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Snores/obsessions BarbaraCat

Posted by katia on August 31, 2003, at 15:49:44

In reply to Snores and such katia, posted by BarbaraCat on August 31, 2003, at 12:34:55

> Heh, Heh. Can really relate to the honkin breathers. I also have an overpowering urge to emerge from my samadhi and go over and deck the creep. I've pounded my poor long suffering husband on the back - really pounded - and yelled "YOU INSENSTIVE A**HOLE, YOUR F**ING SNORING WOKE ME UP!!!!" snarl, slobber, growl. I'm very sensitive to noise and can't sleep if there's the faintest sound of a TV far away. Have always been this way as far back as I remember.
> So, I always have a spare of earplugs in my purse wherever I go. Just knowing they're there helps me get through alot of situations. I ALWAYS use them for savasana. - Barbara

Hi Barb,
Wow. There's another one like me out there! I had one boyfriend who said that my demon comes out at night when I'm sleeping. Little did he know I WASN"T SLEEPING BECAUSE HE WAS SNORING! and the whack he got on the head and kick in the leg was VERY intentional.

I HATE the sound of the TV. My parent's finally bought me a white noise machine when I was 12 or 13 to give me some sanity from it when I was trying to sleep. I react violently to noise. Snoring/heavy breathing most of all. I remember being on family vacations all of us sleeping in one room and Dad SNORING the night away. Me, on the verge of suicide, sleeping in the bathtub, hating him, hating life, hating myself most of all. What is it about nose noises that drive me insane? I cannot and willNOT have a boyfriend if he snores. That eliminates about80% of them? Even foot noises drive me around the bend. Every morning I'm sleeping and my housemate gets up sooooo early and walks sooooo heavyfooted that I'm on the verge of homicide/suicide every morning. That's no way to wake up. I even sleep with a white noise AND earplugs!!!! I haven't tried the earplugs in Savasana yet. Good idea. Some people have no clue or perception of how LOUD they are!
It's a feeling of being trapped/caged and highly insulted/offended all at the same time. Yes, probably childhood stuff. But at the same time, even when those horrible ADs weren't helping me in any way except making me worse; I find my obsessions more tolerable when I was on them. Or I was more tolerant I wonder if this is yet another chemical thing?

I just feel extremely sensitive and neurotic and sooo many little things drive me mad. like I'm encased in a hell within my mind and no where to go. trapped.
Oh, and another big one for me since grade school, is wiggling feet or jumpy legs. When people are sitting and they just can't sit still - all this shaking of the legs drives me mad. I know - I'm insane! I think that one is a stimulation thing probably related to BP? It gets me hyped up to see someone else unable to sit still. It's tough to be so sensitive!

It's interesting....
BTW, it was me who couldn't afford the XR tablets of Depakote. I don't think it was Katy with Li.




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