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people have to pretend to be stupid

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 21:31:07

the people on pay-roll for human rights, in nz, think that in order to legitimately or validly complain about the nz government not honoring the rights of the people...

you need to start by PROVING discrimination on the basis or race or gender or whatever.

then it becomes a race to the bottom as, in their defence, they need to prove that they aren't treating maaori or whoever worse than anybody else, they are treating everybody just as abhorrently.

and that's what you get for complaining, see. the world is worse for your having complained. see? see how that works?

you need to not understand human rights (you need to pretend not to understand if you actually do) in order to get to be on payroll with the government to work on that.

they are very very particular about who gets invited to apply for those government jobs with those government agencies. they are very particular about who gets to work in human rights stuff.

they are also about environmental stuff. to ensure that meaningful progress will not occur. not on their watch.

nzs refusal to get with the program or project of really cutting or curbing or eliminating emmissions etc. the nz government will not get with the program of stopping with the hand-outs (in the first instance) to dirty industry and so on.

it won't do it.

it doesno't seem to have the capacity to understand how upholding everyones rights means also their own. which makes them better off. and so on...


so, what. people with capacity are supposed to spend the rest of their lives explaining specially slowly to them, then?

this country makes no fuckign sense.

not a country.

this state of australia makes sense only as a prision or detention camp.

i am not sure that australia is any better.

i know there is a bubble of plastic people, and it is experienced, as such.

i'm still waiting for them to acnowledge the work that i did do in a timely fashion... and get it out ot externals and allow me to work with externals for their sign-off if they are not willing or able to get people employed only to deal with research to deal wlith y resesearch.

if they didn't want me writing about policitical things, or whatever, they could have encouraged me not to write about politicial things. not by telling me that it might be better sign off and career wise not to write about those things... mostly just by telling me that focusing on the abstract philosophy of mind stuff migh tbe more in my interests if i dind't want to be...

thrown out of the university and forced to live on disability (if anything at all) because they would refuse to get my work to externals and refuse to acknowledge anything and everything i have to say.

steal lit. sure. but not give me credit or recognisition for it.

they aren't teachign me any knid of a lesson. they are just expressing their pathology is all.

teaching the world a little lesson in staying the hell away from them, i suppose.

re-thinking how much money it is fair to throw at their enterprise.

i mean they aren't beign fair at all about anything much to do with it. not so far as i can see.

i didn't pay money to go there...

why would anybody pay money to go there?//

what is there there, exactly>

they won't invest in the development of consent as a central tenant of medicine (a requirement if you will fo rhte difference between abuse and healthcare) and so on...

can't do .

won't do.

don't have.

nothign there.

nobody home.


Re: people have to pretend to be stupid

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 21:38:46

In reply to people have to pretend to be stupid, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 21:31:07


nothing nothing nothing

nothing there

nobody home

no people

nothing personal

nothing to see

no vision

no insight

nothign personal

nobody home

nothing of value

nothing valuable

nothign worth investing in

nothing worth supporting






i showed them written work and they paid me to do more work for them as a summer scholar.

i wrote up what i did as a summer scholar and they paid me to do more work for them 3 years funding extendible to 4 for a phd.

north carolina offered me 1 year of funding to go there for 1 year. the australian university vice chanellor gave me a scholarship so i could fly there and back. they gave me permission to put my enrolment on hold for 1 year.

that gets us 5 years extendable to 6.

at what point do you get the work that i have done during my enrolmelnt.. together and say 'is this enough for you to be given or granted your phd?'

oh. you just bully me into walking away from it because you are so f*ck*ng obnoxious to deal with.

crap rubbish garbage not good enough terribly horrible.


something is.

where is my f*ck*ng degree? not you supervisor. nobody f*ck*ng cares what you think of it. nobody f*ck*ng cares that you want to keep everybody handing you all of their work and walking away so you can claim it as your own or gift it or sell it or whatever you might be up to...

where is my f*ck*ng degree?

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