bitty ones. I just cut mine in half and then break the other half. I have two and one is definitely better than the other, so you might try another one with a better blade.

I don't sleep well for the most part. I've gone back to Ambien and last night had a great sleep and woke up feeling refreshed and happy, unlike I've felt during my short stint with Seroquel. I'd love to get off sleeping pills and one of these days I'm gonnna start getting up around 5:30 every morning and getting a ton of exercise during the day. I figure I'll just drift off if the conditions are right cause I'll be naturally tired. I don't get enough exercise, which would help with so much. I know if I just committed and got into the habit of a really healthy and active lifestyle, so many of these dumb emotional problems would resolve.

I'll be the longer you have your pooch, the less aggressive he'll be. Who knows what his early conditioning was? But yes, if it gets to be another major source of stress, finding a good home for him would be great for both of you. Finding the good home is the hard part, however, especially with a pitbull. They have a rep, and it takes a special person to understand them. If I know you, I doubt you'll take him to the pound. You'd be up crying all night for months! It probably means you have to keep an extra firm reign on him and put extra effort into training him. Hopefully nothing will come of that experience in PetSmart and it will be an isolated case. Sounds like this was the first time you got to see his beastie boy side and now you know. I have a good feeling about this, Katia, he just needs to understand these things. Love can do amazing things. Do you know about Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah? It's the largest sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals and they're doing a wonderful thing. They put out a magazine filled with wonderful positive stories about the miracles of love for and from the animals.

Yes, my kitty is well loved and that's a big part of why he's still here. He loves me so completely and sometimes I think he's hanging around because I'm not ready to let him go, but he truly loves living, a happy little spirit who delights in life. He's one of my greatest teachers and his love for me is an honor. He'll go on his terms and it gives me alot of comfort that it will happen when he's truly ready. But when that time comes, there's no pretending that I won't be a total basket case and miss him terribly, cause for the past 14 years he's been the sunshine of my life.

> Hi Barb,
> Do you sleep well enough with just Li. and STJW?
> I've been sleeping like a rock lately. Last night 12 hrs. straight and had the most intense dreams. took me 1/2 hour just to open one eye.
> Therefore, I may try and cut back on the Sero. for the moment. Maybe go to 12.5mg now. Those damn pills are so hard to cut. do you use a pill cutter? Mine is so lousy that when I try and take a lower dose it cuts it lop-sided and I end up taking more than I need to.
> The pooch fight. I was not worried about my dog so much as the other dog and the consequences of that due to his targeted breed. It was just awful that I've considered finding him another home. I never really chose this. He sort of adopted me by coming over all the time. But yesterday, he sat with his head in my lap while I read and I felt so happy. Like we'd made up after a fight. It's almost ridiculous how humanly emotional this relationship is with him.
> Who knows. I just know I can't afford vet bills of other dogs or worse, like being sued for all I'm worth and own and more.
> I have a sweet loveable dog around humans. But other animals are his prey, like he's a lion or an alligator. It's so much responsibility on me when taking for walks.
> anyway! Glad to hear your kitty is hanging in there - must be all the love s/he receives.
> keep in touch.
> Katia




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