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peter crampton

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 18:44:43

so this is the guy who immigrated to nz with his parents from england when he was about 12.

i think most people put up with him as leader of the maaori (leader of the prevention and prohibition of maaori development) at the university of otago because they (wrongly) believe that he, himself is maaori. he has a bit of a 'white maaori' look about him and he speaks esporanto maaori.

he was one of the people who thought he was entitlted to throw away applications to medicine or professional practice health degree programmes so as to remove any possibililty of that studnet being selected on the basis of the medical selection commiittee's perception of the merits of the student (or on the basis of their rank order score when there was no interview).

what they do is they throw away any applications they don't want until they end up, basically, either forcing the places to go to particular studnets else forcing the places to be returned to the general pool (so as not to go to maaori at all).

presently they care about experience of the health system a lot.

htey care about expereince of the health system SO MUCH that they require studnets to declare any experience of it prior to selection.

they use the information for the purposes of excluding candidates on the basis that they have expereince of the health system.

they particularly want ot identify people who have the expereince of things not being good or okay... who might be motivated or incentivised to wanting to help it be genuinely better...

so they can ensure that those people are never ever ever ever ever selected to be part of the corrupt practices that we so very very much want to selcet for.

dr green and dr leeks (people involved in torturing and abusing children and people involved in observational studies where people died prematurely from being told there was nothing wrong with them) are ones who are most valued by Professor Crampton head of the Maaori at University of Otago (who trains half the medical doctors who nz acknowledges as haiving been trained in NZ).

they go out of their way to throw away all the other applications from the other applicants so the medical admissions committee is forced to select from amongst the applications that he has deemed most likely to be party to his agenda.

you can read fo ryourself the high court judgement of Roe v University of Otago about how the High Court Judge (pulled out of retirement for precisely t hat occassion) decided that the Queens Counsel that the Univesriyt of Otago decided to hire (precisely for htat occasion) was correct htat there was absolutely nothing in the Eudcation Act or any Statutes of NZ to prevent and prohibit the Universtiy of Otago (and various meployees susch as peter crampton) from collecting up disability information prior to selection SOLELY FO RTHE PURPOSE OF EXCLUSION OF OTHERWISE QUALIFIED CANDIDATES.

in nz disability means incapacity. if you have experience of ill health it means you have been successfully incapacitated by the nz government. exclusion when it comes to professional career etc. it means you lose. you lose the health game. you lose the wealth game. peter crampton is a winner at life because he declares that various people have lost. you see? you see how it works?

how it fails to work?

would you like to pay the University of Otago money to expediate your entry to medicine? the first person you will want to offer your bribe payments to is peter crampton. So that your application might possibly be given to the medical admissions committee.

of course andrea howard also needed to be paid off.

i suppose if you try and submit an applicatino for yourself (you need to start by emailing htem to request permission to apply / request information and then they will give you all the names of the people you need toopay off along the way.

of course paying them is no guarantee..

but failing to pay them is failing. clearly. it's fatal.


Re: peter crampton

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 18:48:07

In reply to peter crampton, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 18:44:43

they want to re-define maaori.

right after they re-define 'corruption'



Re: peter crampton

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:04:09

In reply to Re: peter crampton, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 18:48:07


everybody knows...

that peter crampton is the individual with the most of the merit. of all of the people who has the most of the merit, that's peter crampton.

so he gets to decide who else has the most of the merit.

and he doesn't see any merit in maaori. and he doesn't see any merit in people that the people who saw merit in him saw fit to incapacitate and injure and so on.

and so he thinks that 'merit' needs to be re-defined.

but that doesn't really make any sense...

because of the lengths that he goes to to remove applications from the applicant pool. there are particular applications or applicants that he does not want going before the medical admissions committee..

the only reason that makes any sense about why he would see fit to remove them is because he is concerned that the committee will think that the applicant has merit and they might select them.

by removing the applications he is removing the applications of the people who he thinks actually do have merit.

