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i forgot the GP's were supposed to see kids free

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 13:16:21

however many years ago...

there was a problem. on the one hand, you have to provide some level of health care to be a developed nation. on the other hand, the general practice doctors were not providing health care.

the government wouldn't / couldn't pay them enough. not sure what the story is around that. what fair pay would be, i mean to say. how much the administrators who were crying 'poor' were paying themselves vs how much they were offering the gp's...


they managed to agree upon something whereby children under 14 years, i believe, could see a gp for free.

so that means parents don't have to pay for things like having their kids immunised. having hearing and vision checks. well baby checks. if their kid has a cold or a sore throat (rheumatic fever is a problem in these parts and the cause of it is untreated strep throat where generic antibiotics are an effective treatment)... mumps. measles. rubella... asthma... all of these things... free visits to the doctor.

and the problem is...

that EVEN WITH (or maybe precisely because of) free visits to the doctor... the doctors are going 'there feel better' and our rates of immunisations etc are really low. doctors say 'it's probably a virus nothing we can do go away' when kids are presenting with strep throat and often aren't even sending for labs... they aren't offering immunisations or encouraging them, etiher. apparently our rates of immunisations for infants are reall low (by who standards for supposedly developed nations) and the vaccines we have are thrown away out of expiry.

i mean to say... intentional withholding.

intentionally being withholding.

as in 'medicine and medical treatments are not for you' kinds of withholding.

apparently the GPs have a monopoloy, basically. since the government needs to contract for medical services the current GPs and their administration have all the power... strong union or whatever... not many of them, particularly.

the nz doctors are so obnoxious (so obnoxious so obnoxious) that their australiain counter-parts are quick to disown them. i mean to say where there used to be 'australasian' socieities of various things (including professional things like philosophy associations and so then conferences and so on) the nz groups splintered off then were no longer attended by the australians. so then you really had this small group of tyrants, effectively, with control of the situation in nz.

so the nz doctors are refusing to acknowledge foreign qualifications and also domesetic (when it suits them). they basically do whatever they want, quite unchecked. they simply refuse to enrol, graduate, acknowledge maaori. unless they are 'white maaori' who appear to be on board with the whole deprivation and abuse program. so that the medical studnets from harvard can come and see rheumatic fever in teh wild in teh natives of new zealand. untreated syphilis, too, i hear. both the sexual and non-sexual (skin) variety. effects in infants due to lack of STD screening and treatment due to lack of prenatal care and lack of accesss to birth control and lack kof access to a personal lock on their bedroom door and lack of access to justice and lack of access to education and lack of access to... lack of accesss to.. lack of.. deprivation...

so the nz systems aren't working for maaori. that is correct. when it comes to the UNDRIP. the systems arne' working for maaori.

but the systems also aren't working for non-maaori. that is correct, also. when it comes to the rights of people (who aren't maaori). i mean... nz just sh*ts all over the rights of the people. it doesn't think that it has people.

it treats the people like ants or cockroaches. really.

when it is time for them to pay them... it is time for them to go away...

that is the message loud and clear. to so many... that always was the thing about graduation...

they likely only sent me my first masters qualification because i was already started on my enrolment in australia. so they thought it wouldn't make any difference with respect to job. that's the only reason they give you your degree.

so you need to be, like, 'gee i don't know what i'm going to do when i finish my PhD. i think i'm going to just, like, go backpacking for a while and work part time picking fruit and making coffee and pouring alcohol'. and then they will go 'well okay, then, we will sign off on completion of your degree'.

i was supposed to be, like 'gee, i don't now. maybe i'll open a fish shop'.

people kept saying that thinking it was funny.

just indoctronation, i guess.

my mother really was a nasty piece of work. i actually think her intention was to write me out of the will. but she couldnt' do that without it being contested since i'm her daughter. but she intentionally hoarded the money for as long as she did (when she had cash she could have freed up earlier). and when i was applying to the US etc. she wasn't willing to contribute anything. was just hoarding it. did not support me in anything, really. at the end of hte day. i mean... i guess it was pathological for her. the hoarding of the money. i guess it was a pathological thing, really. it wasn't like she helped the other kids financially either, i guess. i guess that is true. it likely was a hoarding thing. she hoarded pretty much everything else and i suppose hoarding money was something that she did as well.

apparently she did load my brother money, though, so he didn't need a studnet loan to get his degree. which they gave him honorary after he died. lol.


what does the government want?

