The Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection

Thank you for your interest in the collection.


How to link to the collection from your web site

  1. If you do not provide mental health services yourself, simply include a link to on your web site.

    Please use a link to instead of a copy of the file. If you link, you always get the most recent version of the collection. If you copy, your version may become out-of-date. This is why the collection itself uses links.

  2. If you do provide mental health services yourself:

    1. Make copies of both and

    2. Edit local.html to customize it to your setting. Please keep it short to leave as much room as possible for the virtual pamphlets themselves. Please also keep the specified background to maintain a consistent look.

    3. Your copy of index.html, which you can rename if you want, is your version of the collection, and its URL is the one to link to from elsewhere on your web site.

    index.html is a page that's composed of two other pages: virtulets.html, the actual list of virtual pamphlets, and local.html, the information about local services. index.html is set up to refer to the local.html that's on the same server, but the virtulets.html on my server. Thus:

Please note that the first method does not use "frames", but the second does.


How to distribute pamphlets from the collection

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