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would it be better for maaori...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 27, 2022, at 0:49:20

to be treated as aboriginal by the australian federal government...

or treated as maaori by the nz government without oversight from the australian federal government?

not sure.

i think that aboriginal people were excluded from being counted as residents of australia, in tehir consittution. not sure if it was amended to inclulde them. there was an apology to htem at some point . but i don't know if that apology was accompanied by an amendendment to the constitution to say that aborigine weren't just the traditional owners - they were present owners as well in virtue of being australian citizens of australian assets.


Re: would it be better for maaori...

Posted by sigismund on May 1, 2022, at 21:15:48

In reply to would it be better for maaori..., posted by alexandra_k on April 27, 2022, at 0:49:20

The 1966 referendum changed the constitution to include the indigenous as citizens.

They had been in the army in the various wars before that.

So that means they'd been considered as non-citizen residents?
As opposed to fauna?

Some searches around the grounds of boarding schools in remote areas might be productive given the Canadian experience.


Re: would it be better for maaori... sigismund

Posted by alexandra_k on May 28, 2022, at 23:13:55

In reply to Re: would it be better for maaori..., posted by sigismund on May 1, 2022, at 21:15:48

> The 1966 referendum changed the constitution to include the indigenous as citizens.

That sounds familiar to me. I think I heard something like that. That they were regarded as flora or fauna or whatever, but there had been an amendment to the Australian Constitution to acknowledge Aboriginal people as Citizens. Right.

> They had been in the army in the various wars before that.


> So that means they'd been considered as non-citizen residents?

> As opposed to fauna?

Yeah. I think New Zealand sent horses in the Boor war, or something like that.

> Some searches around the grounds of boarding schools in remote areas might be productive given the Canadian experience.

Maybe. I think we learned not to keep / bury bones. I think cremation is the preferred way of disposing of human remains. Or to absorb things into the food chain.

Kuru is a... Condition... That was first noted by people in Australia. A kind of neuro-degenerative disease or disorder or condition. They found it amongst the Fore tribe, I think, of Paupa New Guniea. They practiced cannibalism. Apparently it would result in some symptoms of mental illness. There would be plaques and tangles or something like that in the brains on autopsy. Misfolded proteins.

Mad Cow disease was from feeding cows to cow. Particularly neural tissue. Brains. It is another prion disease. Misfolded proteins.

Alzheimers is a disease or disorder of misfolded proteins, they reckon, too. It wouldn't surprise me, at all, if it has something to do with human remains in the food chain.


We (people) are used to thinking that people are fundamentally good. We trust. But I don't see any reason to believe that that trust is well-placed, actually.

I don't see that Universities etc have acted with any integrity at all when it comes to me. How they have handled or processed my work. When I needed a little help.. Whether they tried to help me or whether they tried to undermine and stabotage.

So I wonder what they are up to, really.

I think they are trying to breed disease etc. Poison etc. It wouldn't surprise me at all to learn that they are trying ot contaminate the human food chain with human remains in order to breed as much disease as they can.


It is pretty clear in Australias constitution that NZ is a state of Australia. But Australia doesnt' honor any of it. I can't get an Aussie passport. I can't get papers to vote in Aussie Federal election. etc. Australia refuses to acknowledge people born in NZ with an Australian birth certificate etc.

And who or what is going to do anything about it?


I think Jacinda Ardern might be about the most hated women in New Zealand, at the moment.

I think of all the international and all the domestic New Zealanders who have worked really really hard on their NZ University qualifictions...

THe people who have been forced to work more than 2 years on 1 year Masters Degrees...

The peopel who have been forced to work more than 4 years on 3 year PhD Degrees...

All the people who were failed by the NZ Universities. Who were enrolled in programmes they did not choose for themslves (were forced to enrol in programmes of the Universities choosing).

ALl the people who worked so hard for their degree completions... Only to be stabotaged and undermined and failed by the people who were on payroll to help them and teach them.

All the work... All the work that NZ refuses to honor with qualifications.

And Jacinda Ardern stands up there on teh stage at Harvard being capped with a PhD in Law with the class of '22.

She didn't attend any classes. She didn't buy any of the books. She didn't make her way through any reading lists.

She didn't do any of the readings. She didn't do any of the assignments. She didn't listen to any of hte lectures. She didn't contribute to any of the discussions.

She didn't acquire a breadth of knowledge of US law. She didn't sit exams to establish that. She didn'dt learn anything in partiuclar about any specialist branch of law. She didn't write a thesis. She didn't spend 3 years writing a PhD thesis. She didn't orally defend that thesis against critisim or question.

