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Testing the Waters of SI ..(possible trigger!!!!!)

Posted by shar on December 23, 2005, at 18:03:26

Well, first let me say to all: Happy Holidays!

That was the part I thought might be a trigger...HAH! Not really.

But really--Happy Holidays! And a prosperous New Year, too.

I've been testing the waters of SI and today I wondered if it could be related to SI. On Babble, folks use SI to stand for suicidal ideation AND self-injury. So, sometimes a post would have SI in the title and I'd think, "Ah ha, a person of like mind!" only to find out they were talking about self-injury.

[Let me note that I rarely ever visit any board here other than this one, so if folks are using a different acronym for one or the other these days, I'm not aware of it, and I take it all back!]

The above sort of got tangential, however, it is the truth.

Anyhow, I've been testing the waters of self-injury, and today thought 'maybe this is a substitute for suicide.' Sort of a way of harming myself without doing the ultimate harm. Hmmm. I'm just wondering.

I only do the SeI when I'm having LOTS of SuI (ideation), so when I had this great idea, I got to wondering if any research had been done on that. Right now, I don't have the energy to Google it, but I thought it was an interesting idea.

In a few days I'll be 54, and I'm so very sorry to still be here. What the...?? How did THAT happen?? Four years after my own age rule...WAHHHHHH! Just chicken I guess (no offense meant to the avian community).

If it sounds like I'm having a 'pity party' ...well, I am. I figure, if I don't feel sorry for myself...who will?? And, I think it should be a Federal criminal offense to use that term.

Anyhow, still hope everybody is well, and that y'all have very great holidays.





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