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apparently it's because of the Covid

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 3:49:59

that the ministry of education proposes it is going to fail quite a few of the school students.

it says that since they don't capitalise or full stop or grammar they way they want them to they get to call them 'illiterate' which means, presumably, they won't accept any of their filings in the courts and the UN doesn't need to accept any of their filings in the courts, either. it cannot accept any of their filings since they have been deemed 'illiterate'. i guess that's the idea/l there.

anybody want to pay the NZ goverment to have their kid assessed for the NCEA standard? so they can learn about how their kid can't carry their own bag or get a crayon or play on the jungle gym. their kid can't follow simple instructions like 'suck my dick and be shut up about the fact that you did that' and 'be immunised when and only when i f*ck*ng tell you to'...

anybody want to give up the national curriculum of england or the united states to have their kid assessed for NCEA?

that's what it means to be a 'soft power' yes?

for everybody to want to move to NZ



that's now how it is?

i wonder why...


Re: apparently it's because of the Covid

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 3:53:18

In reply to apparently it's because of the Covid, posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 3:49:59

i bet you really really really want to see all the masters research theses that have been produced in new zealand. all the ones that were 120 point 1 year programme enrolments. I bet you really really really want to know how many of them were completed in the 1 year.

and how many of them were only allowed to be completed because they were completed under slave conditions. where the studnets were forced to labor for more than 1 year to get signed off on a 1 year masters qualifiaftion.

research only masters theses (done after the honors year in the same subject) are 1 year qualifications. 1 year research theses.

3 year phd's.. if you are going ot spend 1 year examining them (3 months exam, 6 months changes, 3 months exam) then you are going to have to get the f*ck*ng work to externals at the end of the second year.

fuckign do it.

f*ck*ng send it off.

what... i gotta murder you in your sleep to get the estate people to post the f*ck*ng work where the f*ck*ng work is supposed to go?

is that how it is?


les mills international

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 4:02:26

In reply to Re: apparently it's because of the Covid, posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 3:53:18

apparently it's listed in the US stock exchange.

would you like to know about their business model.

here is how it works...

the trainers pay teh gym they pay the gym they pay the gym they pay the gym they pay the gym they pay.

they pay so that they are ALLOWED to train clients in the gym. if any clients want them to train them in the gym. in that case the clients pay les mills and the trainer gets a portion or a cut of that.

most of the trainers don't ever make enough to cover the amount of money they are supposed to pay the gym. but that's okay, they just replace them with new trainers.

the group fitness instructors pay the gym they pay the gym they pay the gym they pay. they pay to do courses to get videos and things like that so they can sit certification whatevers so that they get certified to teach certain of the les mills courses.

so they pay and they work and they train and they pay and they work and they train and maybe, eventually, not sure how much money it costs them on average, to be certified to teach a particular release. i think that's how it works. e.g., bodypump 139.

then... i think teaching is volunteer work. i don't think they pay group fitness instructors. i think people do it because they enjoy the popularity... i think that's how it goes.

and the popularity helps with people wanting to pay them to be trained...

so i don't know how much money les mills makes every year off of people paying them for training to be instructors, and paying them to work as instrutors...

i don't know what amount of time people do that before thtey can't afford to get into any more debt.

i guess because they are paying off their level 5 and / or level 5 and level 6 certifiation sot hat they can work as a personal trainer at all.

so, that's the business model.

i'm not sure if that means the international community is meant to do something... because of the whole elimination of slavery in teh supply chain thing...

i guess time will tell.

the nz governmetn gave les mills a LOT of money during the lockdown. i think to pay wages. i guess because they have marketing and advertising staff who phone people up all the time trying ot get new members signed up to pay the gym to pay teh gym to pay the gym to pay.

and i guess they have cleaners and the like as well.. manageers. of course.

i don't actually quite know the relationship between les mills international and the local les mills that there is in new zealand. i think they are supposed to be fairly distinct entitites. i don't know...

i don't know that they pay the 'fitness models' and i don't know that they ask permission for the people to be filmed in their fitness videos.

i don't know that they do with the filming they obtain from the security cameras all over the club...

occasionally they say something about 'filiming is happening here so if you are here you are consenting to be in the films that we use for whatever purposes we have'.

so then i know to stay away.

but i don't suppose they would be respectful. i mean... i have seen no evidence that anything in nz is.. even trying... to do anything like that. why would they be the sole exception?

would you like to do business in this jurisdiction?

if you have a problem i'm sure they can haul a judge out of retirement to handle your filings. assumign they say you are literate. if you pay the courts you pay teh courts you pay teh courts. well, you get the general idea.


Re: les mills international

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 4:13:29

In reply to les mills international, posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 4:02:26

i don't suppose it is a nz business, at all. i suppose it just gets some kind of international... recognition? clout? because of the soft power of the all blacks. so some kind of marketing thing. selling new zealand. kind of a thing.

i guess there's a thing about them not being slaves...

there's a case at the moment about a religious organisation that has a community where people sign contracts to hand all their pay over to the leaders. so they arne't paid for their work within the cult. they put the children to work, too. they make honey and all kinds of things. million dollar charity business.

a couple people who have left have taken them to court.

the judge is forced the issue that he will hear to be an issue about whether they are volunteers (therefore employment courts nad laws do not apply) or whether they were employees.

it is not about the fact they were co-erced into slaving for the cult. told they could slave for the cult else go away and die. leave their home and their family and everybody they knew since they were born...


bonded servitdue isn't alright internationally is it?

you aren't allowed to have your citizens forced to borrow or take on debt in order to live where it is unreasonable to expect them to pay off the cost / where it is impossible.

like how nz has forced me to owe the government more than 100,000 to live in what they call 'emergency accommodation'. else i am forced to live on the streets or in someone else's basement to do whatever they will with me their house their rules.

like how nz has recorded i owe more than 100,000 for studnet loans for qualifications they themselves refuse to acknowledge. the last state of officail records they have kept for me is that they say i do not have the capacity to compete 1 year of research. i don't have the capacity to work at the level of a masters degree.

the last masters degree they acknowledged for me did not result in my obtaining any work. i applied for entry level government work where a master degree or honors degree or basic degree is standard entry requiremetn. i did not get any work. the government is the major employer and it gave me no work.

it wasnt' that i worked for them for 8 years to opay off the cost of my training. it was that they refused to employ me my entire life.

then the university handed me over / sold me / traded me to the courts.

now apparently i ower the courts tens of thousands because tertiary education refuses to follow international and national laws on enrolment, progression, completion.

i'm supposed to pay the courts, pay the courts, pay the courts fo rthe governments crimes against the people.

i'm supposed to pay teh courts pay teh courtspay the courts. refile the filings refile the refiling of the refiling of the refilings. rehearing of the ase management conference of the case management conference of the refilings ordered by teh judge hauled out of retimrenet specially to hear the case of...

my illiterate filings. i can only suppose.

because of my autism.

that' swhat they want to be the story of me now. they can't hear me because i don't speak because i have autism.

no speaking.

there's nothing literate out of me.


waiting for the bombs to dro pbecause there's no leadership here. the f*ck*ng tyrants wont' get out of it. people can't function here.

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