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Re: Gosford Park, Li and creativity Jennifer N.

Posted by Barbara Cat on July 18, 2003, at 12:37:58

In reply to Re: Gosford Park, Li and creativity Barbara Cat, posted by Jennifer N. on July 17, 2003, at 13:57:02

Your poety experience sounds wonderful. And funny with the 'Acountability' thing, although it sounds like you were very accountable to your Muse. That's one of the amazing things about hypomania - the mind sparkles so dynamically and efficiently. If we could only experience that productive exhiliration, still get sleep and calm, and not spiral into anxiety, mania or depression! I'm attempting to do that with keeping my lithium level subtherapeutically low and defusing my pent up manic energy with LOTS of physical activity, and also meditating and slow breathing to center and calm. But it's challenging since I'm still getting distracted and want to either flit about or stay in bed. Commitment to any practice/change is hard enough and sometimes I have to kick my butt to get moving. But once I do, it never fails to keep me inspired and helps with focus. That would be my advice. Take a med to stop the kindling, release the energy with exercise (preferably outdoors) and then use some means to quiet your mind. Your Muse will have a clearer and more consistent channel to you.


Hi Fluffy & Barbara
> I've been reading your postings about Bipolar and artists, creativity, etc. I wrote the best poem I have ever written yesterday while in a manic phase. What was so interesting, is that I was listening, attentively, to a conference call at work...a three and a half hour conference call that we call "Accountability". (Holding others accountable for their actions, personal issues that hinder our work, etc.) My mind was split in two: one side listening to this meeting, being involved and listening to everything they said, and the other half was writing this amazing peice of work! It just flowed out of me. This was the first time I have ever experienced anything like this! It was cool, but also a little scary.
> I also am a painter, but more so I'm a singer/musician. I have been involved in music my whole life. I am excited about what my mania will do for me in the creative world of music...but that sounds pretty sick, huh? The rest of the mania SUCKS! The insomnia, the not eating, the excessive spending, etc.
> Am I wrong to think this? I like being able to produce wonderful work that I am finally happy with!
> -Jennifer N.
> > Hi Fluffy,
> > Does your name have to do with your bubbly butt? (That might sound really weird to someone just getting into this thread!) Glad you can approach your art so centeredly. Do you make your living doing this? If so, good for you!
> >
> > I felt similarly to K.R. Jamison's description of the 'tortured artist'. I think she was in a full throttle manic swing when she wrote it, or had leaning towards OCD. All those charts and graphs! plus she was in clinical practice full time. It is interesting how so many passionate artist-types are categorized as bipolar. Maybe it had something to do with too much lead in the cookware and pipes back then. Beethoven's hair was analyzed not too long ago and it showed sky high lead levels. He was majorly depressed but obviously had moments of grandeur. But who wouldn't be depressed back then with the cold, heat, grime, rotten teeth and no baths! Yecch.
> >
> > Lithium doesn't damp out the fire at all for me. I've heard that it can do that, i.e., Jamison was taking alot of lithium and said that she eventually compromised with less lithium, less stability, but more creativity. I'm only taking 600mg/day which is below the therapeutic window so maybe more would affect me more adversely.
> > Without it I get frizzled and disordered so whatever it does, it does me good. I considered that I had ADD but stimulants made me feel even more fried.
> >
> > Lithium supposedly makes new neurons and is protective - brain healthy. That may be so, however, it's made my hypothyroid condition worse and I pee alot more. I have to exercise alot just to stay plump. Hopefully jettisoning the nortriptyline will help in that regard. - Barbara




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