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ashley bloomfield...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 3:34:46

if you just had your first coronavirus vaccination --

then i owe you a most genuine apology. i am wrong about you. i am genuinely humbled.

but if you are playing with words somehow... 'this is my first pfizer vaccine' (where you had a johnson and johnson previously or an astra zeneca... if you have had ANY OTHER CORONAVIRUS VACCINE..

then the fact that you are now portraying or presenting yourself as a person who chose to wait your turn...

means you should be lined up and shot if you are a liar.

and maybe i'm wrong about you...

but i just don't see you as a person who would have waited your turn given all the high profile not waiting of turns that was going on around you...


Re: ashley bloomfield...

Posted by rjlockhart37 on August 22, 2021, at 16:45:52

In reply to ashley bloomfield..., posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 3:34:46

ashley bloomfield needs to be connected to have a liar detector test

i had vaccine, the phizer but i was forced due conditions living at home - get the vaccine to keep the house safe, or move out. I am an anti-vaxxer but i was forced, alot of conspiracy that it's a genetic changing chemcial with part of the coronavirus in it.


Re: ashley bloomfield...

Posted by rjlockhart37 on August 22, 2021, at 17:01:22

In reply to Re: ashley bloomfield..., posted by rjlockhart37 on August 22, 2021, at 16:45:52

hey sorry i saw this post and awnsered it way too quick, - no filter, i have no idea who ashley bloomfield is, so excuse the lie detector test comment

it's just i was get this vaccine, in a way im glad but in way im parnoid it's gonna change genetic material, or in the body. There's nothing more grueling then having to go to CVS, and being put on force to get it. So...i complied and i got the vaccine. I'm an antivaxxer very much.


Re: ashley bloomfield...

Posted by rjlockhart37 on August 22, 2021, at 17:15:32

In reply to Re: ashley bloomfield..., posted by rjlockhart37 on August 22, 2021, at 17:01:22

and i'm sure when more vaccines come out i will have to get them too, i live at home and they said this house is gonna be safe from coronavirus, so....yup if i live here, i have to get them, booster shots everything. But there making mandages for people to get them, so acutally this is not new. I complied and got the vaccine. There's mandates here in the US, you have to have vaccine for safety

anyways sorry for jumping to personal post, just wnated too add what happened to me.


Re: ashley bloomfield...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 17:48:49

In reply to Re: ashley bloomfield..., posted by rjlockhart37 on August 22, 2021, at 17:15:32

Ashley Bloomfield is the Governer General of Health of New Zealand.

It is a position that is both political and a-political. Somehow. Mysteriously. I don't quite follow. I mean, there will be statutes that specify what his job is. But my experience of statutes that do that is that they itemise the things that the person paid to do that role will not do. The statutes itemise the things that will not be done by person paid to fill the role. Will not be done by them: Will not be done by anyone.

I suppose the idea is that you need to start by removing the judges from office. The judges who refuse to remove the executive offers who refuse to do the things that they are supposed to...

Just none of the things that are supposed to happen...

No rule of law.

Judges who go 'nonononono when the law says 'the thesis will be returned to the candidate' that's simply an historic metaphor! Surely! That will need at least 1 year with the court of appeal if not longer... Right??? Sure?? Can we go backwards any faster??? Degrees expire in 3 years.. . But we won't confer a Degree within 3 years that you've met the requirement for it... Because... Nobody can do anything... None of the things they are supposed to do.

So anyway... The job (part of the job) of Ashley Bloomfield... Was to declare about the lockdown.

Because we saw it coming. The inevitble. Right? China had been locked down. Various locations. The USA had been locked down. Various locations. New York, for example. Parts of Australia had been locked down. We had access to the information that they used to determine that they were going to lock down.

Their decisions to lock down parts of the country pre-dated our decision to lock-down the entire country of New Zealand.

Our decision was before community transmission -- but that's only because it took so long for community transmission to make it here. Beause that's how long it takes... Geographically... The flow of memes, ideas, policies... Is much slower. Physical migration is faster. We have community trnsmission ONLY JUST STARTING (as in within the last week).

So... His job... As the Governer General of Health was to order a lockdown.

Only.. He didn't do the things he was legally required to do for hte lockdown to be lawful.

