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Re: basket-case in a wave-pool

Posted by fluffy on August 28, 2003, at 17:34:02

In reply to Re: basket-case in a wave-pool fluffy, posted by katia on August 28, 2003, at 15:34:33

Hi again Katia--

I use a mood chart that I printed out from this website:
It's ok, but I wish it addressed appetite and fatigue in another field. But it does the trick pretty well. When I say a "flat line" i mean that i recorded my mood at baseline for weeks. In the "anxiety" or "depression" columns, the line of course moves up or down. (that's how I do it anyway).

Good luck with the drink, too. It's probably easier to do it slowly and see how you feel anyway. I didn't stop drinking completely, and I still have a drink here or there.

Glad to hear you are doing better w/ Depakote. And hey--are you sure you're not just a fiesty gal? I think I'm just fiesty and outspoken--I try not to associate it with being ill, and just think of it being "me". It's hard to tell the difference after a big episode and med trial, though.

Lots of luck and care,

> Hi Katy, (fellow fuzzy bear)
> I think IKEA is a stimulant for BP people. I get so hyped up when I'm there and then get into creative decorating frenzies from it too!
> I can definitely feel something's happening with the Depakote. I'm at 500mg and wondering if I should push it up. I'll call my pdoc. I haven't gained weight so far and my hair's still intact. But I'm still either feeling slightly up or slightly down. I can definitely feel an evening out somewhat. But then again, I'm extremely intolerant and lose my temper easily/react to people in a fiesty way.
> So we'll see how it goes. Good job on only having one pint of beer! I just made a pact with my therapist to only drink two at one time and to assess my state after two (if I go for a third). Assess why I want it etc. just bring awareness around it. We'll see how the 2 drinks go. That'd be great if I can moderately drink.
> BTW, how do you get your mood chart to show lines? And what do you track daily?
> take care,
> Katia
> > Hey Katia--
> >
> > I'm glad you have a similar problem (oop--that's not right!, but you know what i mean!). I mean--I'm glad I'm not the only one. I liked your analogy about the hibernating true! I'm really kinda freaked out about this latest rapid cycling deal. I don't get it. I never cycled like this at all before. Apparently, from what I've read, the rapid cycling stuff doesn't last forever, and may only be a short part of our illness. But what the hell!! And this is ON LAMICTAL! I had a pretty good run with the stuff for several months. My mood chart evened out into an almost flat line. Now--sweet Jesus in heaven above!!!--it's all jagged ups and downs (not ALL the way up or down, but cyclothymic anyway) Maybe the sh*t just isn't working. But I'm not going off of it until I know it's not. Maybe the Lithium will give it a boost. I feel like my stability was just tacked on a wall with a pin. Now it keeps falling off the wall and being tacked up again. Hopefully the Lithium will nail my stability down and give it a firm hold. (but hopefully not like a sledge hammer!!)
> >
> > As to your question about the bar visit last night. Well-I was pretty freakin' hypo by the time I got there. I was all on edge and speedy. I'd already taken a trip to Ikea to buy a new lamp. But I didn't drink at the bar until towards the end...only one pint of beer. Pretty good considering my track record. But I'm sure it didn't help me sleep. When I got home, I started re-decorating.
> >
> > How are you doing with your Depakote? From what I know, it's the best drug to zap rapid cycling. So you may get some relief when you're at your proper dose? Tell me how it's going. I"m curious. I really hope you are feeling better. You seem a little better from the posts I've read.
> >
> > Keep in touch, you fuzzy bear!!
> >
> > Katy




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