because he wants too be maaori lord of the maaori head in charge of his programme for their provention and prohibition of development.

insofar as i can see.

i've seen him 'help' maaori studnets into publications. where he puts the words in their mouths, i suppose. educates them into his world view.

where he tries to show them off or display them as not being independent thinkers. as being plagarisers. as not having very sophisticated or developed ideas.

for example, a paper he had a few of them put their name down on that got them so far as utilitarianism as a basic moral theory...

refusing to speak about human rights.


the nz government won't allow talk of human rights.

because the nz government will not get with the programme of workign to uphold the rights of the people.

it wont' do it.

when it comes to rights of indigenous people etc the only way they will hear of it is as a plea for segregation. exclusion from presently existing justice or education or heaalth systems or services. those systems do not serve maaori. will not serve maaori. if you don't like it -- then set up your own systems (where you do not have access to resources or training).

that is the way the government will hear od the issue only.

my thesis was not acknowledged as received. i was not given qualification. because they didn't like what i had to say.

what are they -- 3 years old??

apparently so.

which makes me without merit.


they do so much worse than rolling the dice.

when a place like a US school says 'we have 80 times as many applicants as we have available places -- it's sooooo competitive' then the next question is: how many applications did each studnet put in? if the answer is 80 then it isn't sooooo cmopetitive at all. there's about a 1:1 match there.

NZ says that application to medicien is sooooo comeptitive that they have about 3 x as many applicants as places in the programme.

but the education act says that tertiary education is primarily for 20+ year olds. that they are 'eligible' to be enrolled in programmes they have applied for.

but the unviersities have a preference for teenagers so they throw away applications from 20+ year olds and use discretion they believe they have to enrol 18 year olds in the medical programme.

they would rather 18 year olds be performing abortions and euthanasias and cervical smeaers and prostate examinations. anesthetising people and so on. they would rather choose the youngest children.

they think that younger people have more merit in qualities they cannot train.

let's give them their '3x as many applicants as places available' (they bloat the numbers by including teenagers they don't have as many applicaitons from people 20 years an dover)...

how many times do peple apply before getting a place?

apparently in Canada people apply an average of 3 times (over 3 years) befor ehtey are accepted.

So... the univerities get 3x as many applications as there are places..

and there are 2 universities in nz. and some of the applicants apply to both in the same year. and many applicants apply over 2 or 3 years...

i don't see that it is sooooo cmopetitive.

they also encouage people to apply when they ARE NOT eligiblel. thtey encourage first year studnets to apply early in teh year -- and then they bully them into dropping out of the university entirely before the end of the year. so they have all these applicaitons they recieved from studnets they bullied away by failing them for chemistry or failing them for public health or raping them and arranging fo rthem to be deported...

and then all the ones that peter crampton throws away...




so you can be forced to give a cervical examination (for example) to someone who is anesthetcised who you did not obtain consent from prior to their being anesthettised...

so you can scrub in to operations that you did not get consent to be there...

so you can be in the theatre with... who knows who. there fore reasons of who knows what...

so you can see things on the tray that shouldn't be there not on the tray at the end.

so you can see that they REFUSE to do the surgical theature list piolet safety thing for the obviosu reason of


and incompetence. but mostly because of


they play dumb and stupid. and people like peter crampton say 'not socio-culturally suitable for the nz people...

but they can't pretend to be so in-bred (when it comes to their vision or their ideas) for so very very much longe...

teh surgical checklists... for example..

it's isn't stupidity. it is corruption.


