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the 'best students' in america!!

Posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2022, at 20:27:31

apparently the 'best' colleges are all fighting over the 'best students'

know what it means to be the 'best student' in the usa?

full fee paying the highest fees.

i would suppose.

if a school says upfront that it costs, I don't know, $40,000 per year for 4 years of college then they see how many people say they will pay that amount of money for a... I don't know what they applied to do. A.B. Sc.B ABD. FU2. F.F.S.

i imagine they would also be very interested in where the money is coming from...

so, for example, if it looks a bit like dubious... it looks a bit like an attempt to money launder some credibility... for instance...

then there would be further prospects...

like 'The Sopranoes'. Right? When people from the school take the parents out to lunch and suggest that donations to the school can help their kid have the 'best possible university experience'.

Maybe you pay some premium to get to enrol in a particular class. For example, I think Brown was saying that they had students who would enrol with something as a major... And then when it came to enrolment in the actual courses... It wouldn't let them do any of the small courses with the professors... So... I don't remember the thing.. Printmaking or whatever. Apparently some of the computer science courses were like that in California schools.

I would suppose the idea/l of exclusivity for that kind of thing would be that the little tyrants would cry cry cry to their parents and you could couple that with the schools strongly suggesting that alumni donations could make a difference to their kids experience of college...

Just so you can contemplate the value of going to these colleges that are sooooooooo competitive. all fighting over the 'best studnets'. think about what that could possibly mean...

And then you have the whole 'I'm sorry but you failed a paper so you can't graduate without taking another year'. kind of a situation.

And then you have things about graduation at all.

And then there's acknowledgement of the fact that they did graduate.

And i guess you can see how there's uh...

Nothing. Nothing to see. Really. NOthing nothing nothing at all.

I mean, even Sal Khan says that College is about the 'experience'.

The Sopranos told us what kind of experience that was...

And I guess you also couple that with knowledge that some people are places on a full ride...

And then you think about *why* they are there on a full ride.

And what is expected for them to be there on a full ride.

To go sailing with people's families over the summer... Party party party... THeir parents love a good party. I would suppose.

Epstein did not have an open casket funeral -- did he? Did his victims get to see that he was in fact dead? Rather than having paid off the security guards to let him go, basically.

Maybe he's set up a private school somewhere. I'm sure it's really really really really soooooooo competitive who gets a 'free ride' at his private school...


guilty without a trial in England

Posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2022, at 20:31:57

In reply to the 'best students' in america!!, posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2022, at 20:27:31

That guy. Andrew?

No criminal charges were laid against him.

The proceedings against him were *civil* and not *criminal*.

There was out of course settlement on *civil* proceedings.

So he has been convicted of no crime.

So they removed titles etc etc etc.

Because justice *means* guilty unless proven innocent in the civil courts.


What a f*ck*ng farce.


Re: guilty without a trial in England

Posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2022, at 20:37:07

In reply to guilty without a trial in England, posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2022, at 20:31:57

That was the f*ck*ng farce of it.

That's the British Legal System.

They refuse to uphold or acknowledge 'innocent until proven guilty'

Rule by angry mob. Who gets most likes on facebook. Etc.

Of course it's all about the bots.

Do they know that? I guess they must, on some level...

They know that. Right?

People who write bots to make up accounts, to spam hits on their webpages or sites to like themselves and everything that they say... Fake accounts to write posts so that other fake accounts can write responses... The appearance of a mob... The appearance of supporters...

I'm a 'social influencer' because I built (with bots) a con-munity of people...


I mean... People have been conning or manipulating those things for years and years and years... To get advertising revenue out of Google ads and the like...

I wonder about the role of the Universities, too in diverting voting papers from studnets and submitting multiple votes on their behalf. I would imagine that any institution (particularly government one like that) would be a repository of unclaimed voting papers.

But I'm sure they actually don't count the votes.

It is becomming apparant, in these parts, anyway, that you need to be documented as being prime apical bully of some private school (beating other studnets with bed legs etc) before you will even be nominated to stand for office, in these parts.

lol. the irony.

Hey, I know... Instead of Harvard actually working to be good... It could just spend it's time bombing everywhere else...

That's a great strategy.

The dark ages. Working closer and closer to the final solution of maximal efficiency!!!

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