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Re: Modafinil test day

Posted by JohnX2 on October 30, 2001, at 23:39:43

In reply to Re: Modafinil test day, posted by JGalt on October 29, 2001, at 23:26:27

I'm saying **** it and *I am going* to be doing
a memantine trial. I'm putting together a proposal
for my pdoc, and he'll probably be blown away by
the amount of technical information that I include,
and he may be a little angry that I took some
meds on the sly, but the solution to my problem
is too clear, in my view. Anyways, he'll want me to
take lithhium otherwise, which I refuse to take. Memantine has
few side effects at least from what is reported here
and my case is compelling. I just wonder if Chris
(my pdoc) will freak out over insurance reasons.
He is old school and is incredulous over anything
that doesn't have the full clinical data to support

I tried adding wellbutrin again at a stronger
dose while taking otc rxxxxxxxn-dm when the
Wellbutrin caused tinnitus or any pain in my head.
This fairly quickly alleviates the pain and
I have gotton another breakout from dysthymia.
But the dm poops out rather fast because of
its half life, and my mood goes back to that
numb state. which I can duplicate by taking
a mother-load of coffee or modafinil. Modafinil
had a short lived anti-depressant effect (like
2 hours), and then it pooped out, gave me severe
headache and a little tinnitus. It was a dead
ringer for what happens if I drink a bunch of

If I can't do the memantine trial, then I might
just say the hell with it and try the prozac
enzyme inhibition trick with otc rxxxxxxn-dm.

Good luck with your meds, keep us posted.


> I started using modafinil today a little bit. I only got 4 hours of sleep last night (not because of insomnia) and too much noise to stay asleep around here so I thought that it would be an appropriate time to give it a test run on something it was designed for (keeping a tired person awake and alert but not wired). Woke up 8am. At 10am, after my usual 9am 200mg's caffeine and 50mg's ephedrine (doc said I could take it for my typically clogged up sinuses), 500mg's of N-Acetyl Tyrosine and B-vitamins I was still feeling like I could go back to bed any minute and didn't really feel like staying up (I typically sleep 10+hrs). Took 200mg's of modafinil and was feeling pleasantly awake, far from wired, but very functional until about 4 or so, so then I took another 100mg's and I'm still awake at 12, though I could go to sleep if I wanted too. Really quite a nice drug.
> By the way, just to see if there was any difference, I took some of the legal ghb-like drug around 5pm (hour after 2nd low dose of modafinil). A normal dose hit me quite a lot harder than I expected as far as sedation goes, but didn't really change the pleasant antianxiety, friendliness feel of it (the sedation felt like the sedation that is present at higher, in love with life type doses, but without that feeling). The sedation was not very long lasting though, I believe the modafinil eventually dominated. If the believed pharmacology of both the drugs are correct, this kinda makes sense. It would be the sudden switch from modafinil induced glutamate dominance to ghb and sleep deprivation induced gaba dominance. The antianxiety effects of ghb are likely from a specific gaba receptor that modafinil wouldn't counteract. This stuff does seem to be wearing off a little bit though. Usually if I only got 4 hrs of sleep I'd have been napping all day so I gotta give it some good credit. I may go for selegiline+modafinil, that would seem quite appropriate for my condition, barring deciding to do the self research required to determine the correct dosage of DXM in that other motivational/in touch with life coctail that I discussed earlier in this thread. Insurance wouldn't cover either drugs very well but I only need a prescription to make it legal, so I can order overseas if I please then, and just keep the prescription here for legal purposes I would imagine. Wish I had enough to do an honest week long test run to see if I form a tolerance to it or check on actual rebound sleep with me but I can't...judging from the posts on this and other boards though, it seems like quite a useful drug as long as you aren't using things that are more sedative than it can counteract.




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