So the first 5 days of lockdown were unlawful.

So... Anyone arrested for breaking lockdown within those first 5 days... Wasn't breaking lockdown.

Apparently the High Court said that Ashley Bloomfield's directive that the country was in lock-down was unlawfl for the first however many days.. 6 I think. But then he realised.. Or whatever.. And things happened so that it was lawful. Whatever needed to happen for it to be lawful.

The High Court said no consequences for the unlawful lockdown.

It is going through the court of appeal now. 1 year later.

Because, you know...

Andrew Borrowfield... Well... He is doing the whole 'I work on my PhD for 10+ years and do this work pro bono for the courts' (riiiight?????). Ohh. Andrew Borrowfield is the lawyer who did the case. I think he was forced to do it himself out of the goodness of his heart if he wanted the law people to give him his PhD that he did for Victoria University Wellington.

Because, you know... The govenrment won't pay anyone to do anyting worth doing. It needs to be completed under conditions of slavery otherwise it will not occur at all.


They are very very committed to showing the world how we can ensure we develop so vey much further behind everyone and everywhere else... Only allow things to be completed under conditions of slavery.



Andrew Borrowfield didn't ask the High Court to remove Bloomfield from office on the grounds that he knew (or ought to have known) how to give a lock-down order lawfully. Given that that's kind of sort of his primary function. His job. If you like. Bloomfield is one of the highest paid civil servant government workers in NZL who is paid close to half a million dollars per year...

So we are clear.. He had one job to do: Order a lock-down. He saw various parts of china do it... He saw various parts of USA do it. He saw Australia do it. He had access to Crown Law and various legal advice... ANd he was unwilling or unable to make the order in a manner that waslawful.

What was preventing him from doing his job? Did he document that at the time??

Perhaps it is time to go -- Ashley??

If you really are the best person for your job... You can always apply again next year -- right?

That's what they say to me when they won't let me study Medicien when I've actually completed the requirements for entry.. They refuse to process my application without grounds and they say to me 'awwwwww you can always apply again next year -- right?"

That's to get on a study course.

But he takes 1/2 a million a year. To be clear. To violate the rules. With impunity. When it was his job to know.


So this guy (paid half a million per year) who trained as a Medical Doctor...
Who is now paid half a million per year as a civil servant (that is to say as a person who remains in his job no matter who wins the election)...

Says he only just now got his very very first dose of Covid Vaccine.

Or... He didn't quite put it like that.

I think he thinks he is very clever. And my piont is that if he said something cleverly that is technically correct (e.g., he said 'my first Pfizer dose') but in actuality he has previously had some vaccination or other that was for Covid protection (ahead of his true group priority ranking becuase he is not a front-line worker...)

If he is lying... Misleading.. Being clever....


I genuinely struggle to understand why it is that I'm supposed to live my life on 'disability' because I"im supposedly 'incapacitated' in this country. Not able to have full time work. Not eligible for public university courses... While this f*ck*ng retard is paid half a million per year.

I call him a f*ck*ng retard because he is paid half a million per year to be 'clever' while I am paid nothing... To slave for the courts over the fact that this f*ck*ng retard takes from the public sector while contributing...


While... Oh yeah... Being part of the whole refusing to allow this country to develop.



Good sharing Ashley. I see your parents raised you real well. How's your children? They got their vaccines same day as you -- right? I mean if you weren't able to use your position to advantage your children ahead of everyone else... You waould be doing it wrong. Yes?

Well done Ashley. ALL OF THE THINGS FOR YOU. ALl of the degrees and titles and ALL of the money too. All of the things for you.

The laws dno't apply to you.

All of the things just for you.

Oh. And public adoration too.

Of course. All of the things jsut for you.


Re: ashley bloomfield...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 18:04:54

In reply to Re: ashley bloomfield..., posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 17:48:49

He is like the male Jesus, you see.

Lorde... About the female Jesus...

There's an awful lot of God complex in New Zealand.


I ever asked to be a matyr.

The mob treats me the way the mob treats me.

