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Re: Memantine and Aniracetam » AndrewB

Posted by Jean Paul on July 19, 2001, at 15:19:40

In reply to Re: Memantine and Aniracetam » Jean Paul, posted by AndrewB on July 19, 2001, at 10:02:19


Thanks for your post. I have experienced a dramatic effect from aniracetam. I find its (mild) cognitive-enhancement action very attractive; but other reasons for which I consider aniracetam useful is that combo´s stimulant profile is now cleaner and clearer, and side effects disappeared completely, *even* when I discontinue memantine. I began with memantine because I was having (mild) motor abnormalities, specially tics, and aniracetam not only allowed me to avoid these symptoms, but also improved the overall experience. Now I take aniracetam (150 mg) along with DMAE (200-300 mg/day). I experience mild but evident cognitive enhacement, but not strictly memory improvement; also (and specially) experience increased alertness and attention. Thinking process is more consistent than ever before. I find "adaptogen" propperties in aniracetam, since it allows myself to have deeper contact with outer events; it seems to raise mental decodification of perception and, thus, improves reaction and promotes a behaviour better connected with sorrounding reality. I think that this may not be valid for aniracetam taken alone, without the other stimulants. But it certainly much improved the effects I used to get from the combo. Now I´m not sure if memantine is necessary because the symptoms for which I included it in the combo are present no more. Aniracetam is said to promote an enhanced cholinergic activity; I suspect that motor abnormalities when taking dopaminergic drugs could be related with an imabalance between dopaminergic and cholinergic systems (both related with motor coordination), and perhaps that is the reason why symptoms disappeared when I began to take cholinergic-activity stimulants (DMAE and aniracetam). But this is just an especultation, not a serious hypothesis. The fact is that I get very good results from this nootropic, despite the fact I don´t know underlying reasons.

> Jean Paul,
> Is the Aniracetam and Memantine combo. safe? I can give you some general thoughts. Aniracetam is a one of a class of neurotropics of which piracetam is the oldest and best known. They are called neurotropics because of their ability to improve cognitive function to a very moderate degree in most healthy people and sometimes to a robust degree with a memory impaired person. Aniracetam and its analogues work by increasing glutaminergic activity in the hippocampus (they are very specific in their mode of action). Of this class of neurotropics, aniracetam is the most effective at increasing hippocampal glutaminergic activity. Hippocampal function, and specifically its glutaminergic activity, is one of the essential elements to memory function. Interestingly, a more powerful activator of hippocampal glutaminergic activity is in testing stages as a memory enhancer. It is called Ampalex. It increases glutaminergic activity by modulating one (of the three) glutamate receptors, the AMPA receptor. Remember, Memantine puts a physiological upper limit on glutaminergic activity via the NMDA glutaminergic receptor.
> Aniracetam hasn't been associated with any neurodegenerative effects in studies. But then again, no longterm studies have been done to see if it could cause excessive glutaminergic hippocampal activity which could, over a period of years, damage the hippocampus. Memantine, I think would act as a 'safener'. That is a drug that insured that glutaminergic activity did not increase beyond the safe physiogical limits in the hippocampus. That being said, I seem to need 30mg.s of Memantine a day (20mg in the morning, 10mg. in the evening) for it to control Adderall's activity effectively. You could try a slightly higher dose and see if you have a more stable effect.
> I have tried Aniracetam myself but without effect. I have never tried it with Memantine though. What kind of effect are you experiencing with Aniracetam. Is it strictly improved memory. Has cognition improved. Too what degree? Are there any non-cognitive efffects. I find this very interesting. Also, is there anything else new that you are experiencing with your med. combo. in general?
> Best wishes and looking forward to your response,
> AndrewB




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