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nz is going to start paying apprentices

Posted by alexandra_k on May 10, 2022, at 6:03:50

did you hear?

they are going to pay the building firms $1,000 per week for first year building apprentices and $500 per week for second year building apprentices.

that means the firms will likely fail the first years and require them to repeat the year so they can double-down on the $$$$ they get.

the government went and put a bounty on the heads of the first year students, you see.

this comes at a time when new zealand is on the 'do not travel' list for many countries. because we take people and get them working construction... we don't do any of the most basic of the health and safety stuff. we don't have functioning hospitals to deal with injuries arising. we won't pay teh workers. when it's time to pay tehm it's time to extradite them. we don't have anhy trouble at all putting them on ships or planes out of here. unlike who gets to say because he pays the courts he pays the courts he pays the courts he pays the courts he pays the courts...

the construction worker overstayers get shipped out come pay-day.

but now we don't have the unlawful construction workers... so the government will pay teh firms for detaining 'workers' who are new zealanders. it gets a bit tricky, here, can't deport them. will have to arrange for them to be suicided off of the building sites, i guess. not sure what they will do when it's time to pay teh workers...


prince harry was involved in filming a reality documentary video of the kinds of things we think worthwhile to train people to do...

you can see the actual idiocy or lunacy...

new zealand.

beautiful country (btu of course eveyr country has aspects or elements of natural beauty) shame about the people...

shame about the f*ck*ng idiot psychopaths treating the people like animals or cattle... training them in stupid.



Re: nz is going to start paying apprentices

Posted by alexandra_k on May 10, 2022, at 6:10:53

In reply to nz is going to start paying apprentices, posted by alexandra_k on May 10, 2022, at 6:03:50

because they were determined that all there was to the nz education system was... a ticket to a salary. so, what qualification you got was a piece of paper, a certification to a salary.

getting or 'earning' the certification was a matter of doing your time... whiling years of your life away... while they didn't pay you.. biding your time until you would get your piece of paper and then you salary... else you paid them you paid them you paid them you paid them where there was the promise of them then giving you your piece of paper after a certain time and then paying you a salary.

it never was about teaching anybody any actual skills. i mean... they completely gutted the education system as they gutted everything else. they don't pay teachers with knowledge to teach anything. they don't really pay the teachers at all. they don't have curriculum contents worth learning, really. it's all about filling in time. filling up time. wasting of time. delaying and obscuring and preventing and prohibiting and obstructing and just hastening the death and demise, really.

i mean.... if the governmetn had their way they would have workers for 1 year and they would literally work them to death. not pay tehm. then replace them with new workers. the only sort of work we are willing to have is work where the workers are unskilled replaceable expendible. we indoctronate them into there being millions of people who would gratefully suck the d*cks of the supervisors and do the work for free if they don't put on their happiest face and do the work for free...

there's really nothing here...

course there's really nothing much of anything in australia, either...

wanting western australia to de-evolve into otago courtesy of harlene hayes. restruture the workforce until people are begging ot be made redundant. begging to leave.

we only want the 'workers' who are unwanted everywhere else. the ones who have no choice. we only want slaves. we want a entire nation of slaves who are forced to live here and forced to slave who have no options. that's the aspirational goal of our minister of education. to ensure that our qualifications and training is not acknowledged anywhere else in teh world so that our people have no options. make sure they aren't trained in anything.

we will not pay people to do anything skilled. no. nonononononoono. you can't make us. no.

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