She didn't do any of that.

What did she do to get to stand on the stage of Harvard and graduate with a PhD in law class of '22?

Apparently... It was for her work to legislate against assault rifles in NZ after the terrorist attack and also her work to decriminalize abortion in NZ in 2020.

I did not know that these were her babies. I did not know that it was Jacinda (rather than other people) who got those changes (unasked by the NZ public) through to law...

But that was what she did, apparently. To excuse her from class etc. That was her body of work. That justifies her graduating with a law PhD class of '22.

I don't knwo what they were thinking.

MIT grads design and manufacture guns... Harvard grads design and manufacture reasons for people to buy guns?


There was something just recently in NZ about a student who threatened to blow up the University of Otago around graduation because... The University failed them 2 yaers in a row and they didn't know how to tell their parents they weren't graduating. So they tried to get the graduation ceremony cancelled or delayed to mask that.

The Universitiy failed them 2 years in a row.. The legislation says they need to be sure the student can pass if they are under 20 years old. I bet the student was under 20 years old. The University enrolled them. Took their money. And failed them 2 years in a row.

THe lesson is... The Universities do whatever they want?

They choose who to pass and dwho to fail for arbitrary reasons.

The 'yay' or 'boo' theory of academic merits.

That's what having a PhD means to the leaders of New Zealand.

She didn't have to accept an honorary degree. She could have laughed it off ans said she was flattered but she had simply done her job as Prime Minister (if that was what she had in fact done). But no... She needed to get academic credit for having done none of the academic work, at all.

ALLLLLLLLLLL of the things for Jacinda.

Winning at life.


most hated woman in nz

Posted by alexandra_k on May 28, 2022, at 23:27:18

In reply to Re: would it be better for maaori... sigismund, posted by alexandra_k on May 28, 2022, at 23:13:55

There was this TV show...

This white woman with a film crew travelling around. She went to some place in Paupa New Gunie, I think...

Apparently there was this meeting house the guys used. The women weren't allowed in. Cultural reasons. For many generations.

She offered them American Dollars to let her go inside and take the film crew with her in there and film it and show it to men and women outside the tribe.

The men agreed. So she did that. There wasn't anything special inside.

The women were livid. You should have seen their faces. It was like... The entire ideology... The culture. The cultural beliefs. Like... They just realised the whole thing was a sham. A scam. A hoax. The cultural reasons for keeping them out. The men just sh*t all over the whole cultural thing. They sold out their own culture. For a few measley American Dollars.

And the white American lady just walks away...

And that's not a very nice thing. ANd that's part of the stereotype of Americans that has people not think well of America or of Americans. There is something.. Smug superiority. About it. Gloating. Or something.

I guess you sell guns to the women, then. To profit a little more from teh sitution. I don't know.

I don't know.

I feel like giving Jacinda a PhD in Law from Harvard, given the current climate in Tertiary Education in New Zealand was a bit like that.

Tone deaf. As teh kids say.

She could have agreed to give teh speech but declined the honorary degree. What would she have worn to graduation then? Her undergraduate gown that she was capped in from the University of Waikato. That's her Degree -- right? I thought she earned a BA or a B Soc Sci in Communications from the University of Waikato.

I thoguht she was in the USA as an ambassador for New Zealand. Why didn't she insist on wearing her academic gown from the University of Waikato?

I don't understand.

Was there a cohort in a Law PhD class for '22? I know a JD and law school is a different thing from a PhD in Law. As a 2 year master of public health is a different thing from an MD in Medicine from the USA. But I don't actually know if they have a law PhD programme. I guess they do. I don't know who fills the programme... Why people choose to do a PhD in law rather than a JD.

I don't know if the class may think to sue the University for devaluing their Law qualification since she didn't do any of the work for the PhD.

Apparently you don't work for pay. You work for the *chance* of pay. You don't study for credit. You study for the *chance* of credit. No, you don't. You don't do anything at all. And a PhD just rains down on your lap.


Re: most hated woman in nz

Posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2022, at 1:38:35

In reply to most hated woman in nz, posted by alexandra_k on May 28, 2022, at 23:27:18

I don't know what they would do with the teeth. I don't know what they do with teeth, generally. What do they do with animal teeth?

I mean, there are meat processing plants, already. For cows and pigs and so on. Apparently people are really rather a lot like pigs, in many ways. I'm sure the basic processing is really rather the same.

