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Re: Angry white music

Posted by Sean on August 12, 1999, at 17:03:43

In reply to Angry white music, posted by cynthia on August 12, 1999, at 15:53:10

> > > >yes, yes yes!
> > >
> > > Within a 10 year period (18-28) I got 2 degrees, competively showed horses and danced, took a 1 year trip (without any practical regards to money), was in a rock band, worked in design, lived in 3 major cities and had about 10 different other jobs.
> > >
> > > I just kept changing my mind, depending on whatever mood I was in. Those moods can be so completely convincing, huh?
> > >
> > > Cynthia
> >
> > Go rock'n'roll girl..! You've certainly covered
> > alot of territory there. What kind of music?
> >
> > Actually, I'm still writing songs and performing.
> > It's a blast and the only activity that actually
> > benefits from mood swings. Interestingly, my day
> > job is as a biostatistician (that's right...) and
> > I work on lots of mental health projects. I'm
> > currently working with Lilly on Zyprexa study in
> > the treatment of bipolar and schizophrenia. It
> > is so funny because I know all the names of the
> > meds and appear as some sort of expert to some
> > of my cohorts, but in reality, it is through my
> > own experience, curiosity, and this site that
> > most of my pharmacological info comes from...
> >
> > Hope all is well with you,
> >
> > Sean.
> >
> > You
> -'the razor bunnies', makes me laugh now. Sometimes I think it was simply a place to wear our coustumes. We fought like mad - a little cesspool of anger and mental disorders - and lasted about 2 years.
> Now (many years later), I'm listening to Esma (the Gypsy from Romania), the poet Neruda, and just lately, my sister has been sending me some Opera CDs and giving me the story behind the song, which is essential for me to properly understand the song. Oh my God, the passion. I get goosebumps just reading the lyrics. This is who's 'taking me away now'.
> What kind of music do you write and like? Pretty funny job there Sean. What exactly is a biostatician? Are you a scientist? Did you pursue this because of your disorder, or did you happen to end up in this field?
> Anyway, WORK REAL HARD for us,
> Cynthia

Razor Bunnies!!! My God, that's tremendous. I also
went through a serious grunge/anger/punk-rock
phase. Write now I'm writing mostly in a kind of
trip-hop meets emo-core meets 70's glam meets
folk meets whatever I'm feeling that day. Lot's
of strange sounds, odd lyrics, moody chords, and
shifting beats. Hard to describe I guess. I
would like to hear this Esma; sounds exotic. Did
you see the movie Lacho Drum? It was incredible.

I listen to everything from Arvo Part and similar
modern stuff like Kronos, to Drum 'n Bass, to
folk music. I also have a soft spot for early 80's
underground music and early 70's glam and Brian
Eno. I also really like some of the Seattle
stuff, but the "alternative" sound has become so
cliche' that it really doesn't do it for me. I
can't listen to the radio. I've also been to a few
raves and must say there is something nice about
some of that music, especially Orbital and Sasha.
I have an engineer friend who calls it "digital
flesh" because it has such a human quality to
it! My tastes are based on me getting the chills
and it has happened with every form of music
out there. I absolutely love music (and film,
and certain poetry, and coffee, and...)

The day job, I didn't really plan it this way. I
studied alot of math (dad would not approve of
art major - a long story) in college and have learned
to program computers, so my basic skills were
there I guess. Then I wound up working for a
healthcare research company. We tend to focus on
the differences between a drugs effectiveness and
cost rather than biological stuff. Mostly it is
retrospective stuff. It can be fun at times,
but is mostly just hard work...

Wow, I've said alot! Bye,





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