That's not on me, that's on the mob.


in Roe v The New Zealand Vice Chancellor's Committee the High Court of New Zealand said that it didn't matter that the Chief Executive (CE) of the NZVCC refused to follow the Student Complaints Procedure policy or protocol documents that specified he was to:

1) With another person (employee of the NZVCC) collect evidence pertaining to the complaint.
2) Forward the collected evidence and the complaint to the police so they can arrange for prosecution

The reason why he didn't have to do the things that the policy document said was:

1) He was prohibited from following the policy document because the policy document was ultra vires.

I am not kidding. The High Court Judge came up with this one. Not even the expensive lawyer that the CE chose to spend taxpayers dollars on employing for himself. The Education Act Statute of NZL charges the NZVCC with quality assurance issues for New Zealand Universities. Also with whistleblower protections for employees (which apparently don't apply to me as a studnet so there is no prohibition on New Zealand Universities flunking or failing or refusing to confer New Zealand University qualifications on people for whatever arbitrary reasons they choose including for teh reason that the person is going to speak out about serious wrongdoing within the University).

Also.. The judge said:

2) Even if he was allowed to write the policy document... He could simply change the rules next time. He said something in court about how he hadn't asked anybody else to help him make inquiries for years now.. He just never got around to changing the document to reflect his actual practice.

Does this look like a law court to you?

Does this look like justice?

I'm to pay nearly $20,000 in legal costs to his lawyers.. Because the judge found it credible that 1) He wasn't required to follow the law becuase the law was unlawful and 2) Even if he was required to follow the unlawful law he wasn't really required to follow it because he can just change it.

That's what rule of law means in New Zealand.


Oooooooooh. I know what I'm doing. I'm spending the next 10+ years as a slave to the NZ courts. I'm helping law be written in New Zealand. We are going to spend the next 5+ generations re-inventing the laws that have been developed centuries ago everwhere else in the deaveloped f*ck*ng world.

The only thing I am allowed to accomplish with my life in New Zealnda is the supreme court will pronounce something.. So minior.. Trival. With no consequeqnces whatsoever.

And then.. What... I'll get my pay-out and I can go.


Is that how nothing works here. seems likely.


Or... Don't get your pay outthen.

you selfish stupid little bitch.

If being praised by Ashley Bloomfield sin't sufficient incentive to you...

(if you would likely spit in his face)

You get nothing tehn.


See how New Zealand wno't develop???


We have had years since my thesis of 2018 to develop the health system.

The leaders refused to do that.


People will start dying soon. Thety wouldn't have it any other way.


Re: ashley bloomfield...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 18:17:01

In reply to Re: ashley bloomfield..., posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 18:04:54

I hear you saying that you felt coerced by your parents to get a vaccine when you didn't really want one.

I do hear you say that.

You are an adult... So you get to make up your own mind.

I find myself wondering, however, whether it is true that you were coerced into having a vaccine without your consent... Or whether it is true that you were afraid about having a vaccine but you had one anyway.

What I mean to say is that most people are (if they genuinely reflect) ambivalent. Part of them doesn't want to have a vaccine. Part of them doesn't want to go to a vaccine centre. Stand in a line for however long. Have a stranger pat your arm. Have a needle stuck in your arm. Worry about pericarditis... Anxious... It is normal to not want a vaccine. At least, in part.

But then there are other concerns. Part of you does want a vaccine. I am pretty sure I heard you want some of the things.. You didn't want to pass the vaccine on to someone... You didn't want to get sick with Covid. You want to be able to return to more normall.. Going outside etc. These are reasons to have a vaccine. Part of you wanted one too -- right?

So there is a tug of war... Between the reasons why and the reasons why not... Or a pull.. Or push... Between emotions.. Fears.. Etc...

There are various 'rational' or 'reasonable't hings you could have done if your rational choice was (all things considered) not to have a vaccine.

1) You could have made an appointment with a health professional and asked to discuss your concenns.

2) IN that appointment you could have expressed serious opposition (if you in fact had serious opposition at that point).

3) You could have asked about concientious objection at that point (if you wanted that at that point).

4) You would have been informed of what to do / how to go about that. Getting a medical exemption on... Well.. What were your reasons why you were seriously rationally all things considered choosing not to have a vacaacine???

Did you do any of that RJ?

Were you prevented from doing any of that?

If you told your parents you wanted to have a health appointment with a doctor to discuss your concerns abou vaccine then would they have allowed it? Or prevented it?