Re: peter crampton

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:14:29

In reply to Re: peter crampton, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:04:09

and of course i am sure that it is all there, on 5G.

peter crampton goes along to various people's seminars and so on. you can see him there, in the room.

you can see his reactions to the things that people say. you can see where he sneers...

you can see for yourselves who is in the operating theatre. you can see whethe rthey do the safety checklist of what is your name and what is your role in the operating theature today?

so they can check that rich people aren't paying money to 'have a go' or to take organs or whatever...

so you know if they are intentionally implanting things inside people in an attempt to induce infeections or other propblems later. experimenting with materials like 'surgical mesh' or what have you. trying to make operations that will need tobe done later... or kill people. either way.. growing the business.


i'm sure it's all there on 5G.

it would be disingenuous to think that the operations etc are not beign recorded.

it would be disingenuous to think that they wouldn't have cameras all over the hospital in order to record who is murdering who.

and so on.


what are they going to do about it?

well... i don't know.

what are they doing about it?

are they excluding people for the right reasons yet?

it isn't about needign to redefine meritocracy.


how do your students do peter crampton?

the ones who you saw the most merit in?

is there a journal of all of your students work?

some special edition was able to be done...

your studnets can have a conference...

they can say what htey (individually) have been thinking or doing or workign on...

and you can see and hear about all the merits of those who you see most merit in.

and so can everybody else.

where are your students peter crampton?

do you let them speak?

or did you select them only because you believed they would be puppets for you?

lets' see them dance, then, in a way that no one person (you) couldn't be pulling their strings...

lets's see what merit you saw.


the problem with marxism etc

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:24:54

In reply to Re: peter crampton, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:14:29

the problem is creating a division and then overthrowing one lot only to replace them with another lot doing the same thing.

so, the idea of 2 teams and vaccilation between who wins.

everybody throws around the words 'game changing' but nobody really seems to know what it means...

i am not wishing that the present elite rulers with all of the money and all of the power to do whatever they want quite irrespective of normal standard meaning readings of international and domesetic law.. i am not wishing these people to be imprisoned (necessarily - htat really dependds on the extent of their crimes against humanity)...

i'm not calling for the present leaders to be re-cast as underclass or not persons.

i'm asking specifically for fairer distribution. for us all.

that's a different thing entirely.

presently people have so much power (for whatever reason) that they are not following the rules or the laws.

they think they are because of the corrupt judges and their unwillingness or inability to parse the laws.

what part of throwing away an application prior to selection from a selection committee (for the purpose of preventing and prohibiting the selection committee from selecting on teh basis of merit) is okay?

they say that they were trying to save the committee time by pre-culling grotesquly unsuitable candidates obviously and clearly lacking in any merits.

it was put to me by the courts.

of course it was.

that's the kind of gaslighting that they do to people.

if i was so obviously and clearly grotesquely unsuitable... then i'm sure the medical admissions committee are big enough and ugly enough to make up their own mind about that (and be responsible for their own decision).

i think it highly likely that peter crampton is hired by them so as to be first in the firing line if someone does in fact question their selection processes. i would imagine that may be the case. i don't know..

i don't know what the medical admissions committee would say because they didn't get the application at all.

in nz it is like... there are some peple with capacity and power. but then there are people just on the outside of that circle or whatever.. who lord over the underlings... and won't get anything from the underlings to the attention or whatever of the hihger ups. it si impossible for the common man to know what is going on at that top level.

i mean...

who actually made chris hipkins the minister of everythign? sure, he seems to do a good job. but other people are capable of doing a good job too and he can't do all the fuckign jobs. let someone else have a go at doing a job too. people with demonstrated ability...

and they won't do it.

they didn't see merits in whatever her name is... the lady who helped progress various bils...

they just wont' do it.

if you look at who they do see merit in.. there's a superficial look. white. or, if there is an ethnic element or aspect... there is an anemic look. white maaori like shane reti (does he bleach his skin or just stay inside a lot)? that kind of a look, i mean to say... winston peters.. tolerated...

it's just garbage output. from peter crampton, i mean to say.

he gets ALLLLLLLLLL the air time. ALLLLLLL the publications. he gets ALLLLLLL the medical journal publications etc. He lords above us all dictaating his party liine as the only person with speaking rights. pretty much.

if you don't like it then leave. right? f*ck off out of this country.

peter crampton immigrated here when he was 12 to be lord of the maaori.

and tehre it is.


