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Re: Back on lithium and grateful for it!

Posted by katia on July 8, 2004, at 17:06:57

In reply to Re: Back on lithium and grateful for it!, posted by fluffy on July 8, 2004, at 11:06:34

> You could give Risperdal a try if you feel like Seroquel is too sedating. I've heard Seroquel is a good drug. It seems to be proving itself to be as good as zyprexa in clinical trials for depression and bipolar II now. Risperdal was also studied on bipolar II patients and was proven to be effective on depression. It's been the most dramatic in terms of effectiveness for me. It's helped me to understand where my defect seems to lie..I think I have a faulty dopamine receptor. Most of the atypical antispychotics are dopamine antagonists, which means that they block excess dopamine. I'm curious about abilify because of its partial dopamine antagonism and agonism. In short, it supposedly moderates dopamine, rather than blocking it--it coaxes dopamine out when there's not enough, and squelches it when there's too much.

**Hi Katy,
Have you tried Abilify? I haven't. I was interested in what you said about the REM sleep and memory loss. How did you coorelate the two? And what meds exactly won't allow for REM? Is Seroquel one of them? Hope not. I've been having a problem with memory and not remembering things period and also confusing what was dream or reality. Could be the alcohol though. Not that I'm drinking more than 2/3 at a time, sometimes nothing at all, sometimes one, but it could be affecting my memory?

> I'm trying to work on my art, but lately I haven't FELT it, you know? It's subtle, but I feel like the creative part of my head is being squelched by my current cocktail. I haven't felt inspired by music, food or even sex since I've been on Risperdal. (just icky blah. my excess obsessive thoughts are gone--but almost ALL of my thoughts are GONE!) So I'm not sure if I have to make some kind of nasty trade off. All I can do is tell my doctor what's happening and hope that something can give me a spark back.
**I hear you. I've not felt too creative lately either. Maybe it's b/c I've been too busy. yes, still waiting tables and going to grad school.

All in all, I'm stable, though. And that's saying a lot compared to how I've felt in the past 2 years--zipping up and down--tearful and agitated.
**yes, I know that I'm much better than a year ago as well. No more crazy rapid cycling where the bottom of my world would drop out. I'm still moody, slightly low lately, but nothing too major. I could remedy that one by just exercising and drinking less.

**so no boyfriends now? None for me still as well. But I haven't been open to it. I'm beginning to be open to that again now.

keep in touch and take care,




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