I would imagine the 'primate research labs' of Harry Harlow etc... Macaque monkeys. Sure. But I'm sure those weren't the only primates. The rape rack and the pit of despair etc. I'm sure there are people, in various countries, being kept in such conditions, or worse, in the name of medicine and medical science and medical science research.

I didn't realise that Dr Money was a NZ Psychiatrist -- before Dr Leeks. He was into removing the genitals of little boys (they called it a botched circumscision) and then raising the little boys as girls. They went to efforts to sexualise them as little girls with what they said was normal sexual behavior for little girls. That's what they call that. Medical science research to prove their theory that you could raise a boy sexualised as a girl and the person would grow up to be a.. Well adjusted female?

They didn't order the Nazi doctors and the like to sing triumphant songs when they marched people off to the death camps. Some things you can't train. It was just an expression of joy. Over and above and beyond. Work with a willing heart. All the qualities we value in a medical workforce.

So turns out psychiatrists, in New Zealand, are mostly required to write reports and fill in forms. Here are the kinds of forms:

- Abortion was a criminal offense until 2020 UNLESS a psychiatrist (I believe or maybe an obgyn) signed a form to say that the mother would be at psychiatric risk if they didn't have an abortion.

I'm pretty sure I went to some talk in Dunedin... They were a bit sheepish about it. About there being something like 2 medical doctors in teh whole nation who were responsible for signing off on the medical exemption forms so that whoever had one of those exemptions had an abortion . I suppose I didn't think that people (women) may be REQUIRED to have an abortion. I suppose I didn't realise the state of the uplifts in New Zealand. I didn't realise that the State was literally keeping some women as brood mares or whatever handing infant after infant after infant over to the state for rent or sale or whatever. If you won't pay a workforce then your 'workforce' needs to find ways of being entrepnureal. They could sell test scores? Exam scores? They could sell foetal organs? Live children? Think of all the things they could sell.. So they don't have to cry cry cry to the government for money...

So there's a few teenage boys who take themselves to be womens lib freedom fighters. It's all very very exciting for them. To be involved in this hush hush abortion thing. Wouldnt' want the public to catch wind of it. The antiabortionist lobby group. Of which there isn't anything or anyone in NZ insofar as I can see or tell...

It likely hasn't escaped the attention or notice of the people of the world that New Zealanders don't really seem to get upset or complain about... Anything.

Most compliant population in the world.

It's like the baby elephant who was chained as a little elephant. Then it grows and doesn't think to try and move. The people of NZ are like that. Like one of Harry Harlow's monkeys all grown up. Tehy do a number on the children, in New Zealand. Teh bullying and abuse in the schools.

They reckon in the USA that the biggest threat comes from the people who have been excluded from teh schools.

I think the biggest threat in NZ is likely the teachers. I mean... I don't think you can give the kids teachers so they can shoot the pedophile teachers. Can you? That would have to be the way that would go...

That's why the government often won't pay the teachers. To bully the teachers into leaving... the ones remaining are entreprenureal... Selling the answers and the like...

We chose to build a prison to keep the Christchurch terrorist in. After the mosque attack. We could have used it to build a secure forensic psychiatry block. I don't suppose it makes a difference. There isn't any rehabilitation for anyone no matter what. No help. Life is a competition and there isn't any help. We will not pay anybody to help or work in teh helping professions.

I don't know.

Who knows...

A bunch of people aren't in NZ right now. I hope they are standing trial for their crimes in NZ. I hope... THey don't come back. I don't know what to say. I don't know.

How hard can it possibly be to give me my f*ck*ng degree for my 1 year of study that i did for my 1 year qualifiation in 2018?

It's like the whole f*ck*ng world melted down.

F*ck*ng garbage land.

What am I supposed to do? Curl up into a little corner and die because I'm not a f*ck*ng psychopath like what it is that is most valued.

F*ck*ng farce.

I wish i had never been born at all.


Re: most hated woman in nz

Posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2022, at 2:52:32

In reply to Re: most hated woman in nz, posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2022, at 1:38:35

My grandfather was a methodist minister in New Zealand. He was a pacifist. I guess they liked the pacifists to start with, anyway, because they got the Maaori to lay down arms.

I don't know that my grandfather was involved in any of that. There were quite a few photographs of methodist camps and the like. He was very very involved in all that stuff. My grandmother was very trained to become a methodist ministers wife. She played the organ and sang and the like. Cross-stitch. You get the idea. Photos of them with the methodist camp. It seemed like a relatively large and well organised organisation.

