Student Counseling centers using Social Media

This list of college and university student counseling centers using social media was initially compiled for a meeting of the Chicagoland counseling centers. To have entries added, please either post them here (join that group first) or e-mail me. Thanks!



Arkansas State University Counseling Center4510/20/09
Asbury College Center for Counseling410/20/09
Barnard College Furman Counseling Center910/20/09
Brescia University Counseling Center410/20/09
Canisius College Counseling Center010/20/09
Central Michigan University Counseling Center1210/20/09
Cincinnati Christian University Counseling Center2010/20/09
Counseling Center, University of Cincinnati510/20/09
Drury University Counseling Center310/20/09
Florida Atlantic University Counseling Center510/20/09
Florida Atlantic University Counseling Center-MacArthur Campus1310/20/09
John Carroll University Counseling Center4610/20/09
Lehigh University Counseling Center3110/20/09
MSU Counseling Center815/2/12
Ole Miss University Counseling Center2010/20/09
Pace University-Counseling Center Westchester210/20/09
Ringling College Counseling Center1010/20/09
Southeast Missouri State University - University Counseling Services611/7/09
Southeastern Louisiana University Counseling Center5610/20/09
Student Counseling Services- Illinois Insitute of Technology7011/7/09
Texas Southern University Counseling Center (TSU)110/20/09
The Counseling Center @ Lehman College2610/20/09
Tufts University Counseling and Mental Health Service110/20/09
UCF Student Counseling Center13710/20/09
University of Akron Counseling Center610/20/09
UST Personal Counseling and Testing2010/21/09
WOU Student Health & Counseling Resource Center!7210/20/09
WPI Student Development & Counseling Center7210/20/09
Yeshiva University Counseling Center - Beren Campus210/20/09
Yeshiva University Counseling Center - Wilf Campus310/20/09


Modesto Junior College Counseling Center710/20/09
The Counseling Center @ Lehman College010/20/09
ASU Counseling Center4310/20/09
Notre Dame College Counseling Center910/20/09
The Antioch University Counseling Center10010/20/09


Truman State University University Counseling Services43510/20/09
University of Central Missouri Counseling Center4410/23/09
University of San Diego Counseling Center Groupsprivate10/21/09


Loyola University Chicago Wellness Center1917211/7/09
Michigan State University Counseling Center1193325/2/12
Truman State University University Counseling Services61510/20/09
University of St. Thomas Personal Counseling213910/21/09


Columbia College Chicago Counseling Services11/7/09
Loyola University Chicago Wellness Center10/20/09

Second Life

University of Cincinnati Counseling Center11/7/09

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