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Re: self-medicating - Quite Dangerous?

Posted by Simcha on September 6, 2001, at 11:20:42

In reply to Re: self-medicating, posted by shelliR on September 6, 2001, at 11:06:21

There is much that I disagree with that Sal posts on this board.

I will say this... I am 100% Sal when he posts informational posts on where to get things you might not be able to get here. It is just information. What we choose to do with the information is our own responsibility.

I'm so tired of our litigious society. I think that we have become a nation of victims. "Oh, McDonalds didn't warn me that the coffee was going to be hot. I burned myself. It must be McDonalds fault. Give me millions of dollars."


Anyone with half a brain knows that coffee is hot and it may burn you.

Also anyone who reads anything anywhere needs to remember that not everything that is written is true. Just because you see something in print does not make it true. My father is an English professor so maybe I learned this earlier than most.

It's about common sense and using one's judgement. When I read Sal's posts, or anyone else's posts for that matter, I read with caution checking resources that I know exist. Then I make an informed decision on what I want to do. Then I take action. If the action harms me, then I am to blame. I made the choice. No one put a gun to my head. I took a risk.

I think that it is time that this society grows up and learns that it is each individual's responsibility to take care of himself/herself.

> These are my thoughts on the subject after participating on PB for a little over a year.
> I don't think either Sal or John L. should encourage people to order overseas. I think this post of Sal's was fine because it gave information without direct encouragement. ALL information provided by Sal, JohnL. or anyone, I can only see as helpful, provided it is offered as information.
> I've read posts from both these guys, saying, "you should try..." and I read this as is an encouragement--saying forget about what your pdoc says, this is okay to do. I have read posts touting adrafinil, without saying that one should be monitored for possible liver problems, as an example.
> I would rather see them encourage people to bring the information they are providing to their pdoc. If their pdoc won't offer support ordering from overseas, then it will be their decision whether to bypass pdoc, find another pdoc, etc.
> I am actually less concerned about self-medicating within your own country, because at least you can utilize the pharmacist to help advise on possible problems/interactions.
> Almost a year ago, against my pdoc's wishes, I combined nardil with adrafinil. There was someone on the board doing that combination with no hypertensive problems. I did have a hypertensive reaction and although it was not a very serious one, it could have been. If I had had a stroke and died, nobody on the board would have known why I disappeared. I don't blame anyone but myself for putting myself in a dangerous position. The babblers I was learning from on the board, never said you SHOULD do this.
> Shelli




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