Apparently he was the secretary at some point... Driver. Would drive teh big wigs around...

Then war came. And there was a Reverand Ormond... Who used to preach pacifism in Wellington. And he was imprisoned. And apparently grandfather was based around Petone then, near Wellington... And he was asking for permission to return to his parents farm. He wanted to set up a camp facility there. For men who were pacifists who did not want to go to the draft.

And he got permission from the Church to go back to the farm in teh King Country (just south of Waikato). But the Labor government or whatever was not supportive of allowing the men to opt out. It wanted them punished in camps... Camps with barbed wire around the fence peremeter to keep them in... Camps like that were built. Not labor camps where they were building houses or developing the farmland or doing some kind of community improvement project. They wanted to put them in detention camps. They wanted to treat them badly and make examples of them so that people would go off to war when they were told. They wanted them to comply with the government orders.

And he was imprisoned for a time. After they found men hiding on the farm. He was harboring men who wouldn't fight.

I guess he had a problem. Reverend Ormond.. I don't think he had a family. But my grandfather had a young family. He had a wife. He had 3 young kids. My mother and her two brothers.

It was a dairy farm mostly... Apparently some of the land was taken and given to a neighbour or something. Blocks of the land were carved off. My uncle was saying something about how the farm used to go across the road, as well...

But there were a few pigs.

I seem to remember a warehouse... Kind of a building. A large indoor space. Not sure... Not sure if the pigs were in there.. I don't know.

I suppose now, I think there likely was something really ratehr ominous.

My mother was very f*ck*d up. Very f*ck*d up. Very very. Very very very f*ck*d up. She says she doesn't really remember her childhood.. But just remembers a lot of fighting about politics and religion.

Grandmother was very very unhappy because she married a minister. She worked to be a ministers wife. That role in the community. Playing the organ and singing and so on.

And grandfather was unhappy because he was a pacifist. And he was trying to do what he believed was right according to the bible. ANd the labor government wasn't allowing him to... Function. I guess. Was imprisoning the congregation. Was imprisoning him.

And so then the story goes he was a pig farmer. Just a pig farmer. I think he kept writing letters... Trying to get things done...

I don't know if there was anything more sinister.

I suppose I think, now, I wonder if the cars came in the nights and if the bodies were fed to the pigs. The bodies of the objectors, or whatever. Whoever the government wanted to get rid of. Whoever was convenient.

That would kind of make sense, I suppose. I don't know whose idea it was for him to keep pigs. If it was grandfathers idea or if that was what he was required to do to not be imprisoned or go that way himself. I don't know.

But that's the thing of it, yeah? That's how you dispose of bodies. NOt hair or teeth. But everything else. If you keep a pig at 80 per cent of their body weight or similar... Then it will eat anything anything anything anything anything anything. Right?

And then there's things about him being an award winning pig farmer! Long white pigs or whatever. A large breed. A large variety. Best in class from ham to hock or something... Apparently he was renowened in the community for hte quality of the pigs.

That sounds like just the sort of thing...

The psychological torture sort of a thing that New Zealand excels in.

I don't know.

I relatively recently started trying to talk a bit to my uncle. But he was younger than mum and he doesn't remember anything. He is very obsessed with family history but he likes to talk and he doesn't even hear questions. So I asked him about things and he would sort of frown a bit and not really have anything to say... He sort of spoke from a script or a schema... He was very young. The older son died a while back.


Power and control. Hey.

Some people want to have control over their own lives... And some other people want to have control over other people's lives...

I don't know why people want to keep people in New Zealand so poorly.

They don't see them as people much of the time, I suppose there is that.

And this hatred of where they have come from. With new money. There is a thing about that. John Key growing up in a State House. So now he's super horrible to poor people. I mean... He pulled himself up by his bootstraps it isn't that hard anybody who wants to can if you can't then you deserve to stay in the muck...


Just the horrible horrible horrible bullying and abuse.


I don't understand why they saw fit to ostracise me from the University.

I don't understand.

I don't understand why the people were so mean to me. Why they didn't want me to finish my Degree and so on.

I don't know why they thought it was a competition and that somehow life wasn't worth it to them or for them if I had a quality of life.

I don't know...

What the hell...