I get the sense... If you had have asked them to see a doctor.. They would have helped you do that.


I think that...


Your scope for making an informed consent decision is much much higher in the US than it is, for example, in NZL>

I do believe that the ideal.. The ideology...

Is that a health professional is obliged or obligated to help you come to an informed consenting decision.

Whereas in New Zealand I don't think we thiink that that is ethically or morally or clinically or... We don't do that.

I think we prescribe to our doctors that they are to tell (force, coerce, make) their patients do whatever it is that the government says they should do.

And every now and then teh GP registration people decide to go after (not the sexual offenders and wrongful death bringers) but the medical doctors who say that their own personal opino is something a bit different from the party line.



Re: ashley bloomfield...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 18:26:42

In reply to Re: ashley bloomfield..., posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 18:17:01

So the GP registration people say they want to go after the registration of a GP who said that they thought (their clinical opinion was such that) in NZ he wouldn't clinically recommend that pregnant women take the vaccine).

At the time he said that... Group 1.. (Frontline health workers).. Group 2... High Risk.. Not sure who was in group 2. Group 3.. High Risk for health complications.. Then opening things up in age bands... They only just opened things up to over 40.. Weren't quite there yet???

That is where things were at when one GP said that in his clinical opinion he wouldn't recommend vaccine for pregnant women.


To the best of my knowledge he was not saying that he would refuse to vaccinate a pregnant woman who asked for a vaccine.

To the best of my knowledge he was only saying that if a pregnant women asked him for his clinical opinion he would say 'hold off'.


They were going to go after his registration for that.

Try and have him removed from being a GP in New Zealand.

For expressing an opinion that (while perhaps wrong) is clearly not crazy.

Especially given that where things are at in our rollout as at that point in time... Pregnant women were not likely to be eligible. Actually.

I don't know.. I don't know if he had a clinical opinion on whether pregnant women should be expempted from the front lines...

We will likely never know because that's not how vigalente justice works in NZL.. He'll likey be bullied out of this country.

Or.. More likely it's just fake news.

To remind us all of howh we need to toe the line.


Yawn. It's f*ck*ng tiresome...

Sort of Sunday School level of morality (and moral intuitions) sort of lacking...

Reasoning 101..

Has been replaced by 'critical reasoning 101'.

Either p or q and p therefore anything i like...

one mans reductio ad absurdum is another mans...

oen countries reductio ad abursum is...

New Zealand.


Re: ashley bloomfield...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 18:32:19

In reply to Re: ashley bloomfield..., posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 18:26:42

everybody stop!
everybody stop!
everybody stop!

while we wait for new zealand.


hurry up new zealand.
hurry up.
hurry up.

what's the problem?
why so slow?

oh.. ashley bloomfield wants...

we are explaining things to administration (again).

the pharma companies are doing a presentation to the cleaning staff of pharmac...

handing out a few pens...

the chief executive (one who makes all the decisions really) got her con-munications degree all the way back in...


it's an honorary degree, really.

we made a new online transcript system especially.

the dates change with every software update.



Re: ashley bloomfield...

Posted by rjlockhart37 on August 22, 2021, at 18:38:39

In reply to Re: ashley bloomfield..., posted by rjlockhart37 on August 22, 2021, at 17:01:22

omg ... i didnt know who ashley bloomfield was, definetly doenst needs lie deterctor test.. im in the US so i don't know aboout New Zealand


Re: ashley bloomfield...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 18:55:18

In reply to Re: ashley bloomfield..., posted by rjlockhart37 on August 22, 2021, at 18:38:39

Lie detector tests are not very reliable. They measure your heart rate. If you are anxious or excited or emotionally stimulated then your heart rate will increase.

If you are afraid about the lie test saying that you are a liar then your heart will beat faster.

Independently of whether you are a liar or not.

The very best of us.. The very best amongst us (according to New Zealand values) are the psychopaths that are self delusional. I would imagine that Ashley Bloomfield would pass a lie detector test with flying colors. While watching himself commit the crime he was accused of stored by 3+ countries on HD TV.

I would imagine that that's the kinda guy that he is.


So.. I concur. A lie detector test is probably not right for him.

I suppose he did well to huddle his self in a country with no legal system, to speak of.

