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Re: Mild Bipolar - moodstabl-- lamictal Dali

Posted by Jennifer N. on July 24, 2003, at 11:01:59

In reply to Re: Mild Bipolar - moodstabl-- lamictal, posted by Dali on July 23, 2003, at 13:34:46


I was also recently put on Lamictal. I've been on it for about 5 weeks, and I have seen a great improvement in my depression. My mania has been worse, but that will happen until you can get to the right level. How much are you on right now? My doc said that this can happen when you're on 50-100mg/day. To curb this and to help with my sleeping, she has put me on 50mg/day of Seroquel. This has definately helped with my mania. I just increased my dosage today from 100mg/day to 150mg/day. I've heard a lot of people have had success from taking Lamictal and Lithium at the same time. I can't take Lithium for health reasons. This might be something to ask you're doc.

As for you're drinking, drugs, etc, this is definately something that you don't want to be doing while you're on these meds. It can cause side effects, meds not to work, and most inportantly, damage your kidneys, liver, etc. Maybe a rehab might be something that you could benefit from, and the support that you could receive there would probably help you a lot. Of course, those of us who visit this web-site could also help, but sometimes we just need to able to call someone, or simply go out for coffee.

Find things that inspire you. Find a hobbie or activity that might help you channel some of the energy from your mania into something positive, productive and good for you. Exercise is always a great thing for mania, and just plain feeling good.

If you have anymore questions, or just want to talk, feel free to post another message. I hope that I've helped!


> i just started taking lamictal today
> i've suffered from bipolar (also ADD) since i can remember (i'm 21) i would ask for anybody else with info. on bipolar and lamictal for advice.-- i've taken everything except for lithium. eg. depakote, topamax, paxil, wellbutrin, neurontin etc etc) i really struggle with taking my meds and feeling like they hinder my creativity/ intellect/ spirit everything- there is also an issue with the ADD i have to take the stimulants to be productive (focalin right now) so i take them in conjunction ]- i've been through three colleges in 3 years and one looney bin-- used every illicit drug [coke, weed, malli, various recreational Rx's (xanax, vaium, codiene) and alcohol has been a constant friend] my moods are uncontrollable-- hour to hour/ day to day/ week to week-- i'm now starting to get scared about my life and its lack of direction... so i'm starting to take getting my life in order a bit more seriously (like i've never said that before)--- i'm a bit manic right now-- i've forgotten the point of my "psycho-babble"-- guess i'm just asking for support from somebody telling me how much better a controlled (read medicated) life is.... telling me that you're still smarter than all your friends and just as creative... with a life that is not collapsing around you, to boot.
> also when hypomanic do you do stuff you don't remember, (such as ordering concert tickets, and forgetting that you did until they show up in the mail 4 days before the concert, you ordered the ticks a month and a half ago,) i do this a lot. my pdoc says this isn't a frequent report... ??
> OH! almost forgot-- i totally relate to the pms coment of lady above-- i was so glad to read that.... i go completely nuts every month around my period--- whether that means becoming totally depressed and not leaving my couch or going out on the town all night/week long
> thanx for reading and responding
> loves




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