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and of course you can read everything for yourself

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 19:34:37

all the academic work i've done over the years.

i think i've even posted a couple of the articles and essays that i've written over the years, on these boards.

so people know that i wrote them. if they are turning up in other people's classes because their studnets or their professors have decided to copy-paste them and try and pass them off as their own work.

you know that the author of them has been tresspasessed away from NZ university because they failed to get credit for a masters degree. the student applied to enrol ina 1 year masters programme. but after working for 1 year (they refused to get it to externals) and after forcing another 6 months work for the supervisor where she did everyting the supervisor said (but it si hard to know what to do when the supervisor rants abotu everything being garbage crap which is certain not specific instruction which of course must be the students autism that they can't comprehend the most basic instruction)

the thesis fails to meet the required standard that the univesrity has operational freedom to choose what that is, apparently.

and the student will not give an oral defense.

because the student didn't beg and plead enough. didn't house-sit enough. didn't brush the supervisors cat enoguh. didn't buy enough food to feed the suprevisors cat. didnt' scrub teh cats vomit well enough.

didn't go out with the supervisor outside workign hours enough. didn't go along to enough dinner and drinks. didn't drink enough. didn't gush about how much fun they were having enough.

real important things like that.

that determine who has academic merit.

didn't go along to beach conferences and workshops where she wasn't presenting and wasn't really allowed to do much in the way of speaking either.

just expected to make kup numbers, i guess. be a fan-boy. maybe she just wasn't pretty enoguh.

maybe that's it.

so you know what is valued in 'academia' and you can choose whether you want to go do university.

they pay me
they pay me
they pay me
they pay me
they pay me

is why someone would go to university. apparently.

it goes like this... mummy and daddy pay them... and then they pay me. so mummy and daddy get to decide what i do with my life in that way.

and that's usually because mummy and daddy are concerned junior won' amount to anything unless they pay the univesrity to sing the praised of junior.

i suppose that's it.


Re: and of course you can read everything for yourself

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 19:39:32

In reply to and of course you can read everything for yourself, posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 19:34:37

i suppose she didn't dress up enough. when they wanted to take the photos of the people out at dinner or at those house parties. she didn't put on the fancy dress and she didn't play ball with the theme party thing, either with the dressing up.

well, then. throw her out of the university she has no academic merit!


about the lack of health, education, justice. about the lack of innovation. about the lack of people with a recipe for... design plans for.... well everything, really. from nuclear submarines to vaccines...

it's important to really focus in on what's important in life...

arts... the art products.

dancing kiwifruit.


arts and culture... the lack thereof...

my nephew got into studying ancient languages in the usa. simultaneously nz removed languages from nz curriculum. ncea students can't do latin anymore. they can't do enough languages to... apply to yale as an undergrad. i think that was the primary intention purpose aim point or goal.

so we can better keep slaves.

someone got out. so they need to change things up to make sure that that route out is blocked off never to be repeated ever again.

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