Re: the problem with marxism etc

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:39:39

In reply to the problem with marxism etc, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:24:54

and he's going to need to re-define merit before he will see merit in anybody or anything other than himself.

when i was visiting the centre for bio-ethics one of the guys there was promoted to professor. after working there for however many years. probably he died. i guess that's what happens when they promote you to professor. so you never get the professor salary -- right?

he gave a talk as he was made professor...

it was about 'our common humanity'. it was about commonality in the human experience that we could see across cultures. even if you didn't speak the language... you could tell good... art. genuine smiles. things like this. that there are people there. empathy. compassion.

one of the questions this guy asked when a visiting professor came from the US is how come japan was not held accountable for atrocities committed in WW2 the way that germans were held accountable in internatioanl courts. Why did the Japaenese people get a by or a pass?


Peter Crampton was like 'well you are being made professor. it is about time. hey. usually when I introduce that someone has been made professor i start out by saying all the funding and research funds that they have brought into the univesrity for the grants and awards and industry nad so on. but i won't get to do that here hahahahhahahha'

So peter Crampton... where do you get the money, then. what money do you get? what money do you bring?

Did you get rid of my application because I did not pay you? the various people who I took to court for unlawfully removing my application from the applicant pool... All of those people... I was supposed to pay money to. Is that how it works? And then maybe the University gets a cut or gets part of that.

And that pays for your job. ANd their job. And that gets revenue or funds for the University.

Because they don't have application fees for the public universities of NZ. Students don't pay $80, say, to the university for processing of their paplication. we do that so it's not financially prohibitive for people with merit to apply.

But you don't distingusih between merit and paying you off. do you?

the interview...

they intentionally notify people of the requirement to attend an interview (both auckland and otago) with not much time in advance. so the flights and accommodation are expensive. also during a time when tourism is lowest during winter.

they must get a lot of money into the economy from their in-person interview requirement.

which was why they would interview me when tehy had no intenton of offering me a place.

it was particularly insulting, however, that they chose to get Rose the Australian to accompany me (an actor, i suppose, who found me from message boards)... So she could tell me all about how she worked in aged care in australia and hadn't spent much of any time in NZ at all and then tell me that she got an offer of place so I was required to say to her that I did not.

I guess... What...

I post here of things I would like... Like to do. Accomplish. Achieve.

And then the world happens to throw in my face a parade of people who say 'I got to do that and you don't get to!'

Is that supposed to be motivating and inspiring for or to me? How am I supposed to respond or feel?

Am I supposed to be a fan-boy? 'oooooh that's so cool. You are so cool.' and then me want to hang abou them.

I think maybe that is it. Maybe they think that I don't really want to do or accomplish those things. Rather, I want to secondarily live vicariously or something. If my kids can be forced to do the things (irespective of what my kids would want for themselves) then that will be adquate consolation for me. Or something like that.

I do think that that is what tehse people who don't think overly much think.

I guess because they likely get a kick out of mis-managing everybody else There are people like that...

They don't really want ot do anyting for themslevs except order others about.

Not sure what to do about them or those...

Particularly when they are lackign in empathy...

Engineering or building or something? mastery or authority over... objects. things wihtout independent will etc.

I suppose...


Re: the problem with marxism etc

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:41:11

In reply to Re: the problem with marxism etc, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:39:39

i'm thinking about that - not because i want to order or instruct it.

i do believe that it is possible for people to mostly have what they mostly want in life.

but there does need to be some processing, of course, to get at what they mostly have and what they mostly want.

it isn't fair that the likes of Peter Crampton, effectively, bully everybody else away. bully everyone out of the field who doesn't want to get in behind him for however many decades praying and praying and praying and hoping and making movements... for him to die.


big f*ck*ng bullies

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:49:30

In reply to Re: peter crampton, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 18:48:07

i mean, he won't engage with peers.