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 13:23:01

In reply to i forgot the GP's were supposed to see kids free, posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 13:16:21

the government seems to want...

us to pay the university pay the university pay the university pay the university pay the university pay the university.

until all the 'lifetime entitlement' is used up.

there is supposed to be a thing around the maximum EFTS entitlement for study. but then there is this thing around how they will allow you to complete a qualification that you have already started. so that effectively allows the university to keep the student paying the university paying the univesrity paying the university paying the university to have the studnet enrolled and re-enrolled and re-re-enrolled and re-re-re-enrolled because they aren't done taking their money, yet.

why would they ever be done taking their money?

then it is time for the student to buy a housebus or a campervan and be an intenerant fruit picker living in trailor parks when there isn't seasonal fruit to pick.

there are cafe sorts of work, too. bartending and cafes.

but that kind of work is only temporary, of course. for a couple years.

then it's time to be drafted. time to curl up and apoptose. better luck next generation.

oh. i guess you need to have a kid at some point. and hand it over to the government so they can raise it in an institution and feed it for around 50 cents a day.


Re: what does the government want?

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 13:35:49

In reply to what does the government want?, posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 13:23:01

apparently we give england food.. and they give us mobile homes, gin, and this thing that they like to call 'chocolate'.

apparently we give malaysia food... and they give us... 300 of those aforementioned itenerant workers. on 2 year work visas (or similar). that means they can come for 2 years for a post-graduate workign holiday, we call it. non-continuing dead-end jobs that nobody in nz will work because they are back-breaking dead-end jobs that don't pay and where there is no career progression. i guess they pay them so it isn't slavery. and i guess they are having 'fun' seeing the sites of new zealand. then they go back to malaysia. with nice references from their employer? to do what? have babies, i suppose...

apparently we give japan the chinese gooseberry.

and agree to hand over our electronic data etc. because... well, we can agree that they have it or we can express upset that they have it. lol. what are ya gonna do?

i think we are supposed to believe the officials of japan got a by for various things they were up to around the time of WWII because they were cooperative with authorities when it came to handing over their data and information.

like the waikato district health board handing it over to 'russian hackers', apparently. i don't know if they trawled it to see if they were marking various people's file basically saying they preferred those people to vanish or be dead or go away. do not treat. only treat badly. that kind or sort of a thing. how racially motivated that decision seemed to be. etc.

we are at the cusp of publically admitting that we don't have psychiatry and psychology in nz. that these things are about criminalising people. for example, if you ask for mental health support then they say 'do not treat' for your non-mental health issues (too). e.g., take people off transplant list if they say they have anxiety.

of course it's just excuses excuses excuses excuses excuses.

it simply comes down to 'and we don't choose you and we do whatever we want whenever we wnat for whatever arbitrary reasons we want'.

i went to some seminar where this lady... she had 3 kidney transplants. she had 2 just through the publci system. then persuaded a brother to donate the third one she got in the hope it would be a better match.

how does 1 person get 3 kidneys from the public system... while other people are being removed from the list for no good reason... while other people are just on the list... never getting any...

this is the public system. not a private system. we don't have a pay for organs system in nz.




i suppose she likely didn't actually pay cash or whatever. i suppose once they went to work removing everyone else from the wait list there was no alternativel. she was the only eligible person. there simply weren't enough people wanting a kidney in nz.

and i wonder how they foudn teh donor...

there was something in teh high court about a guy saying specifically he did NOT want his relatives organs harvested. tehn he suspected that the organs were harvested despite his request that they not be harvested. apparently they transplanted something into someone else without consent.

you go... what a selfish prick for wanting the organs to go to waste when they could have used them to help someone else...

what's to stop them finding a match and then immobilising them and saying tehy are 'brain dead' until you sign the consent forms to have the organs donated?


Re: what does the government want?

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 13:42:25

In reply to Re: what does the government want?, posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 13:35:49

it's soooooooooooo hard to find the next dr leeks and dr green and so on...

i mean these are the qualities that you cannot train. you need for people to want to be part of the happy few...

only that doesnt seem right...

you need to want people to want to more or most directly serve teh happy few. people who want to get out there and do their best to incpacitate and exterminate as many of the cockroach people (people thereby marked) as possible for the benefit of a small elite group...

where the small elite group is working for their own self-serving ends. largely for them and sometimes they include their children in that group (and othertiems tehy are happy to eat their children for their own personal profits)...

it's sooooooooooo competitive.

people falling over each other... to slave for the happy few.

so, now we know the meaning or the point or the purpose or the fucntion of life.

to subsist.

are they happy then?

they want us to belive that they didn't get to do what they wanted with their lives, either. riiiiiight. sure. just so long as everyone is equally unhappy then.

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