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NARDIL is soooo awesome!!!!!!!

Posted by Jasmine on January 26, 2004, at 17:52:08

What can I say....I feel great!! :) After being on 45mg of Nardil for 5 weeks, and not feeling a thing at all, I was able to talk my doctor to letting me go up to 60mg. I'm going on 2 weeks at this new dose and already noticing a change in myself. I haven't felt this good for as long as I can remember. And since they say you don't get the full effect for at least 4 weeks on a particular dose, I can't wait for it to only get better :) Hopefully.

I'm taking it for extreme social anxiety, and although there's not much improvement with some things such as making eye-contact with people and initiating conversation with strangers, I've noticed that I've been much more relaxed around groups of people and when people initiate conversation with me, I find myself actually enjoying talking to them, instead of being deathly afraid that they're thinking I'm stupid or not worth talking to.

I'm a university student and I've had a huge problem just getting myself into a classroom full of my peers. I always found myself failing classes over the years simply because I couldn't bring myself to go to class. Now, since this new semester has started, I haven't missed a single class. Yeah me!!! :) And the most amazing thing is that today I actually raised my hand to ask the professor a question. I don't think I've done that since kindergarten. I prefer to remain invisible, but not anymore. While doing a group assignment today, I actually added my input to the discussion instead of sitting there just nodding my head like an idiot agreeing with everyone. I'm actually having enough confidence to share my own ideas. I'm seriously amazed.

Now, I know I've been rambling on and on, and thank you if you're still reading :) :) but this happiness thing is so new to me and I just couldn't wait to share. I finally found a med that works for me! I've been reading everyone's posts about Nardil for a few months now, and never believed the good stuff until now.

I just have on tiny problem that's kind of bugging me. IT TAKES ME FOREVER TO PEE!!!! hahaha! I seriously have to sit there for like 5 or more minutes before anything happens and sometimes I have to get up and walk around or drink lots and lots of water before I can go. I pretty much have to wait until I feel like I'm gonna wet my pants before I can actually urinate. Sorry if this is graphic, and I know talking about bodily functions isn't a nice topic, but it's really starting to bother me. At first it kind of scared the crap outta me. It's been a week since this started happening. I've heard of Bethanechol to help out, but I'm afraid it will make me nauseous like it does a lot of people. Does anyone know of anything else I could take??? Or maybe this will go away. I would love that.

I haven't heard of anyone else who really has this side effect, but someone out there must know something. Please....I'll take any advice I can get.

Ok, I'm done blabbing now, but just really couldn't wait to share my great news with everyone. I hope things are going just as well for everybody else as well. Take care!

Jasmine @>-->--




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