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people don't pay tax -- so no social services

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 18:58:55

i think it goes like this...

the tax rate for the highest earners is very high. and then there is all the stuff around how nz wages are kept low. not just because our exchange rate means that you don't get much, internationally, with currency conversion to australia or canada or the uk or the usa... but wages are (exchange rate aside) kept low.

so people feel entitled to not pay taxes.

our tax laws are very slim compared to other nations. i suppose that means you read the laws of other nations, see what is absent from our lawbooks and do the things that are prohibited overseas that are not prohibited here.

that's all the intelligence that takes. to lawfully cheat on or not pay your taxes in new zealand. i would imagine.

one of the law professors said that the nz government simply does not collect the taxes. won't do it. just won't collect the taxes. it goes after the poor and middle people, to keep them in their places, of course, but it doesn't go after the highest earners or those would should be paying the most. it just won't do it. gives them a by. thinks our economy is dependent on them, or whatever, therefore they are entitled to unlimited funds to do anything anything they like.

there is this thing about people setting up charities and things like that to avoid paying taxes. that's why people are 'volunteers', some of them, doing public service work on boards of directors and so on. company car and house and everything taxfree because they set up a charity for themselves, effectively. getting large government contracts or handouts to enable them, to boot.

anyway... they commit to them being entitled to not pay taxes because they think they are better able to handle and spend and so on money than the government. so it isn't like the government will make any better use of it.

so they sort of commit to them being entitled becaues the government will not provide social services.

so they commit to the government not providing social services.

so there aren't social services.

because they are justified in not paying taxes.

they are going on, now, about the highest tax rate. wanting to increase it. like the reason inflaction is going through the roof is that the highest tax rate isn't high enough.

but it is more tha tthey don't collect taxes from those on the highest tax rate.

and mostly it's about corruption. that they give lucrative 'government contracts' without a proper procurement.

and worse than that, they set out to record that various other people have been 'disabled' so as to justify their decisions.

(1) withhold basic resources
(2) force people to crimnality else help seeking
(3) tell the help seeking people that in order to get help they need to....

let's see...

commit a crime. then the judge may order it.
be diagnosed with a personality disorder.


then hahahhahhaha got ya! you have been disabled by the nz government. there is no help and also you will never have access tot he basic resources.


would you like to live in nz?

i don't think that most of us would be here voluntarily, atlll. i don't think really anybody woudl wan tto come here once they learn how it is,here.

just keep paying hundreds of thousands to recruit the psychopaths of hte world nz. most valued!!


Re: people don't pay tax -- so no social services

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 19:00:36

In reply to people don't pay tax -- so no social services, posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 18:58:55

i mean i'm illiterate. right? they mark next to my name that i don't have the capacity to do masters level university work.



just wow.

let's see the parade of hte people they choose to enrol in that degree....

what's that? im' exempt from oral examinatnion?

my work is too shittty to get to externals, even!!

well just lock me up and throw away the key!!!

so we can get back to poisoning the milk powder with impunity...

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