he won't go along to international conferences where there are other people in comparable positions to him (power wise or power struture wise).

where people can really question the work he's doing. the assumptions and so on. where people can really critique and encourage him to develop and extend and rethink and so on...

he won't write for international audience, either, so far as i can see... where people can respond to him in print etc. where there be a dialogue.

there is no dialogue in nz. no conferences and the like.

when he talks everyone is expected to say 'yes sir yes sir yes sir'. they will need for him to die so that they might have a chance, actually, to say what they think. to raise concerns or objections or whatever.

to be chosen as the single over-lord whose opinions will become the new party line that nobody else can question or critique or...

there aren't universities here. there isn't intelligent... anything.

we pick one person out to be the author the authority of whatever.. and then nobody else is allowed an opinion. nobody else gets a say.

apparentlty aht would confuse the message and people are too stupid.

there's a basic or fundamental misunderstanding of what academia is supposed tobe about. how specialist things function...

nz academic leaders are... supposed to be leaders of underlings. lords above ignrants. prescribign the way things must be to empty vassals.

if peter crampton doesn't like what i have to say then why not publish what i have to say and write a fuckign response to what i have to say, then? be a man about it. a big person. do that, then.

if you don't like what i have to say then come along to my oral examination tehn and say what you fuckign think and why then and give me a f*ck*ng chance to speak to your face mr big man.


well then just throw my work away then. hoard it. mull it over for yourself behding closed doors. then take the bits you want and ignore the bits you don't or won't or can't understand... and just ignore my existence completly and utterly. just take all the things like that and pretend like the author of that doens't even exist. just plagarise into yourself everything you want and force that person out and away and shut that pereson down. lets' criminalise them. lock them up and away. tell everyoen tehy are crazy.

mr big man.

show the world how big you are.



Re: big f*ck*ng bullies

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:59:46

In reply to big f*ck*ng bullies, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:49:30

they refuse to allow objective and independent merit assessment or judgment.

that shows that the problem isn't that they need to 'redefine' merit.

the problem is intentional corruption.

the problem isn't that the st peters of cambridge kids look more meritous than the other kids because they have had every advantage in life...

the problem is that despite them having had supposedly every advantage in life... they still don't appear to have more merit.

and so then all the lengths and steps and so on that need to be done... to ensure that the st peters kids of cambridge (or the children of the doctors or the children of the administrators) take up all the training places in teh professional programmes...

well that's out and out corruption.

he isnt' trying to increase representation from under-represented at all. he isnt' trying to create a fairer system at all. he is hired into his role for his role in preventing and prohibiting the developmetn of a fairer system.

that's how it is that the university of otago has, what is likely to be THE MOST CORRUPT medical selection practices of any university in the english speaking world.

maybe tied a little wlith the University of Auckland.

Harlene Hayes has moved from the University of Otago to the University of Western Australia. I don't know if this is a new thing or if they always had... But UWA is saying they will offer Medical Training Places (as in medical degree training places that don't cull more than half the students from the programme at the end of the first year) straight from high school.

So that the kids of the private schools can pay whatever amount of money so that their kid doesn't have to do 1 year of 'it's soooo cmopetitive' lets' rape them and deport them... let's fail them for population health because they are independent thinkers... let's fail them for chemistry because they didn't pay the private tutors for the answers to the particular questions....



the lengths they go to to steal organs and such. i suppose. to arrange for the untimely death of people who are... inconvenient.

i don't believe that most governments are blatantly building gas chambers to pull the teeth and shave the hair and mass exterminate people before their time... but one by one by one by one by one... how much evidence do you need?


Re: big f*ck*ng bullies

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 20:02:16

In reply to Re: big f*ck*ng bullies, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 19:59:46

and things changed significantly or considerably with...


the ability to see who people were when they were wearing a theatre-mask.


