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Re:Topamax-rapid cylcing and hormone Madeup Name AMenz

Posted by Montana50 on June 8, 2001, at 0:18:23

In reply to Re:Topamax-rapid cylcing and hormone Madeup Name, posted by AMenz on June 5, 2001, at 11:29:07

>I'm sorry but I really don't have too much information re: menopause & rapid cycling. Because
I had a partial hysterectomy in my early 20's and did not begin any form of HRT until
beginning in my late 30's,and then it was off & on, until the .05mg patch (lowest dose) came out
in my 40's & I have stuck with it. However, in my research, I found various references
correlating menstrual cycles with rapid cycling as it seems to be more common in women.
Have you tried keeping a mood chart ? There is a very good one available from the National
Depression and Manic Depression Assn. (NDMDA) You can find them on the web.

As to your next question: I cannot take either Lithium or Depakote because of side efx.
They have just started me on a a small dose of Neurontin in addition to all the other
drugs I mentioned in my 1st posting.
I am really sorry about the pain you have experienced over the last 2 years.
Hopefully, there are some others out there with your experience who are willing to share
any knowledge they might have.
Best wishes.

You're the first person here to mention hormone replacement and rapid cylcing.
> Have you had an experience of the cycling increasing with hormone replacement (estrogen therapy)?
> Did you experience menopause and have the cycling decrease but the depression increase?
> I can't find anyone down here knowledgeable in the interaction of menopausal changes in hormone levels and rapid cycling.
> I've been through a horrible two year period. Finally have had to take control over my medication myself. BTW are you on Topomax alone or as and adjunct to Lithium or Divalproex?
> > > >To all those of you have questions about
> > Topamax, I would like to share my experiences.
> > First,I am a middle aged woman who has Bipolar II
> > mixed with rapid cycling. I am unable to tolerate anti-
> > depressants and for various reasons am unable to
> > take the standard mood stablizers or any of the
> > new atypical antipsychotics. The last 2 years of
> > of my life have been hell and I've lost those years
> > of my life. Bad docs and bad meds. Fortunately,
> > this spring I found a good Doc and hospital. He
> > started me on Topamax but at 50 mg increments/wk.
> > I also was on 2mg. 2x/day Klonopin, 1mg x4/day
> > Ativan, Catapres,Hormone replacement therapy,
> > thyroid 3(levothyroxine),thyroid 4 (Cytomel),&
> > Sonata for sleep. He also started me on 10 mg in
> > a.m. of dexidrine and 7.5 mg at noon. The T-3,T-4,
> > and dexidrine were to help with the depression but
> > not to set off the rapid cycling or hypomania.
> > As I increased my Topamax, on the 3rd day, I would
> > get my "Topamax drunk", I staggered when I walked,
> > my voice was slurred, and I was drowsy and slept
> > for 14 hrs. However, the next day these sx would
> > be almost all gone. In the meantime, my mood was
> > stablizing, but it seemed like I couldn't feel any
> > joy, or satisfaction. Life seemed very dreary.
> > Finally, my husband insisted that I be rehospiti-
> > lized. Oh by the way, during this time, I wasn't
> > eating very much, very little appetite. When I got
> > to the hospital, I was able to go through the last
> > 2 steps of my Topamax increases. My Doc changed mu
> > Dexidrine to 15 mg. spansules in the a.m. and 10mg
> > at noon. This seemed to help. I was able to get
> > stablized and be discharged in 8 days.
> > I take 400 mg. Topamax & it really has changed my
> > life. I know that different drugs work differently
> > for each individual but all the drugs I take every
> > day seem worth it because now " I am glad I am
> > alive and am going to see tomorrow." I urge folks
> > to ask questions, educate themselves, and if your
> > health provider is not meeting your needs, check
> > around to try and find one who will. With know-
> > ledge I have empowered myself so that I keep
> > learning how I can manage my life and not let my
> > disease control it. So when I fall down, I see
> > it just as a lesson,not a defeat, to learn from
> > the experience, not to blame or beat up on myself,
> > and it makes getting back up that much easier.
> > Something not so easily done.
> > In short: My Doc told me that if he didn't start
> > me slowly on Topamax it would be like giving me
> > instant Alzheimer's,I lost my appetite & 17 lbs
> > in 9 weeks, I experienced depression but I was
> > free for the first time in several years of rapid
> > cycling, dysphoric hypomania and with the change
> > in meds I am functional and fairly happy and busy
> > working.
> > Know this is long, but I hope it helps and gives
> > hope where hope is needed, and answers some of the
> > questions about Topamax.
> > Good Luck
> > Kathryn1
> >
> >
> >
> > Elizabeth, I do eat breakfast and take melatonin. I give insulin to my cat and he is as well-regulated as cats can be as far as the diabetes goes. But he is old and has kidney disease. I have to give him subcutaneous fluids every other day with a big needle, and that is very stressful to both of us because it hurts him.
> > >
> > > Ouch! I know how he feels (I had sub-Q heparin every morning when I was in the hospital a couple months ago). You must love each other very much.
> > >
> > > > I was told by a relative who works at a residential psychiatric facility that Topamax didn't work for the fat girls in treatment there. I guess it does work for some people like Karen, though, so I am going to try it.
> > >
> > > I think that carb cravings are a distinct phenomenon which most people experience at some point, and some people have a persistent problem with them. My guess would be that you are most likely to be helped by antiobesity treatments which generally help people lose weight gained as a result of carb cravings.
> > >
> > > Best wishes to you and your cat.
> > >
> > > -elizabeth




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