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From the pages of my medicated mind...

Posted by yo-wazzzup on June 15, 2001, at 23:34:08

In reply to cheetah gheld, posted by Elizabeth on June 15, 2001, at 22:35:50

> > And you would want some of these psychiatric drugs because???????
> I recommend ignoring "cheetah." S/he's just trying to incite flames, not to contribute anything helpful or supportive.
> (Dr. Bob, I'm sorry if you feel that I'm being mean here, but I really believe that people shouldn't "feed the trolls.")
> -elizabeth
You might be right 'Liz...but, let's suppose 4 one fraction of a second that Cheetah's actually stuck between a rock & a hard place? S/he's commited to following posts. Collecting info? Opinions? Challenging some of ours? Perhaps in serch of alternatives to knawing @ scabs/scars that used to be nails? After all, it wasn't that long ago that I had my head stuck in the sand re:meds. & mental illness. I'm still struggling with issues re:meds...this is the first time I've actually stuck it out (paxil for 7 months now) & I'm tapering off starting today b/c of terrible side effects. For years 'de'nial was not just a river in egypt... I was convinced 'I' was not a 'nut-bar' & I could deal with life on my own, with out mind altering 'band-aids', thank-you very much... I'm not sure how I survived some of my lowest points-by the grace of god? I know it can be better. I owe it to myself & my children to get help. I used to think I would be weak if I had to rely on docs or meds. I think that type of negative stigma is what holds many back from the help they deserve. Many are lost b/c of their own & others ignorance. I also have Asthma...if you reserch steroids used to treat asthma, you'll find they too play havok on my system. It's a catch 22-with out them, I'd be dead. Trust me on that one. I was stupid enough to refuse to take them b/c of what I'd researched & ended up hospitalized. I'd done more harm than good by avoiding treatment. I'd hurt my lungs & as a result have emphysema. Hind sight is 20/20. I'd rather risk side effects than have my children remember me as a rage-aholic or continuously crying @ the drop of a hat or suffering through frequent flash backs or terrified to open the curtains in my home or go outside or have panic attacks so extreme that I pass out or lay pathetically in bed for days @ a time,etc. LIFE IS FOR LIVING-NOT MERELY EXISTING!




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