Re: big f*ck*ng bullies

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 20:13:14

In reply to Re: big f*ck*ng bullies, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 20:02:16

i mean...

take a look at the new zealand medical journal...

take a look for yourself.

i can't because 'institutional access' is not granted to me.

so i can't comment on anything that is published there.

but quite a few things have been published there about how they torture the medical studnets during their training. requiring them to participate in unlawful and unethical practices and (even going so far as to) require them to write essays on how they felt participating and engaging in those practices.

they require them to write confessions, of sorts. to be held by the university.

i suppose they are coached in the appropriate moral attitude that they are supposed to be feeling. or what it is that they are supposed to say about what it is that they have done if they are ever asked to explain or justify their actions. if it were to come to that.


going into a surgical theatre room (scrubbing in) with various people in the room. including a group of alleged or supposed medical studnets and who knows who or what else.

to listen to someone talk about how you can push a scope up through the vagina all the way to the ovaries!

then different people get to 'have a go' at driving the scope. they need to be observed performing a 'cervical smear' examination before they will be signed off as having completed their internship for the OBGYN rotation.

what are you supposed to do? what are you supposed to write about what you have done?

what operation are they doing? replacing a hip? broken arm?

did you speak to the patient first? did you get consent to be in the room (as a medical studnet)? did you get consent to perform an intimate (cervical) exam?

what do they teach them to say? in the ethics class?

they just document that these things happen to medical studnets and patients year after year after year after year and the medical studnets get to write about these experiences in their ethics classes.

they see which of them have a conscience and which of them have a sense of entitlement.

and on the basis of things like that... they intentionally select for the next dr leeks and dr green...

so as to arrange for the torture and so on of the new zealadn people.

specifically targeting vulnerable people. specifically targeting maaori and pacifica. specifically targeting people from lower socio-economic groups. specifically wanting, so far as i can see, to incapacitate, weaken, sicken, injure, disable... as many people within new zealand as possible, really.


we are supposed to believe that we can train people, like that, for the public health system.

and that they 'love' their parents and their parents colleagues and cronies and 'friends' or whatever such that they will actually provide competent and caring medical care to the overlords when they are sick?

or maybe we think that there will be more control and accountability, there.

i don't know. you put enough people on pay-roll and you literally watch them doing the operation to make sure they aren't taking turns gang-raping the person they managed to immobilise with anesthetic...


what evidence is there that there is anything here?





Re: big f*ck*ng bullies

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 20:21:05

In reply to Re: big f*ck*ng bullies, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 20:13:14

so, i'm supposed to believe that the USA (or whoever) thinks that new zealand is collecting 'worthwhile data' or performing some important social function such that by agreeing to hand over the data the leaders or whatever, here, will get a pass or a by when it comes to being held to account for the various atrocities they've been involved in. they've been documenting. they've been enabling. they've been profiteering from. etc.

by observing the effects of untreated radiation... probably from nuclear fallout.. probably from nuclear 'testing' as they tried and tried and try to develop a bomb large enough to exterminate us all...

the untreated skin cancers and the like...

bullying people out and away from education and health and justice...

busily evolving to be more like cockroaches.

doing the very very very very very very very very best that they can to make the people, of new zealand, cockroaches. as much as it is possible to breed a human quite resistent to all our very very very very very very best efforts to exterminate it.

but i'm sure life is a lot nicer for peter crampton being surrounded by people who love him. hanging off of every word that he says...

when he's gone i suppose people will honor him with a large public display of how kind he was. and people will develop and extend his thoughtful ideas for generations...

all the work he's done to help the maaori of new zealand.

so motivating and inspiring to think that people in england can idenfity that there is something in their kid at about the age of 12 such that they would go on to flourish and thrive as leader of the maaori in new zealand society.


Re: big f*ck*ng bullies

Posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 20:23:07

In reply to Re: big f*ck*ng bullies, posted by alexandra_k on April 23, 2022, at 20:21:05

and of course the proof is in the pudding... all the maaori leaders picked out as being of most merit by peter crampton.

where are they?

what do they have to say?

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