Sort of an ideal candidate for clinical medicine -- yes?

But the real power is in administration?


Sure Ashley.



Re: ashley bloomfield...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 18:58:20

In reply to Re: ashley bloomfield..., posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 18:55:18

If it's a notch on your belt that you chose to put the whole country (unlawfully) into lockdown. Secure in the knowledge that there would be no legal consequences for you.

The fake news stated that he said his only regret was that he did not keep a diary. Of the lockdown.

All... Anne Frank like.


Our leaders sort of.. Beg.. For boundaries.

In a 'lets' sing a happy song off to the gas chambers' kinda way.


euthanasia drugs

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 19:28:39

In reply to Re: ashley bloomfield..., posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 18:58:20

what new zealand is really waiting for is the supply of euthanasia drugs.

i think we were getting them from november... or something.

a saw something faintly reassuring that the developed world wasn't going to supply them to us.

something about the way our medications are funded. we need for their to be a randomised double blind control trial gold standard to ensure we are only funding the most effective medication. but the developed world wouldn't do the randomised double blind control trials that we wanted them to prooooooooooooooove the effectiveness of their euthanasia drugs, for us.


we were going to have to make do with off-lisenced uses of medications already available to pharmac.

for as long as the companies will still supply them to us, given our off lisenced uses of the medications...

which will be cheaper for pharmac so that's a win-win -- right?


we can't do informed consent. and by can't i really mean won't.

they aren't that stupid. they think they are being clever.

of course it is a certain kind of cognitive deficit. i see why the developed world thought it was in fact a certain kind of cognitive deficit. hit to the frontal lobes. no... vision. both breadth (empathy) and depth) into the future, into the past). no ability to think globally... of nzl being a tiny little teeny little country on the world stage.

not really a country... more of a... city-state.

with all these f*ck*ng hand-outs. handed-out a place in the UN to... help us develop. apparently. do you love what we've done with that opportunity? the great helen clarke? doing nothing about child abuse in new zealand? trying to contribute to teh running of afghanastan? bringing them democracy while the administration of new zealand never f*ck*ng changes.

not voluntarily. not with how much they are paid.

and we didn't know what rule of law meant when Hong Kong was about that. still pretending not to get it.

the fake news says they only collected paper informed consent forms from group 1.

then the booking system moved online.

i suppose it is so they can burn the collected paper forms. destroy the evidnece that various people (e.g., ashley bloomfield) signed a form to say he was group 1 and he was entitled.

he likely thinks any record has been destroyed.


is that plausible??

he seems pretty... confident. smug.


again... he's the type who will swear to his grave.

we know becuase of various things he said last year about there being enough ppe and all the lies the government was called out as preaching.


i walked by the auckland city vaccination clinic..

a few people there for appointments, clearly.

i would say... guys. in their 70's. i would say. definately 60+.

from adjacent (wealthier) suburbs.

i'm not talking homelss guys who are 40 who look 80. i'm talking guys who are in their 70's (I would say) who look... in their 40's. you know what i mean...

that suprised me, actually. it tells me that... insofar as anything is genuine at all... we are behind in our vaccine roll-out.


which is not so surprising i suppose.


we just don't get it...


there is a genuine thing about people who are not loyal.
but it isn't reasonable to expect slaves to be loyal.
that's the thing about slaves. they'll stab you in the back if they can get away with it.


they will confuse and obstruct and prevent and prohibit if they can get away with it.

they will express all their frustrations like that.

it actually makes perfect sense of new zealand.

why things are so constantly and persistently obstructive and non-cooperative, here.

not because i am a slaver...

but because most people are slaves to superiors. its the whole system. the way it is set up. where your reward is supposed to be some dice roll beating the odds where you get to be slaver to the next...

which is only a game wanting be played by people who would rather it be a gamble than merit based.

which is to say it is attractive to people without merit.

and thos ewith merit spend their lives being obstructive and so on. in ever increasingly complicated bstructing ways.

it makes complete sense of how it is that we develop backwards faster and faster and faster.


the sort of anti-productivity-system.


i guess the idea/l is that our health system is overwhelmed...

won't take long. the 'leaders' (the 'clinical leads') are huddling in their holidlay houses out of region. huddling on their yachts. etc.

