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i forgot about the free 'well child checks' etc

Posted by alexandra_k on April 24, 2022, at 16:09:42

the general practitioners who got a bunch of money from the government to agree to see kids without a charge.

so as to free up the emergency rooms from the hospitals. was the idea.

so you wouldn't get a bunch of kids rocking up with 'respiratory syncytial virus' and unmanaged asthma etc.

so the kids would get vaccines. so that there wouldn't be an access barrier due to cost, anyway. and travel... it was travelling to your local community doctor.

except that these things aren't happening.

the doctors hoard the vaccines. apparently. that's putting it... charitably.

maybe they arrange for them to be sold.

i imagine it goes like this...

various things are purchased. by the hospitals or by clinics. then the supplies aren't used before they expire. so then the supplies are thrown away. people feel really bad throwing away the supplies. it feels liek such a waste. they get the idea that they can reduce waste by not ordering so many supplies... or they can reduce waste and make money by selling the supplies before expiry.... or they can make money and reduce waste by keeping the money and not ordering the supplies...

and then they just say that they had an excess of stock that then needed to be thrown away because it expired.

but i don't know that they supply evidence that they actually purchased. andt hat the stock was actually handed in for safe destruction / evidence that it was actually destoryed.

i mean... what woul dyou say in your defence if you were actually just spending the money on other things or if the cupboards were bare? i suppose you could only say that it expired and was destroyed. i can't make up a better sounding excuse. can you?

so you would want to see evidence, then that it was ordered and that it was there and that it was destroyed. without that evidence, well...

why wouldn't you keep that kind of evidence if that was in fact what you did? it makes sense that you could keep that kind of evidence to show that you did what you wre supposed to do.

i suppose the people who do that won't last long... making everybody else look bad...

reducing waste. right? saving money for the health system that hemorrhages money...

that's not the way to see it...

just appreciate the aim or goal or purpose or point is ill-health sickness disease... incapacity. premature death.

doesnt' it make better sense of most of what goes on?

i mean... a government that says that it wants to *help* people but who (despite opportunity) will only... doesn't appear to understand what it *means* to help. otherwise, perhaps it doesn't mean to *help* the people, after all...

i'm sick and tired of the leaders playing stupid.

i suppose much of the world is sick and tired of hte leaders of nz playing stupid.

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