The Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection


Student counseling centers often educate through informational pamphlets on various topics. The commercially-available options are limited, however, particularly in the specialized topics relevant to students. A counseling center can produce its own pamphlets, but that is a costly undertaking.

An innovative alternative is the sharing of virtual pamphlets on the World-Wide Web.

Making these "virtual pamphlets" available is cost-effective: there are no printing charges, and the material can be updated by revising a single file. The key advantage to virtual pamphlets, however, is that if another counseling center wishes to provide the same information, it can just link to it and have it a mouse click away. With such links, counseling centers can provide relevant information to students, faculty, staff, and even students' families back home. The time and effort that goes into developing the material goes further, as the virtual pamphlets reach an audience far beyond the originating counseling center.

This virtual pamphlet collection is an example of this novel approach.

--Virtual Pamphlets in University Student Counseling, at the Society for Computers in Psychology Annual Meeting, Chicago, 10/96.

See also:

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The Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection was born at the Student Counseling and Resource Service at the University of Chicago. I am deeply grateful for the support I received there.

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