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Re: PeterJ

Posted by AndrewB on April 27, 2000, at 12:00:30

In reply to Re: More Qs for PeterJ, posted by PeterJ on April 27, 2000, at 0:33:49


Again thank you very much for your responses to my questions. I feel deeply appreciative for you having shared your knowledge.

You asked how amisulpride compares to reboxetine in terms of exercise induced fatigue. Amisulpride removes something like 60% of the symptoms by itself. It helps with all the symptoms except the unusual muscle soreness. It helps immensely with the brain fog, memory impairment, moodiness and irritability, phsyscial fatigue, low mood, critical self talk, attention and maintaining wakefullness. For an interesting discussion on how the D2 recpetors are involved in such symptoms go to It is actually an article about Polioencephalitis and how its fatigue symptoms are ameliorated with bromocriptine. Polioencephalitis's fatigue symptoms closely mimic mine. For example, in general the fatigue symptoms of Polioencephalitis are triggered or exacerbated by physical overexertion or emotional stress. I can certainly relate to that. The article also notes the similarity of the Polioencephalitis symptoms with those of Chronic Fatige Syndrome and speculates that some with this disorder may be helped by
D2 activators.

I've been taking amisulpride since last July. In December however, I had a partial poop out or had gained some tolerance to amisulpride. It was then I started to look for ways to bolster the amisulpride. There was also another event prior to December where I had a 10 day period of heavy physical exertion and emotional stress thatt left me tired and depressed. I realized that amisulpride by itself for me isn't always enough. Amisulpride is like a campfire; it will keep you warm except for when a strong wind (stress) kicks up. By the way, the amisulpride regianed its original power of effect when I took a 4 day holiday from it.

Reboxetine helps with fatigue symptoms by increasing general arousal which includes mental focus and energy. Because you are more aroused, you end up doing more things, getting more done, including socializing. It also combats daytime sleepiness.

I've also have added on other medicines that have removed what remains of the exercise fatigue. Anti-inflammatories (i.e. nalprexone) taken the day of the exercise take away irritability. 7-keto takes away muscle soreness. Mirapex (pramipexole) bolsters amisulpride, making it closer to being bulletproof. Amineptine I am still evaluating but it seems to take away any sluggishness that remains the day after hard exercise. I also think I may be able to surf through times of high stress by simply increasing my amineptine dosage. My current plan is to take amineptine usually only 4 or 5 times a week, taking plenty of drug holidays in order to keep it fully potentiated.

All the best,





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