we are supposed to believe.


at some point...

they'll be forced to let the migrant workers work.

the who??

the people who were lured here under false pretenses to help with the epidemic... pandemic... whatever.

that's what we thought we were doing. attracting the cheapest slave laborers ever...

we thought. we thought we would let in more than we would need and we could feed them only drips of horrible garbage 'work' and force them to be over-stayers etc etc etc...

because that's what we usually do and that's our way...


but the thing of it is that at some point our health system will...


be surrendered.

i suppose.

and then there will be a take-over.

and then...

i suppose however many years down the track... we see who and what remains.


it is pretty... s omething.. how people die early and unexpectedly in new zealand.

various people are dying so they don' need to stand trial. don't need to go to court.

i don't think it is plauisbly to avoid court or avoid trial. because we don't have precedent of there being timely justice. so, actually.. surviving through the trial... getting your home detention (guffaw) for howeer many years of getting to abuse others etc (basically ebign given a lisense to carry on in your mansion that you brought with your laundered money)...

well... there's those who don't make it to court. i guess because some branch of the goverment disposes of them before court so as to save the governmnt th expense of another sham or hoax or farce of a trial.

so the lady on the DHB for south auckland who died in her bed.

and alister... the ethics guy from waikato. he died very young. unexpectedly. he became a problem for the university because studnets (high school studnets) parents were complaining about him having a beach party house and supplying alcohol (at the very very least) to teenaagers and having them party and stay over out at his party party party house.. etc... i think a few women from the department decided it was time to shut him down... but he died. so the university didn't have to do anything. and he was fondly remembered.

oh yeah... we used to have... sort of more formal parties.. with the administration big wigs from the university... at his city house (his wife worked in adminstation)... Before they split.. once the accusations became public.. i think the admin did try and keep things quiet about him. i suppose there were quite a few parties out at his party party party house.

i kept well away from all of that...

but, yeah. with hindsight.

and then he died. i suppose they wouldn't have wanted him saying anything about various other people in administration...

from memory... Tracy... Did she keep her mouth shut a bout that? Or... She started to speak up (but not as vocally as others) and... Now she works in administration. Yeah. Something like that.

Oooh. How...

Motivating and inspiring???

Mm.. Yeah.

I am really glad I chose not to supply children to this country.

The sooner extinction the better.


Re: euthanasia drugs

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 19:42:21

In reply to euthanasia drugs, posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 19:28:39

it is just beyond a joke that new zealand markets itself as being (to internationals and domestics both) a 'developed' nation.

it is not a developed nation, at all.

we do not have access to many of the products of civilisation.

mostly it is that we refuse to get with the programme. we refuse to get on board with the programme.

we refuse to work to uphold the rights of our people.

we refuse to work to have better health and education and so on for our people.

certain people want to win the jackpot and have considerably more than everyone else so they can bully and force everyone else to be puppets for them.

and nobody else can function because they made it their lives work and they grubbity grub grub grubbed enough resources to prevent and prohibit and obstruct anything much else than sittin garoudn and singing their praises all day.

or you know...

you can sit around and bitch and moan and complain and prevent and prohibit.

just the... babel.

that is new zealand.

too many with a god complex.

the babel that is new zealand.

how they manage.. in a country where pretty much everyone speaks english... likely a greater proportion of people speak englislh in NZ than speak english in england... I think that is likely (with immigration)...

for absolutely nothing to make any sense.

it's not about speaking english... i t's about something different entirely.


the new zealand government is somehow (i don't understand) making more money during lock-down.

it is to their advantage to keep things locked down.

there is a..


castle defense. i guess. a castle defense about it.

here comes the covid.

a lot of the foreign medical troops are already heere...

not really. some of them are...

i imagine quite a few will come via fiji.

i wonder if samoa managed to do peeaceful negotiations so as to miss that hit.

i really and genuinely hope that they did. it would be only fair after the mmr vaccine farce NZL orchestrated with refusing to train their people to do that...

i think nzl is going ot be more like fiji than like samoa...


Re: euthanasia drugs

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 19:44:14

In reply to Re: euthanasia drugs, posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 19:42:21

teh hospitals i mean.

once it gets transmitting inside our hospitals.

This is the end of the thread.

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