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Re: Brain Hemisphere Switching and Other Body Rythmns

Posted by susan C on July 30, 2001, at 11:22:17

In reply to Re: Brain Hemisphere Switching and Other Body Rythmns susan C, posted by Mitch on July 30, 2001, at 9:38:31

More ideas? Just that we have a black box on top of our shoulders. My husband has lazy eye, and didnt go to eye doc until 40 year old. doc said he was basically blind in that eye, as oposit eye did all the work (that is when the lazy eye moved toward his nose) If he were younger, they would have done an operation on the muscles, but now he is too old. I wonder if part of all of this bipolar business, brain process business is perceptual. Now, perceptual is a catchall term. In Psycho babble social there was a very good comment on vincint vangogh. and society accepting rejectng perceptions outside of norm. I guess I am rambling...what is normal. I just know I get very depressed and very manicand it disrupts my life. Bear with me, I am dizzy right now, I am trying Keppra and going to go add a entry to my journal, then go lie down. i am going to come back and read your post again, it needs more thought. Thanks I like the ideas.

> > >OOPS I clicked post, too fast, try this, I copied right off, instead of trying to type it in.
> >
> > >
> > > > > Has anyone else come across this? The idea of our brains not working normally is pretty well accepted, but how they don't work is another thing. It sounds like we all have different combinations of conditions and meds that work, stop working and new ones to try. The site found was
> > > > > on research about parallels between brain hemisphere switching and other rythmns (I can't spell cinamon, alluminium vaccumn either.) The thing I don't understand, is if we (editorial 'we') discover that our brain is working a certain way, what difference will it make? My pdoc said, yes we can look at your brain with an MRI or SPECT scan and perhaps see that it is not normal. Or maybe find there is something 'interesting' and we could go in and take a sample. But if I wouldn't want them to 'go in' and I already accept that that my brain is abnormal. So, I ask, why do it? Maybe the answer is obvious, but will someone endulge me?
> Hey!,
> I just now read this stuff and was completely unaware of it and it sounds so right! I was speculating about some sort of right/left brain *interruption* in the threads about the intrusive music. I was speculating that the hemispheres weren't cooperating with each other properly causing "auras" or "pseudo-seizure-like" phenomena. And now it seems that it could be a mechanism to help explain bipolar disorder, hmmm!
> What is interesting is that I have a problem with "lazy eyes". The biggest trouble is with my left eye looking to my left and my right eye doing all of the "seeing". And SOMETIMES my right eye is the lazy one looking to the right letting my left eye do all the work! Certain meds affect this greatly as well. I "feel" the best whenever both of them are behaving properly! I have bipolar and ADHD and the attentiveness is just shot to hell whenever my eyes are on vacation, it isn't a problem with reading per se, I can use just one eye and do all the reading I want with the other one "just hanging out in space", but I can't seem to process the information...
> I think they are definitely onto something, but I would explore some permutations of that idea as possible alternate theories. What if it isn't as simple as one hemisphere getting stuck and not turning over control to the other one?? What if *part* of one hemisphere gets stuck and *part* of the OTHER hemisphere gets stuck, TOO?? Wait a minute...what I am wondering is maybe it is too simple to think that ALL of the verbal processing is done in the left hemisphere... maybe..there is a corollary that MUST be used in the right and it can't be accessed????? and vice versa...?? That would explain some of the "derealization" or "depersonalization" episodes that I have gotten that have been suggestive of temporal lobe epilepsy. When I get them it feels like my hands/arms aren't attached to me somehow and that any given limb seems to have it's own "consciousness" of sorts-like the hand itself has a mind of its own in a way. Wow, this is so freaking hard to describe!!
> Oh, well sorry for the rambling..
> Any other ideas?
> Mitch




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