Re: most hated woman in nz

Posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2022, at 2:58:24

In reply to Re: most hated woman in nz, posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2022, at 2:52:32

it was amazing seeing what was in mums house...

books books books books books...

so many bibles. i mean... ones given to my grandfather.... so many bibles... organ sheet music and... so many photographs...

i don't know how his parents came by the farm land in the king country.

he was the youngest of their kids. given to the church because that was what you did with the youngest.

the eldest... i think he moved to auckland and became a real estate agent. i think he did well enough for himself... and... i don't know... i don't know how grandfather got to stay on at the estate and the elder son did not... i don't know... i don't know what happened there with the interitance. i think my uncle said they sold off tracts of land to the neighbours... so maybe the sold the estate and grandfather ended up living on one of the houses on the land that was to be a workers cottage. there were a couple of them...

i don't remember any maaori from the photos so i don't think he was ministering to them...

he got a masters from auckland.. i think the uni. then theological college. methodist. then posted to ruakai. but he didn't last long there. neither did the previous guy. maaori community up north. not able to get people doing coordinated action. building houses and the like... wasn't happening... so secretary...

it's strange because after my paents split up mum raised me poor. sort of.

no. she kept me poorly.

i don't nkow.. what was she to do with me?

it isn't safe to be or have kids in these parts so i don't know...


Re: most hated woman in nz

Posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2022, at 3:04:04

In reply to Re: most hated woman in nz, posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2022, at 2:58:24

there's only a few scraps of the methodist church left in new zealand. the government decimated it. the new zealand government does not like methodism. they perceive them as a threat. a source of authority that is other than themself.

i guess that's the thing about methodism...

every kid gets a book. their own book. to read themslves. they don't get the message through jacinda ardern. they have their own book that they read for themselves. they have their own personal relationship with something higher and they don't have to go via the pope or the pastor or jacinda.

that's the thing about methodism. a method. a methodology. of reading and thinking and asking questions....

that is so very very very threatening to the new zealadn government and the new zealand government's way of being.

jacinda ardern is a doctor of law, now! people will come from near and far to hear her tell them all about the law, no doubt! because she is a most esteemed doctor of law!

for all the studying she has done?


for her innate.. talent. chanelling....

not for the scholarship.

for the social media miow miow beans, or similar...

for the likes.



i haven't felt so profoundly unhappy for quite some time... I was very profoundly unhappy for a while when i was 11 and i just started intermediate school. i have been feeling like that for most of this year. just want to die. wish i'd never been born. feel dead. completely dead.

how long could it possibly take to complete a 1 year research programme with the university of waikato ffs?

the new zealand government came for the universities. that's for sure.

and tehy infiltrated australia...


Re: the teeth

Posted by alexandra_k on June 3, 2022, at 13:04:53

In reply to Re: most hated woman in nz, posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2022, at 3:04:04

they remove the teeth during life. one at a time. that's the government funded dental. you get funding to have teeth removed. not really to have teeth fixed up. not to have root canals etc. but to have a problematic tooth pulled.

they bring out pretty shiny even white dentures. tell people they will have a better looking smile with dentures.

so they remove the teeth during life. that's where the teeth go.

apparently the teeth get rotted out of people's heads because of all the soda the people drink. sugar.

i don't know if that is so... i don't know...

i'm not sure about fluoride.

vitamins are tricky. metals. elements. whatever... sometimes... sometimes the symptoms of toxicity and the symptoms of deficiency (with vitamins) seem to me to be... similar. so... you could think that someone has a deficiency... so you give them extra. then they display symptoms of toxicity... which you mistake for a deficiency... so you keep poisoning them... where the treatment is worse than the cure...

i am not sure... but i wonder if the kids in new zealand are suffering from fluoride poisoning or toxicity rather than from sugary drinks. i don't know... i don't know...

apparently if you look at the places where the kids teeth are rotting they are places that do not fluoridate the water. so. maybe that is right. i don't know.

but i was fairly sure there was something about giving fluoridated water to military troops, at some point, and finding them to be a... compliant. population. which was not what they were going for with those troops at that time. but new zealand has the most compliant population in the world, it seems. with how there wasn't a lot of... heart... violence. urgency. behind the lock-down protests. what of that there was seemed seeded from overseas and not originating locally. so.. that's the state of the locals. how the locals are kept.

there was something about them shutting down the flouridation in wellington. because they were finding that they were spiking. they were over-dosing and under-dosing and the average was okay... but they were over-dosing. not sure if it was intentional. not sure what was in the water they were supplying to the protestors...

it feels rather a lot like people in these parts have just sort of openly declared war. internally. i mean. not really even trying to pretend to be fair etc anymore.

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