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Re: Diagnosing/labeling others

Posted by Kellie on May 28, 2000, at 10:30:04

In reply to Re: Diagnosing/labeling others, posted by Adam on May 22, 2000, at 20:47:41

> I'm a new reader here, found this site just today. I need help with my depression and when I read all these threads I began to wonder just what was so wrong with me.Let me state firmly that I can understand all the positions taken. It's a curse I seem to have, to be able to see all the sides of the coin at once. Fred is not manic. His experience with ECT wasn't just with the ECT. It was with the total loss of control of his life to people who appeared not to care about him, only about the results of their treatments. This would cause anyone to erupt in rage if they perceived someone else making light of it. My own mother often accused me of just trying to get attention when my emotions got out of control. Even after diagnosis and honest to god medical treatment, I still can't get my family to stop blaming me for a chemical imbalance I didn't ask for. I can also understand the bewilderment on others' part in not understanding Fred's anger. If you've never been thru such an experience you can't possibly know how it feels. Also, for people who have never suffered from depression, knowing what it does to your life is impossible to understand. If you live with a depressive, you have an inkling, if you've never encountered one, you can't have any clue. Anyone can resort to insults when they run out of intelligent things to say, but keep aware that depressives have little or no emotional control. It's a symptom of the illness. Don't judge Fred or boBB too harshly. If this board if for educational purposes let it also be for enlightenment. A mental illness takes control away from you. I would like to learn how to get control back. I've learned a lot from reading these messages, but it worries me that so many people would rather argue over semantics that get to the core of the issue. I'm 35 and I've had major depression for 30 of those years. I've been on medication for 5 years. It's helped and not helped. I have learned not to waste precious time over the little things. Fred's anger was not little. The reaction all of you had to him was not little. But the continuing discourse is. Be done with it and help me to learn other ways of treating my illness. I want to know exactly what ECT is and what an MAO is and whether there's more out there for me than Paxil and Effexor. Please don't let me down, my family doesn't really understand what's going on with me and my doctor never has enough time. I need information. Thanks for listening, Kellie.
> It seems it was just a suggestion. I saw someone when I was in the hospital suffering from "acute mania". She
> was given Celexa, and it precipitated a manic episode. She was still in enough command of her faculties to voluntarily
> isolate herself after repeated suggestions that her behavior was becoming inappropriate, and that if she did not
> make some effort to keep from accosting people, that effort would have to be made for her. She had a lot on her mind,
> and felt whoever was nearby needed to hear it. It was very sad, because once it was over, she returned to har usual
> self, which was very sweet and actually quite introverted, though admittedly, depressed. I hope she found some relief.
> If "Fred" was/is in a manic state, he may not realise it. To be so informed might save him some serious trouble, if
> not his life. If he is not so afflicted, no harm done. I imagine "Fred", who clearly displayed some odd and
> inappropriate behavior, might benefit from an evaluation. Whatever impells him to get that is a positive thing.
> > > Loose associations????
> > >
> > > The more I read, the more I wonder whether this fellow you heard from is (or was) suffering from acute mania. If he (or she) is reading, I urge him (or her) to look into or at least consider the possibility.
> >
> >
> > I know you must feel strongly about these issues to have brought this thread forward and I think that is good,but I think it would be most useful if we focused on the ideas and issues rather than personalities.
> > There seems to be an increasing tendency on this board (and I'm not totally innocent) towards labeling others behaviours and beliefs as evidence of pathology. I think this is wrong. I apologize for doing it if I have.
> > I think acute mania is not something that can be diagnosed by a stranger in cyberspace. I think someone in acute mania probably would not be receptive to your suggestions anyway no matter of how well meant they may or may not have been.
> > I think we would all do well to argue with people's ideas and not offer diagnosis. When a diagnosis is appended to a disagreement it seems to perpetuate stigma and I'm sure you don't want to do that.
> > After all loose associations are also associated with creativity.




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