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Posted by alexandra_k on August 25, 2021, at 21:13:06

Right, all you kids, who were about ready for the NCEA examinations...

The sprint. The sprint at the end of the year that is the couple weeks of NCEA examinations...

The examination that you'd been training to peak for, all year... Or for over a couple years. Training your physiology, right, so that you could peak in some in-person examinations that lasted for however many hours where each one was spaced however many days apart...

Ready for the sprint??

Well now we want you to run another couple laps for us, first. Instead of sitting the examinations on schedule. We want you to now run a couple more laps of the field, first.

So we can ensure that those who trained appropriately for the event -- will burn out.

And the ones who didn't... Will prevail. Because that's what we value.

Keep working... ANd keep working... And just keep working. Just keep on working... Just work some more now... And we will pay you later. Right?

We'll have the examination results in time for your entrance to foreign study programmes. Yeah? Every year... We manage to get your examination results to the USA etc in time for their deadline on when that's supposed to occur -- right?

The examination results... Back from the NCEA in time???

Any of them?

None of them?

Really? It is not possible for them to arrive back in time...

But you are supposed to pay... Some agency or something. Or you are supposed to do Cambridge Curriculum foreign schooling and examinations. Because the NCEA university graduation results aren't actually delivered until..

Well... Until they have expired.


Because they aren't acknowledged.


Because the scripts weren't graded.


Because there weren't any examiners.


Because the internal people decided which of the studnets should just keep working... JUst another year.. Hey why don' t you work just one more year for me -- right?

Just keep on working...

And we will graduate you later.


But why stop there.

HOw is your application to enrol doing??

There aren't any applications.

The applications are all 'by invitation'.

They invite their own children and the kids they'd like their kids to screw or the kids they'd like to screw themelves.. Fun and games. Games and fun...

But why stop there???

WHy not just murder people in their beds.

But why stop there???

I don't know how low they are wiling to go, in NZ. To prevent and prohibit and deny and delay and obstruct...


It is like the test you do to see who you can trust...

'I'm going to put the cookies in the jar and leave the jar on the bench and I need for you to not eat any cookies. Okay? Promise you won't. It is very important. I seeing if I can trust you.'

Put blue die or whatever in the cookies.

Come back.

'Right. Stick out your tongues'.


There were problems with supply chains...

You make a textbook and it costs a lot. Genuinely. All the authors. Timely updates.

And then new science textbooks every year. Feeling bad about throwing away textbooks that are in good condition when some kids don't have books.

Cut the covers off...

Give them to people who can't afford them.

Or sell them to people who can.

Re-cover them. Re-bind hardcopies into softbound for international edition.

CUt off the bar code.

So they need to put the code into the spine of the book... Inside thick glue. Embed it there. To see where the books go. How many are brought on the cheap by wealthy Americans. How many are sold to them. Counterfeit. Whether they buy them knowingly or are unknowingly ripped off either in search of a bargain or choosing to take advantage of the situation.

Now same thing again with HIV meds.


They were chipping the packets. I don't remember / know what level they were chipping... But they were tracking the HIV meds so they could see where they would go.

Because you supply HIV meds, free, or at cost, to people who can't afford to pay for the Meds in South Africa, say. But those same packets of Meds then turn up being sold to wealthy Americans in the US. Where the government or 'healthcare workers' or whatever made a little money on the side.

Because how do you think your medical staff are going to make their living when you don't pay them?


So... This is the context. The background. The backdrop. Teh story...

Of how it gets to be the case...

That NZ is supplied with vials of Covid vaccination where there are... HOw many doses per vial?

We paid by the dose. We paid for a certain number of doses. That's how we paid. That is what we paid for.

The vials came with instructions as to how many doses were to be found in each vial.

I am sure they are supposed to / are required to record the number on the vial of the vaccination that the person was given.

So things are tracked to the level of the vial.

Things are particularly easy to track in NZ.


The manufacturers know how many doses they put in each vial.

They know how much remainder there should be in each vial (and whether there is enough for another dose or whether it would need to be discarded. Like the instructions say cleaerly not to merge or administer vaccine that does not make up a full dose from any partiuclar vial).

ANd so...

Who has their hand in the cookie jar??

They didn't microchip the vaccine... Not the individual doses in the serum... Or whatever...

But given what was going on with technology etc etc in teh journals (that NZers can't access anymore because.... because.... because because because...)

What do you think they are doing with vaccines?

In a nation that was willing to sell out and trade away the health of it's people. Over and over and over and over and over and over again.




Posted by alexandra_k on August 25, 2021, at 21:22:39

In reply to NCEA, posted by alexandra_k on August 25, 2021, at 21:13:06

And of course individual mistakes will be made.

And of course corruption will shine through. It will become apparent whether it is an exception or whether it is the exception that is the rule.

That appears to be the way of it in NZ.

Only board on the plane the Afghan refugees without visas for NZ. Okay?

Other countries have a word that...



They sent a slow plane... And boarded people without visas for NZ onto a plane to NZ.

While NZ citizens are denied places in quarantine.


I think this country is turning into the world's detention camp.

Looks like our leaders were willing to sell out the health of their people.

Giving half doses of vaccine, or whatever, so various individuals can have 3rd 'boosters' etc.

The story on the ground (people can't get bookings for vaccines) while people without appointments show up to join cues... I wonder how many are cuing for 3rd doses ++...

I wonder if NZ will end up with bodies piling up on the streets...

I don't know.



Posted by alexandra_k on August 25, 2021, at 21:26:18

In reply to Re: NCEA, posted by alexandra_k on August 25, 2021, at 21:22:39

I kind of hope that the people who are getting 3++ doses are the ones to die of allergies and clots and agglutination of prions and... All that. That would be just deserts for their greed.

I wonder if it will come to that, in NZ.

Trouble is... I've seen such little indication that we care about identifying the psychopaths or those without capacity for empathy / long term planning for any other reason than to promote them and reward them and hail them as mighty chief executives of the managing administration of chiefdom administration of krhirugjhfg kdhriehjfgh dklruue djfhruighfjghlsd;ajfkdhfd. all of the titles of the nzqa!!! all hail the think-tank of nzl!!



Posted by alexandra_k on August 25, 2021, at 21:27:53

In reply to Re: NCEA, posted by alexandra_k on August 25, 2021, at 21:26:18

given the psychopathy i suppose there is incentive for external forces to keep our education always back and down.

ensuring we never develop the capacity to manufacture vaccines.


think what we would do with nuclear power...

start taking pot-shots at australia. etc.

babel it is.

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