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Posted by alexandra_k on October 2, 2022, at 14:33:01

i remember i didn't post much here when i was getting irl psychotherapy with someone i worked well with.

well, then, that's a good reason to withhold psychotherapy. force me to work through everythign publically publically publically.

all the psychopaths out there.

why would you want to do a needs assessment? why would you want to record what people need when it comes to their fears and their preferences and so on.

well, the aim is to torture and harm and withhold becuase... oh it's fun. didn't you know. it's just so fun to inflict these things on people. and well you get away with it an dhahahahahah what are they going to do. who and whose army?


it's so... uh... inhumane.

of course.

what did you thikn your life ws forced to be hahahahhahahahhahah.


cool story bro.

the world tht people invest in. everything they wnt it to be.

it's great hey.

just joyous.

party party party.

i think i see that a lot of what freud was saying...

it was wwII death camps stuff. right?

how he was seeing people whose fathers or husbands were paying him because they wanted their wives or daughters to be happier. i suppose. little bundles of joy.

freud wrote up how they were repressed, therefore. could not admit realities of their situation or their lives to him or to anyone not even themselves.



and sex sex sex sex sex. it was all about sex. the patients being controlled by the people paying him to keep the patients repressed. i guess. i suppose.

freud was writing about how sex sex sex made the world go around. that was what he saw, i suppose. from the powerful people who had him on payroll. that was what they were like. he was dealing the the fallout or whatever from their behavior and conduct.

i wonder what dr bob did for the university of chicago? is psychiatry there about collecting up any of the girls or boys who complain about being forcedt o oparty party party with admin (or the children of the admin) the kids who claim to have been raped and so on.... i would imagine that there would be cameras in the dorms and showers and the like, now, so that it wouldnt' be possible for someone to get raped ithout the footage of that finding it's way onto the cloud server...

the internal university server at the very least.

the footage of various people who are physiclaly dead and rotting in their residential hall. no. i guess that's hwy they put them in pairs in the us. typically or usually. so that the message that their dorm is not really a private space is something. with respect to encouraging modesty i mean to say.. little things.. people don't usually walk about naked in a public space or pick their nose. i mean to say little things like that. that you probably wouldn't do if you were twin sharing rooms with a non-sexual lpartner friend. so having twin share rooms and security cameras.

the cameras being so they know who got raped and so on.

send then to the university psychiarrist. for a little drugging. of course. for sure.

and so on...

quite the scummy scummy scam. hey.

maybe things aren't this bad in the uS/

I doubt it... i doubt that that is so...

nothing there, hey. nothing there. nothing to see. nothing nothing nothing at all.

it's my time to die clearly. outlived my usefulness. my desirability when i had ideals and optimism of life worth living and justice and fairness and so on and so forth.

why would anybody want to hel ppeopel?

didn't harry harlow say it right? filthy disguisting little monkeys. that's all he saw. the graduate students were who were working in his lab. and so on and so forth. i mean to say.

march tehm off to the death camps. hey.

nothing to see. nothing nothing nothing at all...


Re: k

Posted by alexandra_k on October 2, 2022, at 14:36:17

In reply to k, posted by alexandra_k on October 2, 2022, at 14:33:01

that's what we want. right? what we most value. only people on payroll.

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