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Got silver fillings, maybe you have depession..

Posted by Woody on June 6, 2001, at 7:16:07

It was like I was saying previously. What the dentist
does not tell you before he installs amalgam fillings
is that they continuously give off vapour. About
10-20% of that vapour goes out through your mouth.
The other 80-90% gets into your blood stream.
Of that percentage that gets into your bloodstream,
about 10-20% of that crosses the blood/brain barrier,
and gets into your pituitary gland and/or hypothalmus.
While you are young, your body is constantly manufacturing
a powerful anti-oxidant known as alpha lipoic acid.
This alpha lipoic acid laches on to the mercury
molecules in your brain and tranports them out of
your brain and back into your body. From there your
body gets rid of the mercury through your urine
and bowels. However, as we get older, our bodies
manufacture less of the alpha lipoic acid. Hence,
since the amalgam fillings are still there(and some
are even hard drilled out and replaced by others),the
brain continues to fill up with more mercury. That
is when major problems with depression and anxiety
set in. The pituitary gland & hypothalmus are saturated
with mercury molecules. I would say that most of the
people on this message board either reading or posting
have a lot of amalgams. I have met someone who worked
with the United States Park Service in Atlanta, Ga.
that somehow managed to discover that she had this problem.
She felt like she was going crazy, could not sleep, etc.
Her blood and urine levels tested high for mercury.
She had her amalgams removed and went through a detox
program. Now she is doing fine. However, a person with
amalgam illness might still have normal mercury levels
in their blood and urine. The bottom line is, if you
have mercury fillings in your teeth, then you have
mercury in your brain. Dr. Andy Cutler explains this
is his book "Amalgam Illness". He lives in Washington
State and can be reached at
Actually, Dr. Cutler uses this textbook to teach
a college course on the subject. Call it "quackwatch"
if you want to, but the problem is real. Anyone suffering
from depression should absolutely have any amalgams
removed and go through a detox program. After amalgam
removal, and while going through detox, you will find
your mercury measurements (urine tests) going through
the ceiling.
check out the following web site:
This movie was developed by the University of Calgary,
and you will need a "Quick Time" Player. I am glad I
had my amalgams removed before I saw the movie. I am not
trying to say that everyone that has problems with
depression and/or anxiety can blame it on amalgam
fillings. I myself, have a problem with depression,
but after reading Dr. Cutler's book thoroughly, he was
able to get through to me that everyone with emotional
problems needs to look at the possibility of amalgam
illness(if you have them in your teeth of course).
Take care, and if you have amalgams in your teeth,
get them taken out!! Composites or porcelain work
just fine.




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